5th August Monday Update on This is Love

Ishita saying Arushi wasn’t lying, how to find out, maybe Romi can tell me something. She goes to Romi. Romi shows his friend’s wedding DVD. She says I need to talk about London. Romi says this is Rajat, he was mad about Simmi, he liked her a lot and befriended me to woo her. She laughs. He says I had to break his heart, I told him Simmi is married, she met him when she went to London. She asks when. He says we had a marketing unit there, she went there for a meet and met him. Ishita thinks maybe Simmi and Parmeet have misused the recruiting company in an illegal way, maybe Raman doesn’t know about it.

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The waiter says your card is blocked. Shravan says how can this happen, check again. Shravan asks how. Manager says I agree you are our regular customer, but

we have to do our job, if you can’t pay in cash then… Shravan says you can keep my gold chain, I will give cash tomorrow and take my chain, how did my card get blocked. Ishita comes to Simmi’s room and says its no way to question Simmi, I should ask Parmeet.
Parmeet comes. She says you have taken advantage of Raman’s illness, you used to recruit people illegally. He says what rubbish, Simmi and I don’t do this work. She says stop this drama, I have proof. He says fine, you go and show everyone, you know what can happen if I speak up, Pihu won’t be saved, shall I tell everyone the truth. Ruhi comes and asks what truth, are you blackmailing Ishimaa, I will expose you and Simmi. Ishita stops her. Ruhi asks why are you scared of him, he can’t do anything. Simmi comes and scolds Ruhi.

She defends Parmeet. Ruhi says you are the world’s best actor, you act in front of everyone and then hidingly meet him, stop it now, I will expose you. Parmeet says Ishita is blaming me again. They ask Ishita. Ishita says I learnt about the fraud you are doing, you are illegally recruiting people. Simmi asks what, Raman is managing that company, we are not related to it. Ruhi says come with me, I need to talk. Ishita scolds Simmi. They go. Parmeet asks Simmi not to worry.

Shravan comes to Parmeet. He says I have to get money from him and get gold chain back, he is playing some game. Shravan comes home. He picks his phone. Amma looks on and asks where is your chain, your mom gifted it to you, did you forget, did you lose it, it was the last gift from your mum’s side. He says relax, I didn’t lose it, I just remembered that I kept it safely. She says I was so scared. He says I m not so careless.

Ruhi says Simmi and Parmeet took over entire business, to divert Raman’s attention, Parmeet gave him recruitment business idea, Raman got busy in it and didn’t focus on his own business, he managed it alone, why were you scared of Parmeet, tell me what’s the matter, I can help you. Ishita says I wish I could tell you, I m sorry, I m doing this for our family’s good. Ruhi says its fine, you are brave, you are not alone in this, we all are with you.

Shravan collides with Raman. Raman asks is there any problem. Shravan says I need some financial help, dad’s laptop is damaged, I have thought to gift him a new laptop, I know my pocket money is low, I will return money to you. Raman says I m so proud of you. He gives him money. Shravan thanks him and says I will manage, I finalized a laptop. He asks Raman to promise, he won’t say this to anyone, else dad won’t accept the gift. Raman agrees.

Ishita says Arushi was saying right, how could Raman do this, what am I thinking, he can never make such a mistake, I trust Raman. Raman comes and asks why are you worried. She asks why did you not visit London office when we went there. He says we went for a holiday, why don’t we go there again. She says I don’t mind, we shall go for dinner now. Neelu comes and asks them to come for dinner. Raman says we have to go on a holiday, romance isn’t possible here. Ishita says I m confused…. Neelu asks Adi to come for dinner, Aaliya didn’t come. Adi says Aaliya hasn’t returned home. Aaliya comes and says sorry I came late, you will be glad knowing what I did, I got the presentation made. He says you made Neha make this. She says yes, what’s wrong, she can’t come to office, so I went to her home, she took care of her baby and made presentation. She asks what do you want to show. She says its about your reputation, I was just helping you. He says don’t help me, mind your own business. He goes. She says no matter what I do for Adi, I m always criticized.

Raman says I have made the recruitment list as you had asked for it. Ishita checks the list and says how can this happen, Sonakshi’s list isn’t there, its impossible. Raman comes back and hears her. He asks whose name did I forget, what happened. She says I was wondering that you forgot to add someone’s name. He says I complete my work always, running a recruitment business is not easy, documents needs to be checked. Ishita says I don’t know. He asks don’t you believe me. She says no, this business is new, you never told me about it. He says we have seen a lot of ups and downs, I m impulsive, I started this business when I forgot things. She says maybe you missed out on details. He says I double check everything, I m hungry, come on fast. He goes. She says Raman isn’t lying, but Arushi has proof, what could be the missing link.

Adi telling Roshni that Aaliya has sworn to go against him, she joined office and now she is proving that he can’t do any work. He tells everything. He says I will do work and prove that I m better. Roshni says relax, you know your potential, you don’t need to prove anyone, we will make the presentation together, I will help you. He thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Adi. Aaliya says he went to office for work. Mrs. Bhalla asks are you sure. Raman says I will call Adi and clear your doubt. Aaliya says Adi is serious about this presentation, I know we have some problems going on, but I trust him, he can’t do anything wrong behind my back. Raman says trust is most imp, right Ishita. Ishita sits lost. Ruhi says Ishimaa, Papa is saying something. Raman says we trust each other and that makes our relation so strong. Ishita thinks what shall I do, Lord please help me, my family needs me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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