25th February Monday Update On Young Love


25th February Monday Update On Young Love

Mahi is recalling Aashima’s words that she lost her first love, Shiv. He says to himself, I shouldn’t have forced Aashima to come here. It will be very difficult for her to save Shiv with Anandi. He gets a call from Sanchi. Mahi says, ya Sanchi. Sanchi says, no.. call me Mrs. Sanchi Jagdish Singh. The faster you get used to calling me with my new name, better it will be. Mahi says, what? Sanchi says, yes.. Jagya said yes for our rishta. Mahi is surprised. Sanchi asks, what happened? Aren’t you happy from this news? Mahi says, no.. I am very happy for you and he congratulates. Sanchi tells him, we are leaving for Udhaipur.. I will tell you more in details there. Mahi is lost in thoughts. Aashima comes and asks, you didn’t sleep yet? Mahi says, I was going to sleep. Got call from Sanchi. Her rishta is finalized. Aashima asks him to congratulate her on her behalf. Mahi says, but they already left.. they will be here by morning so you can meet them. Aashima says, actually rain has stopped now so I am thinking to leave now. Can you drop me till taxi stand? Mahi says, when I brought you here, I didn’t know many things, but now I won’t force you for anything. But I won’t drop you till the taxi stand, but drop you at your destination. Aashima says, it’s okay.. I will go by taxi. Mahi says, I am not comfortable sending you alone this late. Or is it like you don’t like my company? Aashima says, it’s not like that.. and she agrees now. She tells Mahi, you’re a great guy and goes to get ready.

Jagya and Shiv are having dinner. Ganga brings food for them. Sanchi takes it away from her and serves it to Jagya. Shiv eats dhokla and asks Jagya if he tried that. He says, they are very good. Sanchi serves that to Jagya now. Shiv tells Sumitra, you make dhoklas even better than Anandi. Jagya agrees and says, they are very tasty. Sumitra says, I didn’t make them.. Ganga did. I was making everything of your choice, and I didn’t know you like dhoklas. Jagya thanks Ganga and asks, how did you know that I like dhokla? He then says, never mind… and if I knew you make such good dhokla, then I would have asked you to make them for me earlier. Ganga is going to say something, but Anandi nods her head. Ganga then says, I didn’t know you like dhokla so much.. now whenever you tell me, I will make them. Sanchi gets kind of furious and says, there won’t be any need for that. From now, I will make whatever Jagya needs. Nandu comes there with camera and asks Sanchi if he can take her and Jagya’s photo. Sanchi gets excited and goes closer to Jagya and in that, Jagya’s shirt gets dirty. Sanchi apologizes him. Jagya says, don’t worry.. Jagya goes to change his shirt as Nandu doesn’t want to take photo like that. Sanchi runs after him and tells him to wear jacket that she brought for him.

Mahi and Aashima are in car. A hindi song is playing. Aashima tries to sing it. Mahi says, wow you know hindi songs as well.. I thought you would be listening english songs only. Aashima says, my dad is a big fan of hindi songs, especially romantic songs. She then asks him, what about you? Are you romantic at heart as well? I am sure you must have 4-5 girlfriends. Mahi says, no way… there are friends who are girls, but can’t call them girlfriends. Aashima asks, why is that? Mahi says, I don’t know.. maybe side effects of being Shiv’s brother. All gorgeous girls used to be behind Shiv bhaiya. When he was bachelor, all girls used to find a reason to be around him. Aashima gets emotional. She says, I know whichever girl is with him, she says that she is luckiest girl. Mahi now changes the romantic song. He says, I like romantic songs as well, but there are side effects of it as well. They just take to different world.. so just listen them and enjoy and then forget. Aashima says, whenever Shiv used to talk about you, he used to say that you’re like his kid. But I think, Shiv never realized that now this kid has became a very good and sensitive person.. who knows how to handle different people in different situation. Mahi says, no girl praised me like this before.. maybe if I try now, then I may get a girlfriend too. Both laugh.

