Destined by Fate Update: Friday 16th February 2024


Destined by Fate Update: Friday 16th February 2024

Sayuri thinks her plan on Tingu is not working at all. She calls Nakul and finds his number not reachable. Nakul angrily walks to Indu’s house and asks Rashmi to come out. Rashmi walks to him and asks what happened. Nakul warns her to stay away from his life as there is nothing left between them. Rashmi says she loves him. Nakul warns her to stop following him or else he will end their relationship with her forever. Bhanu says Rashmi was at home whole day. Nakul says she fooled even her grandmother with her fake expressions and leaves warning her of dire consequences.

Bhanu scolds Rashmi and says she is going away from Nakul by doing all this. Rashmi says Nakul is going behind a pr*stitute, she can’t let him go like this. Daadi sits in a shock hearing that. Ammu sends a friendly message to Nakul. Nakul replies her and thinks he has to arrange money and rescue her from her boss in 24 hours. He gets Sayuri’s message and goes to meet her.

Chaman enjoys a mango when Kanha walks to her. Kanha gets Sayuri’s message that her plan is not working on Tingu and they need to plan something. Chaman asks whose message it was. Kanha says producer’s message, he will message producer that Chaman will produce her own movie. Chaman says he should. Kanha thinks he can’t spend time with Sayuri because of Chaman. Nakul walks to Sayuri and says he is ready to manipulate Tingu. Rashmi shouts at Bhanu. Bhanu warns her to mind her tongue as she knows what is wrong and what is right, she will never get Nakul if she continues her attitude.

Chaman imagines dancing with Kanha on a Bhojpuri song, slips, and twists her ankle. Kanha rushes to help her and ties her kerchief around her ankle. Nakul and Chaman teach Tingu how marble is cut and polished to make it look beautiful. Kanha brings Chaman and informs that she twisted her ankle. Chaman says Kanha tied his kerchief around her ankle and her pain is less now. Kanha and Sayuri help Chaman walks towards her room. Tingu asks Nakul to bring his accounts book to Chaman’s room and teach them business.

Saroj grinds flour. Daadi mausi asks her to stop, but Saroj continues grinding and says she has lost hope now. Daadi Mausi says she shouldn’t lose hope until her children are with her, her children are doing their best to regain their lost house and business, etc. Chaman continues to writhe in pain. Nakul notices cupboard open and walks towards locker. Tingu asks him to close it. Nakul tries to steal diamond bangle. Bagle fall down. Tingu drops pain balm. Nakul gets tensed and says he will get it. He picks bangle and throws it towards door and then picks balm. Kanha notices his move. Nakul walks away silently.