6th December Thursday Update On Young Love

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Jagiya is tensed at the latest turn of events. Ganga approches him and asks whats the matter, he venst out his frustration at her saying that there is nothing that she can do. But then he composes himself and says that he had thought that he had finally come to a state of calm, where he would be able to sleep peacefully at night. He says that he had begun to be happy, as he got everything of his past and more back, moving on, with a rebirth kind of experience, but now he feels that even after getting everything, everything is slipping away from his hands. He says that he knew what had happened was because of him, and he had resigned to the idea of letting go of anandi, even if very painfully, for his own mistakes. He says that after resigning himself to that, her company didnt pain him more, but soothed her down, as her happiness would have reduced his guilt. He had started feeling like living life once again, seeing anandi live hers. but now when they would go away, it would mean, that he cant see her anymore.

Ganga comes to him, and advises him that ananadi is now collector’s wife, and she would have to do the duties required thereof. he says that his brain might understand this, but his heart isnt. He says that he cant bear her going away from him. As he leaves, ganga thinks that jagiya might have lost anandi, but not his right to love her. Its ironical, that he, being a doctor cant cure his own pain.

The next morning, as mannu is busy playing, jagiya comes down and he and dadisa are happy to see this. Ganga gets them tea and snacks, and watches mannu in glee. Jagiya starts clicking mannu’a pcitures in various moods and then shows them to everyone, complimenting on his innocence. Ganga is amazed at the instant clicking of pictures and wonders if there’s magic. He says that its not magic, and explains the working of the camera.

Ghanshaym asks ganga to take care of mannu now, as he has to leave for his village now, satisfactorily thinking that mannu is now in good hands. Dadisa says that she understands his dilemma and offers him a job, in their godown if he feels uncomfortable residing like this in the house

Ghanshyam however refuses citing his old age, and says that hewants to spend his time with his family now. As ganga insists, dadisa asks her not to and let him go. Dadisa asks him to take sweets and clothes for his family. He refuses that too saying that his family is doing very well, and that he would in fact love a photo of mannu since he would miss him very much. Ganga immediately goes to get it.

Jagiya gives him the number, so that he can talk to ganga whenever he wants. Ganga gives him the photo, and then goes on to ask if he needs anything else. He refuses and takes their leave.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv and his family are discussing about their residence in the family’s haveli. Shiv tells his family hesitatingly that he and anandi would have to live in the official residence, and hence wont be able to be with them, in the haveli, tensioning everyone. Sanchi, retorts back saying that it seems living with his family isnt in his fate, ever since he got married. shiv asks her not to talk like that, since they would be together only, and would even be able to meet twice a day. ira says that its not the same as living together. Shiv then smilingly says that he would then meet once only, by living in the haveli only. The family finds out that shiv in fact pulled a prank on them. All the family enjoys, and also blames anandi for being part in this.

Ananadi asks ira if she could go and meet her family once, before going. Ira reassuringly says she definitely should and cheer them up, as they had gone very sad hearing about their leaving. She says that she should definitely go and spend time with them, so that they can feel better.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Ganga tries to feed mannu, but he doesnt listen. Jagiya is at their door. ganga asks him what happened and if he is feeling alright having expressed his feelings. He says, he indeed is, and then goes to play with mannu, and feeding him trickily.

Seeing mannu behave in front of jagiya , ganga comments that since mannu listens to him so much, she feels that he would make a great father. He surprisingly looks upto her, and ganga too realises the implications of what she just said. Jagiya remembers his child’s miscarriage with gauri and grows emotional.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Seeing jagiya tensed, at having mentioned fatherhood to him, she immediately apologizes, but he dismisses her off changing the topic, asking her about the books that he gave her. She says that she has them, but didnt get time to read them, due to household chores. jagiya explains that she would have to take care of her studies if she plans to move ahead in life. dadisa and sumitra too watch from the door.

jagiya says that from the next day, mannu is his responsibility, and ganga should concentrate on her studies. dadisa adds in saying that she would take care of the afternoon. Sumitra too gives in to help, and nandu too asks for his share of playing along with mannu. Ganga commenst that mannu must have doen something really good in his last birth, that he got them as caretakers in this one. Dadisa says that its every child’s right to have love. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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