Anupama Update: Tuesday 23rd January 2024 – Kavya Confesses she is Pregnant


Anupama Update: Tuesday 23rd January 2024 – Kavya Confesses she is Pregnant

Anuj thanks Shahs and Kapadias for happily celebrating Kavya’s baby shower ceremony even after having many differences between them. He says they should always unitedly defeat every problem that comes in their way. Hasmukh says they both got everyone emotional. Toshu asks if the party is over. Anuj says party is still on. Vanraj and Anuj dance with their partners on Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye.. song. Whole family joins and dances with them. Anupama notices Kavya’s tension. Kavya takes her aside and tells Anupama that she wants to tell her something.

Anupama asks her to go ahead. Kavya says everyone are very happy, especially V who has gone mad in happiness and is so attached to her baby even before it’s arrival; Leela has become too sweet and V already started investment in baby’s name, etc. Anupama asks when everything is gong perfect, then what is the problem. Kavya says she fears if a secret comes out, everything will be destroyed; she is unable to hide it as her guilt is eating her from within. Anupama insists her to tell what it is.

Kavya says her baby doesn’t belong to V. Anupama stands shocked. Kavya repeats. Anupama takes her to a room and asks if not Mr Shah, who is her baby’s father then, Anirudh? Kavya nods yes. Vanraj tells family that this is his life’s most beautiful day. Anuj asks then why is he dancing. Vanraj jokes that Anuj must have gone old, but not him as he is becoming a father. He goes to have water. Anuj goes in search of Anupama and Vanraj in search of Kavya. Kavya tells Anupama that she didn’t want to burden her with her secret, but she feels comfortable share her secrets only with her; she is really sorry for that. Anupama says she should be sorry for her act and not revealing secret. She asks how did this happen when Anirudh was just her friend. Kavya says it just happened.

Vanraj and Anuj together search for Anupama and Kavya thinking Kavya must have felt weak and Anupama must have taken her to a room. CA stops them and takes selfie with them. Kavya says she got weak for a moment. Anupama says whole family has to bear punishment for her one weak moment; if she has problem with her relationship, she should break it and then do whatever she wants to; she can’t give any excuses for infidelity, etc.

Kavya justifies her act saying it’s not only her mistake, it’s also Vanraj and family’s mistake as V never used to talk to her properly and Leela used to always taunt her; she sacrificed a lot for V and changed for his family, but they never appreciated her effort; she immensely loves V, but never got love in return. She reminds how Vanraj didn’t want to marry her after having affair for 8 years and never valued her; she left home and stayed in hotels, but V and his family never tried to find her; she had gone to Mumbai for a modeling assignment when she met Anirudh there and gave in during her weak moment, etc.

Vanraj asks Anuj to be with CA while he goes and check on Kavya. He slips on stairs and gets a leg camp. Anuj jokes that he has really gone old and helps him. Vanraj says he is worried for Kavya and wants to see her first. Kavya continues to justify herself.