Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 18th January 2024 – Kanha Catches Masked Man


Destined by Fate Update: Thursday 18th January 2024 – Kanha Catches Masked Man

Chaudhary’s celebrate holi. Kanha, Sayuri, Nakul, and Rashmi take Saroj’s blessings. Yash and Kusum enter with musicians. Kusum happily hugs Sayuri and then her brothers. All 3 jodis dance on Balam Pichkari.. song.. Mahesh wears Vikrant’s mask and joins holi celebration. Sayuri thinks her whole family is here, but she needs to go away without informing them, especially Kanha. Nakul and Kanha check color smeared outsiders. Vikrant walks in front of Sayuri. Sayuri gets afraid and thinks her decision to visit medical facility is absolutely right, she needs to remove this fear from her mind and return back home to stay with her family.

Ambulance reaches outside Chaudhary house. Wardboy finds Sayuri’s number not reachable and goes in. Indu questions him. Wardboy says he is from Dr Sinha’s hospital and came to take patient away. Indu asks who is the patient here. Wardboy says Sayuri Chaudhary. Kanha tells Nakul that a person who is frightening Sayuri must be somewhere around, they should catch him. Daadi Mausi talks to Dr Sinha and informs Saroj that Dr Sinha has sent 2 people outside to take Sayrui away. Saroj hopes Kanha’s problems end with Sayuri departure. Indu walks to them and says Kanha can never be happy without Sayuri and reminds how Kanha was for a year without Sayuri. She confronts Saroj for trying to send Sayuri to mental asylum. Saroj refuses allegations and says its Sayuri’s decision as she wants to give a better life for her children. She asks Indu to decide if she wants Sayuri to get well soon or continue with her illness. Indu cries seeing Sayuri.

Kanha and Nakul search for a suspicious man. Indu walks to Sayuri and pampers her. Sayuri thinks everyone are habituated to stay without her, but Mithu and Kuku can’t; she doesn’t know if she is doing right. She goes in search of Kuku. Mahesh/Vikrant thinks this is the right time to frighten her. Nakul tells Kanha that the suspicious man must have left. Kanha says he feels that the man is somewhere here. Sayuri wals out of house searching for Kuku and gets afraid seeing Vikrant. Kanha asks family if they saw Sayuri. Bhanu says she went out in search of Kuku. Kanha finds Kuku playing nearby and asks if she saw her mamma. Kuku says no. Kanha with Nakul walks out and notices a man throwing color on Sayuri and runs away. He asks Nakul to take care of Sayuri and runs behind the man.

Kanha finally catches the man and is shocked to notice that he is Vikarant. He trashes Vikrant and notices him wearing a mask, unmasks him and is shocked to see a man who asked address from him the other say. He drags man home and tells Sayuri that he is the one who was trying to prove her mentally unstable. He trashes the man further and ask who hired him. He points at Saroj first and then stops at Rashmi. Rashmi gets tensed.