Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 6th February 2024

Rashmi says that they made a deal that she would help her in her difficult time. Chaman says that she broke the deal. She also says about her throwing her family out of the house shocking Rashmi. Rashmi gets furious and says that the house only belongs to her and she’s double crossing the person who gave her details about the house. Chaman mocks her saying that she’s brainless to trust her and warns her to stay there in jail without making a noise in order to save her life. When Rashmi refuses to oblige, Chaman threatens to kill her despite Rashmi reminding her that they are in the Police Station. Chaman leaves mocking Rashmi while Rashmi falls down furious.

Dadi Mausi complaints about the small house not sufficient for so many people. Sayuri comes there followed by Kanha. They cheer them up with their words and ask them to shed their sadness and be happy. Dadi Mausi asks what’s the reason for their happiness. They ask one by one the reason for their happiness and Dadu says that it’s family. Dhanraj says it’s the unity of family, Dadi Mausi says phone , Saroj says their children are happy. Indu says the beautiful relationship and Nakul says it’s Kanha. Kanha gets happy. They say that it’s a difficult time and still they are united together to face it with a smile. He says it’s their biggest strength. Nakul, Kanha and Sayuri pray in front of God and thank him for always staying united. Kanha plays the conch.

Everyone struggles to adjust in the house as they feel suffocated without enough sir. Sayuri and Kanha take care of them. Later everyone goes to school. Rashmi gets the news that she got bailed out and Rashmi gets very happy and surprised. Saroj and Dadi Mausi complain about the delay to freshen up and say never thought that she would have to witness it. She feels guilty for not offering good to God on time. Dadi Mausi says that God is seeing their condition and can understand. Indu and Dadi hear it from the kitchen and understand that they are having a difficult time adjusting. Indu feels bad but Dadi asks her not to as at least they are not treating her the way she did with them. Sayuri asks what way but they both cover up. Nakul is about to leave when Kanha takes him with him.

Rashmi wonders who bailed her out as no one is saying about it. However she’s glad that she’s out and that’s what matters. She now wonders where to go. Suddenly she hears the phone beep and checks her bag to find money and the phone. She sees a message saying that it’s for her. She also gets another message asking her to not search for him until the money gets over.

The person says that they would come in front of her once the money is over and asks her to not search for him before that. Chaman complaints her workers about not making food. They say they don’t know how to make one. Tingu comes there with pancakes and says Chaman about getting food anytime in city. Rashmi watches them hiding while she blames herself for being so stupid being desperate.