Destined by Fate Update: Friday 26th January 2024 – Saroj’s Anger Outburst


Destined by Fate Update: Friday 26th January 2024 – Saroj’s Anger Outburst

Mithu’s naming ceremony pooja starts. Saroj comments that Indu and Bhanu are shamelessly attending a ceremony even after so much happened yesterday. Sayuri tells Kanha its good that their daughter’s naming ceremony is happening on auspicious navratri day. Panditji selects a ka words and asks them to select a name with Ka. Bhanu, Tej, and Dhanraj select different names. Kanha and Sayuri don’t like them. Nakul asks Kanha and Sayuri to write their selected names on a plate. Kanha and Sayuri write Kiara on their plates. Everyone are surprised. Bhanu says Kanha and Sayuri think same. Kanha and Sayuri congratulate each other. Chaman watches from a distance and hopes for a happy life like Chaudhrys after executes her plan. Nakul clicks family selfies.

Saroj and Daadi Mausi wait for doctor’s report. Doctor assistant brings report. Servant questions him. Assistant says he got a medical report for Saroj Servant asks him to give it to him as there is a family function happenig inside. Assistant says she will give it only to Saroj. Servant says even he is a loyal servant and even is doctor trusts him. Assistant gives him report. Servant walks towards Saroj and seeing her busy wiht family keeps it on a table to give it to her later.

Chaman gets her aide Chintu’s call and she describes how she is enjoying here. Chintu reminds her of their plan. Chaman says Chaudhary won’t even know why she is here, and keeeping her love for Kanha aside, she will execute her plan. Chintu asks her not to forget him and inform him when to enter Chaudhry house. Chaman then enjoys gulab jumuns and wipes her hands with a lab report kept aside. She throws report on floor. Saroj gets doctor’s voice note that his assitant handed over lab report to her servant. Saroj questions servant who informs that he kept report safely. She asks him to give the report right now. Servant finds report missing.

Sayuri finds report on floor and is about to open and read it when Saroj snatches it from her and shouts how dare she is to read her lab report. Sayuri says there is no name on it. Saroj continues to humiliate Sayuri. Bhanu confronts her for insulting Sayuri always. Dhanraj warns Saroj to maintain her dignity. Saroj continues to shout. Kanha asks whose report is it and what is written in it. Saroj gets tensed. Kanha reads report headline and stands fuming recalling Saroj’s wish to perform his and Mithu’s DNA test.