Anupama Update: Saturday 10th February 2024


Anupama Update: Saturday 10th February 2024

Anuj gets angry when Romil rudely orders servant to bring him a black coffee and tells him that he doesn’t believe in a proverb let bygones be bygones. Romil says he was just asking coffee from the servant. Anupama says he himself should do his chores, but if someone is helping him, he should be polite t them; he can Anil as Anil bhai or dada. She calls Anil. Romil requests Anil to bring him a coffee. Anuj says that’s good and asks him to clean the mess he and his friend created last night by the time coffee arrives.

Romil says he was doing same till 3 a.m. last night. Anuj says he doesn’t care. Romil picks alcohol bottles. Pakhi tries to help him, but he angrily stops her. Anuj reminds Anu that she needs to visit a cultural festival, asks her to get ready and he will drop her on the way.

Shahs enjoy breakfast. Kavya joins. Leela offers her kesar kheer. Kavya tastes it and says it’s yummy. Vanraj smiles seeing Kavya happy, but then gets sad recalling Kavya confessing that Anirudh is her baby’s father. Samar joins them. Ladies get happy seeing all 4 men sitting together. Kinjal says they were chatting till late night and must have befriended each other again. Leela offers thepla to Samar. Dimpy stops Samar and says she already prepared breakfast (sandwich and porridge) for them and is waiting for him.

Leela sadly lowers her hand. Samar holds her hand and enjoys thepla, leaving family happy and Dimpy frowning. He says he will have a bite from Leela like he is habituated since childhood and says he will have breakfast with the family today. Dimpy walks away keeping the breakfast tray. Samar feeds a bite to Leela and then joins family males.

Romil vents out his frustration over Anuj on a dart board. Pakhi walks in. Romil shouts at her that he already warned her to knock the door before entering and criticizes Anuj and Anupama’s atrocious behavior because of Pakhi. Pakhi says they would have slapped him anyways for his mistake. Romil says he is not wrong and is being punished unnecessarily. Pakhi asks him to stop. Romil says her mother doesn’t know how she is suffering but lectures on others, asks who is she to him and asks him to get out. Pakhi walks out and hopes Romil doesn’t reveal her and Adhik’s issues.

Anupama gets ready for her performance at the cultural event. She gets Anuj’s all the best message and prays god to let the event happen without any problems. Host announces that her dance jugalbandi with Vandana Karmarkar’s singing on Jeele Zara song. Vandana rehearses a song. Anupama joins her and praises her singing. She introduces herself. Vandana introduces herself next and asks if she is doing jugalbandi with her. Anupama says yes. They both interact with each her well.

Anupama gets her ready for the performance. Vandana gets her fiance’s call and feels shy. Anupama asks if it’s her boyfriend’s call. Vandana says she knows everything, she is getting married in 2 months and expresses her wish to keep her family financially sound even after her marriage. Anupama lectures a lecture on dreams. They both then perform on stage and feel happy after the performance. Anupama gifts her Ganapati bappa’s idol and wishes her good luck for her future in a long sentence.