Anupama Update: Tuesday 13th February 2024


Anupama Update: Tuesday 13th February 2024

Pakhi refuses to complain against Adhik and tells Anupama that every couple has a problem, even she reacts sometimes, what is wrong if Adhik reacted, they love each other, and she will not leave Adhik any cost. Anupama says it’s wrong and says when Vanraj was wrong, she left him. Pakhi says she provoked Adhik and she is wrong, even Anupama tolerated injustice for 25 years. Anupama asks if she will also bear injustice, why young generation bear injustice for themselves while they comment on social media against it.

Pakhi says she wants to save her marriage and begs her to stay out of it and let her and Adhik handle the issue. Barkha says they shouldn’t interfere when Pakhi herself doesn’t want to say anything, let them handle the issue on their own. Pakhi says Barkha is right, they will handle the issue themselves, the discussion ends her.

Anupama asks how can the discussion end her when its not just about Pakhi but all the girls who are well educated and bear injustice from their evil partners. She continues to insist her not to tolerate domestic violence and if she keeps quiet today, she would become a doormat forever then like I was for so many years; says when Vanraj never hit her and she couldn’t tolerate his injustice, then she should think howmuch Adhik is wrong who hit her. Kavya shows her sonography report to Kinjal. Kinjal describes how she felt when she had seen her first sonography report. Kavya smiles and then gets sad. Kinjal says she can share with her if she has any problem. Dimpy looks at them and walks into kitchen. Kavya says Dimpy also must be missing family. Kinjal says obviously, but is too egoistic to accept it.

Vanraj tells Pakhi that her mother is right. Anu says being not so well educated, she stood against injustice, then how can Pakhi tolerate injustice being an educated girl. Anuj says she should react before it’s too late. Leela asks why is she silent towards Adhik when she misbehaves with others. Hasmukh says they would be worried for her after going from here. Anupama says they can let her with a monster Adhik and asks why wasn’t she courageous to reply back to Adhik, a woman’s mind is more hurt than her body, she should listen to her family, they are just worried for her life than their dignity and society’s response.

Anuj says a relationship without mutual respect is waste. Hasmukh says if she wants to continue her relationship due to love, then it’s fine, but if she fears society, then she should rethink. Leela says she is trying protect a hypocrite who is unfit to stay with anyone. Romil hopes Pakhi understands her family’s justification and punishes Adhik.

Kavya asks Kinjal about Vanraj and his parents. Kinjal says they got Anupama’s call and went to her house. Kavya hopes everything is fine. Dimpy says nothing can be fine where Anupama is, that woman troubles everyone with their lecture. Kavya warns her to mind her language and her own business. Kinjal says she was feeling bad for Dimpy, but Dimpy proved again that she was wrong to think like that. Kavya says Anupama always thinks good for everyone. Family continues to convince Pakhi.

Barkha convinces Adhik to apologize Pakhi while he gets adamant. She says its better to ruin his ego than going to jail. Adhik kneels down and apologizes Pakhi. Anuj asks did he get so much conscience suddenly. Barkhha tries to speak. Anuj says he is speaking to her brother. Adhim says he was wrong to hurt Pakhi and is ready to bear any punishment. Leela says if Adhik is ready for the punishment, then they should send him to jail for 5-6 months. Anupama says they should.