27 November Tuesday Update on True Love

Tuesday Update on True Love

Nani telling Gunwanti that Tappu looks depressed and has not eaten anything maybe because being pregnant, she has her mood swings and under such condition a girl just does not feel happy only with materialistic things but she needs some love and care as well ;Hearing this Gunwanti orders Ichha to take food for Tappu and also tells Ichha that she will never forgive anyone if something happens to her Vansh (Vansh in the sense the baby in Tappu’s womb whom Gunwanti considers Vansh )…

Tapu is sulking in her room thinking about Veer-Ichha hug outside when Veer comes to her room with food and feeds her as well since she has mehndi on her hand ;Ichha comes there..sees this and decides to hold her ground by deliberately asking Veer about what saree and jewellery she will wear in the morning ;Veer then suggests the saree and jewellery to Ichha on which Ichha tells Veer that she will wear her husband’s favourite kundan wala jewellery ;Seeing all this Tappu as usual gets jealous and Ichha is enjoying it all the more ;Veer then finished feeding Tappu but all this while Ichha successfully manages to hold Veer’s attention towards her ;Before leaving Ichha sarcastically asks Tappu whether she will hv something sweet or sour on which Tappu just says No ,thanks ..;Ichha then asks Tappu to take some rest before getting ready for the evening puja…

In the evening entire Bundela family is standing around the holika and all set to start the puja when Gunwanti gives the colour wala thali to Tappu and tells her that as per their family ritual, they put the first colour on that person who is a new arrival in their house and since she soon will b giving birth to the waaris of this house,so tomorrow the first colour and holi-shagun will b given to her ;Hearing this Tappu looks proudly towards Ichha while Ichha is fuming in anger…

Gunwanti along with Tappu then begins the puja; All joins them in the puja;After all rituals r over and everyone goes inside,Tappu goes on to throw the coconut in the holika as part of the ritual when she sees that Ichha is still standing outside besides her and so Tappu taunts Ichha by telling her that she is doing all this which the bahu of this house is suppose to do ..

Tappu was about to throw the coconut in the holika when Ichha holds her hand and stops her from throwing the coconut in that holika and warns her not to perform this ritual since its not her right to do this holika puja and nor does she deserve it ;Hearing this Tappu is shocked and tells Ichha that why can’t she perform this ritual and why she wants to snatch away these rights from her on which Ichha tells Tappu that she is not snatching away anything from her because nothing belongs to her in the first place ;Hearing this Tappu Questions Ichha that if she is feeling so jelaous of her,then why can’t she give that thing to this family which she is giving them today on which Ichha sarcastically tells Tappu that “What is she really giving to this family…she is giving nothing to this family or Veer except betrayal ” ;Just then Veer comes outside and asks Ichha to come inside on which Ichha tells Veer that she is coming in a short while ;Veer doesn’t understand whats gonig on and so he goes inside again ..

After Veer leaves,Ichha further tells Tappu that “Today in holi ,all the evil stuffs got burnt and along with those evil stuffs,even her evil motives will b burnt forever and the truth will come out in front of all” ;Hearing this Tappu in a scared tone asks Ichha what truth ?; So then Ichha tells Tappu that “I know the truth which u r trying to hide from all..I know the fact that this baby doesn’t belong to Veer….

so don’t u dare ever take Veer’s name from your mouth ” ;Hearing this Tappu is shocked and has no words left in her defense ;Ichha then further tells Tappu that “If I wanted,I could hv told the truth right now to everyone but I know that by doing this I will end up humiliating our father(Jogi) because he will never able to tolerate this bitter truth of her daughter..so now I give u an option…tomorrow u refuse to take that holi shagun and u yourself tell all the truth about your pregnency…I m giving u 15 days time and in these 15 days, tell the truth to all and get lost from our lives” ;Tappu continues to remain shocked ..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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