27 November Tuesday Update on Young Love

 Tuesday Update on Young Love

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Shiv leaves after ensuring that noone would tell anything anything. they are surprised to see dadisa screaming for them. Dadisa says that everyone has changed since anandi l;eft and that noone told her such an improtant thing. They are confused what is she talking about. She says that till now everything was done boldly in front of her, then why this, the fact that gehna wants to be a mother.

Dadisa says that everyone knows except for her. Bhairo tries to pacify her, that its just a treatment but she says that she has already found out everything on her own. Dadisa says that she wants to know why is basant hell bent on bringing a new life into this planet, by making gehna go through this procedure. jagiay interrupts them saying that basant didnt want her to go through this. all are surprised to find him in the room, especially dadisa. she curses him too for being behind all this. jagiay tries to make her understand the importance of this method, for people who cant conceive naturally. He reminds her of her cousin sister, who went through so much just because she couldnt conceive.

Dadisa says that they shouldn’t interfere with the natural process and that its a gift of god. He says that its not 100% effective and that if it happens, it would be due to god only. Basant too says that therefore they didn’t tell her, not to give her false hopes. He apologizes if she thinks its their mistake, but clarifies that they didn’t mean to hurt her. She goes to gehna asking her that if she had told her that pain that she’s going through, then she would have taken care of her. gehna says that she was in extreme pain, of not telling her this, but now feels relieved that dadisa too knows about this. dadisa too hugs her, saying that it wasn’t right to give heart to a mother, who cant stay angry at her son. She says that now she would forever pray for their effort to be a success. She says that she had noticed that basant was giving extra attention to gehna.

As shiv begins to leave, dadisa asks him too about him giving the good news. She says that she hopes to play with anandi’s and shiv’s son too, soon and asks him not to delay it any longer. He says that according to what she thinks, he’s left it on god. He leaves saying this. Dadisa asks jagiya when would they know for sure about gehna. jagiya says that they would know as soon as the test results come out. she prays for the attempt to be a success. dadisa takes them all out saying that gehna needs to rest. Basant and gehna are happy that they dont have to carry the load of guilt anymore.

Dadisa tells ganga that she has told sumitra not to take any help from ganga in the kitchen, since she has to pay attention to her studies and read books, and that there’s nothing wrong with her culinary skills. she says that even anandi was meted out the sme treatment, and tells her what benefits it reaped. she tells ganga that for her too that day isn’t far, when she would be able to stand on her own, free from ratan’s atrocities. Ganga says that se might have undertaken this for the sake of their respect, but doesnt have the belief if she would be able to do this to the finish and that the person she is doing this for, her son, what if she doesnt get him back. She says that sometimes she feels she was better off when she was at ratan’s haveli, as she could see hers on at least then. jagiya asks her not to look back, and rethink her descisions and to move ahead in her life. Dadisa asks her to come and sit alongside her, and explains that there’s still some technicality that she needs to take care of.

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ira talks about her remorse with alok, that everyone told her not to, yet she went on to interfere in shiv and anandi’s personal matter. When she asks why isn’t he speaking, he says that he’s letting her relieve herself of the guilt. She still goes on to say that she did nothing but in the garb of being concerned for shiv, she hurt shiv and sumitra and even doubted the faith that the whole family had on anandi and that she would have to rectify them. Alok says that only she thinks like that, since all know that her intention was not to hurt. after putting the phone down, ira tells meenu that shiv may have gone to clear everything but she would feel better only when she does so herself. Meenu tries to comfort her.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa explains the importance of divorce to ganga that she might have broken off all relations with ratan singh, but she would have to terminate them legally. Ganga is shocked to hear this. seeing the surprised faces of the family, she says that she didn’t say anything wrong to her, as what use is a marriage when she isn’t happy and thy treated her as animals. Basant too says that she’s right.

Ganga says that she got divorced then only, when he got padma in his house. and how would a piece of paper tell her otherwise or make a difference. jagiya says that it would. jagiya says that when she would be divorced to ratan and get her son back, she would know what freedom actually means, and she cant even imagine the happiness that she would feel then. She says that she had seen the dream of dying as a married woman, but if she calls off her marriage, with divorce, then she would kill that dream of hers too and therefore its not easy for her. She leaves saying that she don’t be able to do this. Jagiya goes after her. sumitra comments that she may have taken anandi as her tutor but its very difficult to walk on the path that she took, as it requires great deal of courage and determination.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa and bhairo are talking aamonst themselves, discussing the realties of life, and how experiences of the past always change the person for the better. she says that even ganga would have to detatch herself from the past, just like jagiya and anandi did. She is happy thta now anandi has moved on, and is so happy with shiv. They are both, happy thinking that. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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