3rd July Wednesday Update on This Is Love

Ishita saying Nikhil is a creep, he is staying in our building to traumatize you, you have to face him, nothing will get fine till you file complaint, I m with you, you have to take a step. Romi asks where is Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to market to get vegs. Romi kisses her and says thanks. She asks what’s the matter. He says I will confess my love for her in the market. Romi goes to market. He asks Mihika can I lift the bags. She says no, its okay. He says this doesn’t suit your personality. She says why are you forcing, I can manage. The men ask madam is he teasing you. Romi says its our personal matter.

The men scold him. Romi asks Mihika to say something. Mihika says wait, he is my husband. The men say our time got waste, its a spat of husband and wife. She smiles. Romi says thanks, else I would have got beaten up today. She gives the bags. He asks her to pick one, he won’t pick both. He says this is good, I will become coolie for her love.
Ishita says I forgot my purse and goes in home. Nikhil sees Ruhi and asks were you waiting for me. Ishita comes and pushes him. She says stay away from my daughter, we are going to police to register a complaint. He says really, you will be defamed, people will think wrong about Ruhi’s character. Ishita slaps him and says this is the result to stay quiet, Ruhi will speak up against you. He says she is scared of me, what will she tell police, where I touched her. Ishita says I will ruin you, how dare you. She slaps and beats him. She asks him to say now, who is a coward.

She asks Ruhi to hit him and break his hand. She says beat him, I m with you. Ruhi beats Nikhil. Simmi sees this and says I will call Raman. Raman thinks to ask Simmi about Ruhi. Simmi comes and says Ishita is making Ruhi beat someone, I m scared police will arrest Ruhi. Raman goes and stops Ruhi. Ishita says its not good for your health, go inside. Raman says enough, I don’t want to listen, I don’t want anything to happen to Ruhi. Iyers come out. Bala asks Raman to listen to Ishita once. Ruhi says Ishita is helping me punish Nikhil and teach a lesson. Raman asks what. Parmeet asks what’s happening. Simmi says I did this, it will be fun.

Ishita asks Ruhi to be brave and say it. Raman asks what’s the matter. Ruhi says this man tried to harass me, he has tried to molest me. She tells everything. They all get shocked. Raman beats up Nikhil. Ishita asks Bala to call police. Raman beats Nikhil a lot and strangulates his neck. Everyone tries to stop Raman. Ishita says police is coming, please don’t do anything. Ruhi hugs Raman and cries. Adi, Aaliya and Mihika come. Police comes. Raman says this creepy man tried to molest my daughter, he has threatened and blackmailed her. Nikhil gets arrested. Raman asks Ishita to come along, he needs help. Ishita goes with them. Parmeet asks what happened to you, you have made a big mistake, what was the need to tell truth to Raman, if Nikhil says anything against us, all we can do is wait. Simmi says sorry.

Aaliya says I m tensed, you should have gone with Raman, Ruhi never complained about Nikhil, you should go. Adi says enough, I m not going anywhere. Mrs. Bhalla says thank God Ruhi is safe. Mihika says we shouldn’t talk about Nikhil in front of Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla says yes, now I understand why she seemed scared at times. Raman and Ishita come home with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi. Raman says Nikhil is in jail, I have informed society to throw out Nikhil’s stuff. Ruhi sees Adi going. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya to take Ruhi to her room. Ishita signs Bala. Bala asks Raman to come with him. Ishita says this is my last warning, stay away from my children, you will be arrested next time. She warns Simmi and Parmeet. Simmi says I have to make Raman away from his daughter. Raman sees the pic and recalls Ruhi’s words. Ishita hugs Ruhi and asks why are you still upset, Raman is with us, you should be happy now.

Ruhi says Adi isn’t talking to me, what’s wrong with him, does he think that I m at fault. Ishita says its not your mistake, we should talk to Adi once. Ishita and Ruhi to Adi and ask why are you avoiding. Adi asks what is there to talk now. Ruhi says its not my mistake, try to understand. He asks how could you let it happen. Ishita says what’s her fault. He says you just stop supporting her all the time, she could have told me, is she so mature to deal with everything. Ruhi cries and says sorry, I was scared, I couldn’t understand anything, please don’t yell on me. Adi says I couldn’t help her and couldn’t beat that monster, I don’t deserve to be a brother, she didn’t share anything. Ruhi says its my fault, sorry, you are a very good brother.

They hug and cry. Adi says I m so happy, Papa got to know you are his daughter, don’t know when will this day come in my life. She says dad will remember everything soon, I was about to tell him about Ishimaa, but she stopped me. Ishita says sorry, I showed him the wedding album, he was not able to process the info, doctor asked me to gradually give him info, else it will be fatal for him, we will have to be patient. Raman comes there. Ishita asks Adi to help Ruhi, she really needs us to forget that incident. She says its a big issue and you had hidden it, its wrong, who else will you share it then, if anything happens with us, will we not share it. Ruhi says sorry. Raman thinks I was so wrong, Romi was right, Ishita is not so bad. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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