Destined by Fate Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Wednesday 7th February 2024

Chaman and Tingu are eating some fruit outside when Chaman hears some noise. Rashmi regrets to make a noise unwillingly. She hides. Chaman goes near the gate to check so Rashmi goes far. Chaman doesn’t find anyone so she goes. Rashmi thinks I will soon be back but right now I have to be somewhere else. Here, Dadi tells Mausi and Saroj that sometimes we have to keep ourselves busy in work then negative thoughts won’t come up in our minds.

Mausi says say it directly that there is much work load here so you want to make us work too. Dadi says a person asks for help from known right, when we stayed in that house we also did so much work on our own thinking about it like our own house. Saroj says you are right, give us we will do it. They start cutting vegetables. Dadi comes to Indrani and Sayuri and tells them how they might be against it but she did this to make Saroj and family not be guilty of staying here.

Sayuri is going to prepare for puja, when she hears Dhanraj and Dada ji talk about how Dada ji is worried that he might not be able to see his house and die. Sayuri feels bad for him. Later, the family together does puja. Sayuri takes a pledge to take her family into their home before Ram Navami as she can’t see her family suffer. A flower falls on Sayuri’s hand like a blessing. Sayuri gets strength by it. Someone knocks on the door. Nakul opens it and sees Rashmi. Everyone gets shocked.

Nakul says what are you doing here? How are you out of jail. Rashmi tries to give reason when she stumbles. Sayuri says what happened? You are out of reasons? Rashmi says I got bailed out so I thought maybe you all made it happen so I came here. Nakul says now you know that we didn’t do it so you can go. Rashmi says I went to our home and say how you all became homeless and came here, I want to be standing with you all in this difficult time.

Rashmi asks for forgiveness from them and asks them to accept her back. Rashmi requests Sayuri to forgive her and take her back in the family. Rashmi then goes to Indrani and says I know your parvarish is questioned because of my errors but please don’t let me go away from home please. Dadi says only Sayuri can forgive her as she did wrong to her. Rashmi asks forgiveness from Sayuri. Kanha says you made mistakes over and over. Rashmi says I didn’t have any connection to that guy, I don’t know who did it but once I find out I will confront him. Saroj and Mausi worry. Nakul says stop it, we don’t want any other lies from you so go away.

Rashmi says I don’t want to see you more hurt Nakul, I understand you got hurt from my actions and feel betrayed, I made you all go through a lot specially Sayuri and Nakul by breaking their trust as a sister and wife, I just wanted your forgiveness and return to home. Rashmi cries but seeing no response she says I will go but please let me meet Arjun and hold her for once. Sayuri melts and asks Indrani to bring Arjun. Rashmi holds Arjun emotionally when he starts crying. Nakul says even he doesn’t want to stay with you. Nakul takes Arjun and asks Rashmi never to return to them. Rashmi goes being disheartened.

Here, Tingu is playing some game with the two bodyguards when Chaman comes and says I am not happy like this, I want to really feel like a princess and need many servants in this house. Tingu says I will arrange everything for you. Chaman gets excited. Rashmi is walking on the road thinking how she tried everything and still couldn’t stay at home and now she is homeless and nowhere to go. Sayuri stops her and Rashmi asks what else she has to say to hurt her?

Sayuri says this is your problem that you make stories in your head and start believing those making you all negative, I have always learnt from elders to not be so harsh and emotionless so I will let you stay but in a corner of the house away from all of us, you can stay in the backyard room but without letting anyone know as the whole family is going through a lot of problems and they can’t handle one more problem. Rashmi agrees and says thank you so much, I knew it my sister would understand. Sayuri says it doesn’t mean I have forgiven you, I am just helping you by giving shelter to you too till the time you don’t get another place to stay.