Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 21st January 2024 – Rashmi faces harassment by her inmate


Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 21st January 2024 – Rashmi faces harassment by her inmate

Goons follow a tribal girl and kidnap her. They drag her to their den and unveil her face. One of their aide serve juice to them. Girl acts afraid. Sardar asks who is this girl who dared to enter their den, if she is a police woman. Girl smiles and says her name is Chaman Bahara; her name is sweet, but she is poisonous. Sardar asks if she thought she will enter their den and loot their wealth, what can a lonely woman do.

Chaman pulls sardar on floor and says she needs looted wealth and his blood. Sardar angrily extends his hand towards her and collapses throwing froth out of his mouth followed by all other goons. Chaman laughs and asks her aide if he mixed powder in juice. She removes her hair pin and stabes all goons with it. Aide asks why she always sheds blood after each loot and leaves to mess for him to clean. She plays music and dances with him.

Kanha and Sayuri in place of Nakul and Rashmi reach a tribe to have a business meeting with its sarpanch. They get afraid seeing no one around the jungle and think if they came at the right place. In jail, Rashmi faces harassment by her inmate. She pleads inspector to get her out. Inspector asks why is she shouting.
Rashmi says her inmate is harassing her and asks him to get her out of here. She also requests to let her speak to her husband as she is falsely prosecuted. She threatens to hit her head on iron rods. Inspector stosp her. Saroj takes breakfast for Nakul and finds him playing volleyball. She says he should have breakfast and rest. Nakul ignores her. Saroj says she prepared his favorite sabudana khichi and tires to feed. Nakul gets Rashmi’s call and agrees to meet her.

Kanha and Sayuri notice a few tribals and introduce themselves. Tribals stare at them silently. Sayuri tells Kanha that she feels weird and should go from here on. Kanha says she is right and tells tribals that they will return with Nakul. Tribals stop them and say they came here themselves but can’t go without their permission. Kanha and Sayuri think these people are not trusting them and is acting in self-defense. Rashmi early waits for Nakul. Nakul reaches here and asks why did she call him here. Rashmi says she really doesn’t know the man who was frightening Sayuri. Nakul says he doesn’t trust her. Rashmi says he can’t ignore the good things she did for him. Nakul says he doesn’t trust her anymore. Chaman Bahara meets Sayuri and Kanha disguised as an old woman.