Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 9th January 2024 – Saroj Questions Sayuri’s Character


Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 9th January 2024 – Saroj Questions Sayuri’s Character

Sayuri hands over Mithu to Indu and emotionally pampers Kuku. Kuku with great difficulty says Sayu. Sayuri and Kanha get happy seeing her trying to speak. Sayuri then touches Saroj’s feet and says she missed her a lot. Saroj acts emotional. Sayuri then touches Dhanraj’s feet. Dhanraj says he should touch her feet instead as she suffered a lot in this one year, he is happy that she is back. Sayuri then touches Tej’s feet. Tej says their house’s happiness went away with Sayuri and with her return, happiness is also back.

Sayuri then walks to Nakul and talks emotionally even with him. Bhanu says whole family was sad with Sayuri and they all missed her. Kanha says someone else also missed her the most and asks Rashmi if she will not meet her elder sister. He says Rashmi had shatteed after Sayuri went missing and was either serving family or praing god for Sayuri’s return. Rashmi stans tensed. Sayuri says she is the one whose face she saw while falling from the cliff. She walks to Rashmi. Rashmi closes her eyes in fear. Sayuri touches her cheeks and says she missed her sister a lot. Rashmi says even she missed her and thinks Sayuri either forgot the incident or forgave her.

Family then sits for pooja. Kanha asks Kuku to go and sit beside Sayuri. Sayuri tells Kanha that whenever she used to feel lonely and think of Mithu, Kuku used to hold her hand and smile at her. Panditji performs tilalk of Kanha, Sayuri, Mithu, and Kuku. Saroj frowns seeing that. After pooja, Sayuri returns to her room and chats with Indu and Bhanu. Saroj walks and questions Sayuri if she spent time with Vikrant as she was with him for a year. Indu requests her not to ask such questions.

Saroj insists to know. Sayuri starts crying. Kanha on the other side plans a party for Sayuri with Nakul and Rashmi. After some time, Rashmi enters Sayuri’s room with a wrong intention. Sayuri turns and notices her. Rashmi says she wants to show her something and takes her towards stairs. Sayuri thinks Rashmi wants to push her down again and pushes Rashmi from stairs instead.