Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 13th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Tuesday 13th February 2024

Chaman says she will not tolerate Sayuri’s mistake again and made a mistake by letting her and her family stay at her house. She asks her to get out with her family. Sayuri pleads her not to do that. She realizes it was her imagination and thinks she can’t let Chaman take over her mind and has to do something. Ammu’s boss tells Nakul that since he gave him so much money, he will gift a complementary room to spend time with Ammu. Nakul says since he paid him so much, he will decide the place. Boss refuses and tells Nakul that he doesn’t have any choice. Ammu convinces Nakul to accompany her to a room. Rashmi watches them hiding and is shocked to see Nakul falling for a pr*stitute.

Chaman orders Santosh to mop the floor. Saroj denies and says she id old and can’t work much. Chaman humiliates her. Sayuri comes to Saroj’s rescue and tells Chaman that Kanha is calling her to make her video for the vlog. Chaman gets happy and walks to Kanha. Ammu asks Nakul why did he return risking his life and money. Nakul says he wants to get her out of all this. Ammu says its not easy. Nakul says just like she got him out of his depression, she will get him out of this brothel. Rashmi thinks she can’t lose Nakul to a prositute like this. Nakul spends time with Ammu and informs her that he had to lie to his brother and SIL to bring money. Their discussion continues.

Kanha tells Chaman that she should concentrate on her vlogging and becoming famous and let Tingu handle business. Tingu refuses. Sayuri says Chaman can earn money easily and should concentrate on her passion. Kanha says she should record a dance vlog everyday and become more famous than him. Chaman dreams of becoming famous. Tingu opposes, but Chaman falls for Kanha and Sayuri’s trick and agrees to contrate on her dream. She records videos with Kanha. Kanha provokes her against Tingu and records her statement. Sayuri also provokes Tingu against Chaman and records his statement.