Sumitra and Anandi are in the kitchen. Sumitra expresses her happiness to Anandi as Jagya found a girl like Sanchi. Anandi is quiet. Sumitra asks her what happened. Anandi says, what can I say? Sanchi is a good girl, but she was raised very differently than this house.. so we have to see if she can change herself or no. Sumitra says, I am not worried about that as well. I am sure she will change herself and handle everyone. She is from the city, but still was trying so hard to learn village stuff. She took care of Jagya so well and when she was returning to Udhaipur, I saw tears in her eyes. She can take as much time as she wants, but I am sure, she will prove to be a good daughter in law. Anandi goes outside to serve dessert to everyone.

Jagya comes out in the red jacket that Sanchi gifted him. Sanchi runs to him and asks Sumitra how he looks. Nandu comes with his camera and says, he looks like a hero. He asks him to give a pose. Sanchi goes closer and holds his hand. Nandu takes pictures and Ganga has tears in her eyes on a side. Ganga then leaves from there and goes to her room. Anandi sees that.

Daddu asks Nandu to take his photo with Dadisa. Everyone smiles. Dadisa says, I don’t want any photo or anything. Everyone requests Dadisa, so she gets ready. Nandu doesn’t take photo as Dadisa doesn’t give a smile. Everyone tells Dadisa to give a smile. She does and finally Nandu takes photo. Shiv’s family is ready to leave. Anandi then says, I will be back. Sanchi takes Jagya with her to see his gifts.

Ganga is crying in her room. She tells Manu to pray to God that her admission in nurse college gets done faster. She says, I don’t want to come between doctor sahab’s happiness. It will be better if I leave from here. Maybe that way, it will be easier for me to forget him as well.

Jagaya and Sanchi sitting with gifts Sanchi shows Jagaya a gift and asks him to see what’s in it . Sanchi is very happy while Jagaya is uncomfortable , stressed out , sad . Jagaya calmly asks her see it yourself . Sanchi says Why me ? its your birthday and the best part of this celebration is to open the gifts and see it whats in them The happiness one gets in it that should not be shared with anyone not even with your going to be wife .Jagaya is not happy at all hearing this from Sanchi but he takes gifts from Sanchi’s hands and starts opening it. Sanchi asks from Jagaya Can i ask you something ?Jagaya looks at her and nods as yes Sanchi asks from him are you happy with this marriage being fixed ? Jagaya is disturbed , in pain but forces himself to smile and nods yes He starts concentrating on gift again

Sanchi becomes very happy and says to him i know you are a lot reserved , you don’t talk much perhaps thats why after my going from Jaitser you didn’t call me even for once Jagaya says no Sanchi thats not that reason actually i was a lot busy There was a lot much work in hospital. Sanchi says i know Jagdish i was just kidding and truth is i have no complain from you over this .Jagaya does n’t respond to her in any way and is back to opening gift again . Sanchi says but yes very soon i will change your nature I will make you from Mr serious to Mr cheerful. Jagaya sadly looks at her Sanchi says and if you didn’t call me i will disturb you so much by calling again and again you will have to talk with me Jagaya says you won’t need to do that i will call . Sanchi happily and excitedly asks him Promise Jagaya nods yes Sanchi tells him at least two calls in a day To share details of whole day at least two calls should be there .Jagaya forces himself to smile and then starts opening the gift .Sanchi picks up another gift

Ganga is crying in her room, in immense pain and asks from Mannu Mannu will you do one work for your mother Mannu nods as yes . Ganga tells him to pray from devi maa to get my admission done in that nurse college as soon as possible I don’t want to become hurdle in doctor sahab’s life , his happiness It will be better if we go away from here and perhaps after going away from here it will be easy to forget doctor sahab too Ganga buries in her head in her lap and cries her heart out Just then Anandi opens the door and comes in the room and sees Ganga crying,On seeing Anandi Ganga immediately wipes her tears and tries to smile Anandi come to Ganga .Ganga is trying hard to smile but her eyes are still filled with tears and pain Anandi asks from Ganga Ganga one day you told Lal Singh if anything happened to Jagaya you won’t be able to live either and die too Ganga is shocked hearing this from Anandi .Anandi asks from Ganga what did you mean by anything happened to him and also if Jagaya is married with someone else then ?

