Destined by Fate Update: Monday 22nd January 2024 – Kanha And Sayuri Rescue Chaman


Destined by Fate Update: Monday 22nd January 2024 – Kanha And Sayuri Rescue Chaman

Kanha introduces himself to Chaman Bahara as Dhanraj’s son and Nakul’s brother who used to meet her regarding business and requests her to let them go. Sayuri requests Chama next to let them go. Chaman agrees and asks her to aides to drop them out. Rashmi uses crocodile tears and requests him to give her one last chance to prove herself. Nakul refuses to trust her and says their relationship is dead, so she shouldn’t look at him, Arjun, or any of his family member again. Rashmi thinks he shouldn’t blame for whatever will happen next, she has to use her plan B now.

Chaman and her aide watch Kanha and Sayuri leaving with her other aides and then gets back to her normal self. She started dancing and says she confused Kanha and Sayuri. Aide asks what is she doing, doesn’t she want to do business with them. Chaman asks them to just wait and watch. Sayuri and Kanha feel confused with Chaman’s behavior. Chaman’s enemies return and throw money on her. Chaman pulls out her poisonous hair pin. Goon jokes on her. Chaman throws dust on them and run from there. Goons follow her again.

Kanha and Sayuri reach their car and drive towards home. Chaman stops their car and requests them to save her from goons. Sayuri asks who is she and where is she from. Chaaman acts as shivering in fear and requests to just take her from here. Kanha offers her water. Sayuri suggests Kanyha to call police. Chaman asks if they doubt her, she doesn’t have any weapon with her. They get her into car and are about to leave when goons surround their car and order to handover the girl to them. Kanha refuses.

Goon says he doesn’t know village rules and should handover the girl. Chaman pleads Kanha to take her away from here. Goon opens car door and drags Chaman from there. Kanha asks Sayuri to stay in car and warns goons to leave the girl. Goons attack him, and he trashes goons. Goons overpower him once his attention diverts. Sayuri gets out of car and throws stone on goons. Chaman praises their love. Goons pick petrol to throw on them.