9th January Wednesday Update On Young Love

Anandi is looking at her and Shiv’s photo. She hopes Shiv stays safe. She sleeps keeping photo beside her and misses Shiv a lot. She remembers their lovely flashbacks.

Shiv returns home and finds Anandi asleep with photo beside her. He looks at the photo and smiles. He moves her hair from her face. He makes some changes in alarm clock sleeps.In the morning, Anandi wakes up and sees Shiv beside her. She says to herself, I stayed up till very late, then when did Shiv come? He looks so tired. She realizes that she was sleeping with Shiv’s pillow. She puts pillow down and keeps his head on it and closes the curtains so Shiv can sleep peacefully. She comes outside and finds out from Nathu that shiv came late and he was so hired. He also didn’t eat anything. Nathu says he will make breakfast for Shiv, but Anandi says she will do it. She gets ready and then sees alarm clock. She turns off the alarm thinking it will spoil shiv’s sleep. She also turns off his phone.

Jagya comes out and tells his family that he was thinking to take Ganga and her son to the hospital. Dadisa asks if she is not feeling fine? Jagya says, no she is fine.. but I want Ganga to see how nurse works. His family asks why you have to take her child to the hospital? It’s not good place for him. Can’t you leave him in the house? Jagya’s mother says, Ganga trusts outsiders but doesn’t trust us that we can take care of her son. Ganga says, it’s not like that.. I never even thought that. Dadisa tells Ganga not to worry.. there are many people in this house.. n they will take care of Ganga’s child Ganga agrees.

Daddu reads news about Shiv to whole family. In the news, they are praising Shiv and says he saved so many lives. Whole family is happy. Anandi seems very proud and Daddu teases her. News also say that Shiv gave his own blood to someone to save his life. Family is even more proud now. Daddu says they should welcome him with flowers and aarti’s thal. Anandi says she will do preparations for that right away.

She comes outside to get the roses. She’s very happy and thinking about Shiv. In that her finger gets cut by a thorn, but it has no real effect on her. She says this is the proof for how much I love you shiv… that even my pain seems nothing against my happiness. She takes out a red rose and kisses it. Screen freezes on her smiling face.

Jagya and Ganga come to the hospital. Jagya is doing different patients checkup, and guiding them whats better for them.. what they should and shouldn’t do. Ganga watches him.

Young boy says he gets scared from injection.. Jagya and nurse tell him nothing will happen. His mother also tells him nothing will happen, but he gets angry and says he won’t take injection and puts shawl on his face. Ganga then says, leave it.. see he got so scared like a mouse.. boy takes out his face from the shawl, and says I am not mouse. Ganga says whoever gets scared from little needle is mouse.. can’t be tiger. Boy says, I don’t scare.. its’ just it hurts me. Ganga asks him what he wants to become in future.. he says policeman. Ganga says police have to face so many difficulties.. and they cant get scared like this.. you cant become policeman. Boy asks what shall I do? Ganga says be brave and take injection. Boy agrees now and takes it. Ganga sees a photo on wall there and she goes to check it out. Jagya thumbs up her. She also does same.

Everyone is loving food made by Anandi. Shiv’s father also praises her and says they would be eating tasty food since long if Anandi had came in their lives before. shiv’s mother tells him, so you’re saying you didnt like food made by me? He says, I didn’t say anything about you and she says, you said a lot without saying anything. Everyone laughs. Shiv’s father changes topic and asks about shiv.Shiv wakes up and looks at the clock and its 10am already. He gets up in a shock. He wonders how come he didnt hear alarm.

Everyone is having good time at the dining table. Shiv’s father says he married only because she was a good cook. She says, you never told me this before.. Alok quietly asks her to stay quiet.. at least in front of Daddu else he will think that he is a joru-ka-ghulam. Daddu hears it and says what’s wrong in being a joru-ka-ghulam? Alok says, you heard it? Daddu says, yes.. and I even heard what you were going to say.

Shiv comes there in anger and asks Anandi who changed alarm? Anandi says, I did. He gets angry at her and says why do people keep an alarm? so they can wake up on time.. and you put my phone on silence too.. I had 20 miscalls. Anandi says I thought it will disturb your sleep so.. Shiv says, I had an important meeting and I had to reach there an hour ago. There 40 people are fighting with their lives, and you want me to sleep? He leaves in anger. Anandi starts crying and suddenly laugh has turned into silence. Meenu tells her not to feel bad. Shiv said too much in tension, but he will calm down by the evening. She asks her to join in for the breakfast. Now Sanchi interferes. She asks Anandi why are you crying in that now? Her mother stops her and says, cant’ you stay quiet? Sanchi says, what did I do? I am just saying that Shiv bhaiya is not wrong.. bhabhi needs to realize that bhaiya will have embarrass so much in front of everyone because of her. Anandi leaves from there. Alok also gets angry at Sanchi. Sanchi’s mother explains her that there is no fault of Anandi.. she just thought good for Shiv.. how would she know what work needs to be done in emergency? Shiv didnt eat breakfast.. and because of you Anandi also left without having breakfast.

An emergency accident comes to Jagya’s hospital. Jagya goes to do the treatment. Ganga follows him.. she opens the door and sees treatment being done and doesn’t feel good. She goes away from there. And Jagya notices it.

Anandi is crying in her room. Shiv’s mother comes there with breakfast. She tells Anandi, don’t tell m e that you’re not hungry.. until you don’t eat breakfast.. I won’t leave. You heard what Meenu said, right? Shiv takes his responsibilities very seriously.. and in tension he got angry at you. Anandi says, I am not feeling bad for that.. I am feeling bad thinking he will have to get embarrassed in front of everyone because of me. I am angry at myself. How can I do such silly thing? When alarm rang.. I should have asked him if he wants to sleep more or no.. how did I make such a big mistake? Shiv’s mother says, not a mistake.. you just did what a good wife does for her husband. To what you’re saying silly thing.. is your love for him. Don’t worry.. by evening.. everything will be fine. Anandi says, if shiv gets in any problem because of me, then i won’t be able to forgive myself.