Ganga says to Anandi trying to smile what are you saying Anandi jee perhaps you misunderstood my tears but Anandi jee tears come in eyes in happiness too I am very happy for doctor sahab Ganga emotionally as well as happily says His house settled , someone there to take care of him , take care of his happiness what more i want. He takes care and thinks about everyone now someone will be take care of him and think about him too Anandi is listening to it in understanding way to Ganga. Ganga continues Doctor sahab is very pure and clean at heart He whole heartely distributes love and belongingness among all now in return he will also get love ,so much love that his face will be always be glowing with happiness Ganga glows in happiness as well saying all this amongst her own pain and tears She says There will always be smile on his face Whenever he smiles his whole face blossoms with it and eyes have a complete different shine His smile has such magic that the person standing in front of him no matter how much sad will forget everything and become happy Anandi is understanding to Ganga how much she loves Jagaya.

Ganga continues and his words he talks so nicely and sensibly His words are full of wisdom but he talks in so simple words that even some illiterate person will understand everything immediately . It is said a tree laden with fruits is always bent down doctor sahab is also like that and …Just then Ganga notices Anandi looking at her and she realizes how much she has said Ganga becomes emotional and starts crying in pain .Anandi consoles Ganga holding her hand , understanding what she is going through now her pain ,Anandi is teary eyed as well. Anandi wipes Ganga’s tears and says i am going Ganga The promise i took from you to take care of this family and Jagaya I never thought i am sending you in so much difficult situation In fulfilling that promise your own happiness will be lost in darkness. I never knew that

Ganga is crying in immense pain Anandi says to Ganga wish i can help you in anyway in this difficult and painful time But i know you have lots of patience and courage in you So far how you faced all ups and downs of life with great courage , you will face this as well Ganga nods but she is still crying in pain ,Anandi says to Ganga but still if you ever feel you are falling weak you want to tell anyone whats in your heart so keep this in mind i am always with you Without any hesitance you can talk with me Ganga nods as ok Anandi is emotional seeing Ganga in so much pain

Jagaya is opening the gifts slowly Sanchi is bored now and says to Jagaya O God still so many gifts are remaining to be checked seems like whole night will be spend in this Jagaya is confused now what happened to her Sanchi sees Sumitra and Gehna bringing tea and she tells Jagaya lets go and sit with everyone now Jagaya is surprised at her mood change Sanchi runs to Sumitra and asks her maa give me this tea i will serve to all Sumitra says no Sanchi you don’t need to do this i will do it myself Sanchi says to Sumitra if you won’t let me do this i will think you don’t consider me daughter in law of this house Sumitra says whats are you saying? you very well know how to get what you want to do ok take this Sumitra gives Sanchi the tray Sanchi is happy Sumitra takes tea from Gehna and asks Sanchi lets go .Sanchi is very happy The three of them go from there Gehna is not very happy with Sanchi she seems to be doubting herSanchi, Sumitra , Gehna bring tea Shekhars including Shiv and Singhs are pleasantly surprised seeing Sanchi bringing tea.

Jagaya is sadly looking at Sanchi . Sanchi blushing gives Jagaya tea Jagaya is feeling very awkward but takes the tea forcing himself to smile Sanchi serves tea to Shekhars and Singhs who are very happy with Sanchi Dadisaa says she should take Jagdish and Sanchi to temple In this happy occasion devi maa’s blessings are very important Shekhars are happy Dadisaa asks Sumitra to come too Dadisaa , Sumitra , Jagaya , Sanchi go towards haveli’s temple. Shekhars and Singhs are happy.In haveli’s temple Sumitra puts tilak on Jagaya and Sanchi’s forehead and do their arti Sanchi is very happy while Jagaya is not

Dadisaa asks Jagaya and Sanchi to take blessings from Devi maa They both do so Dadisaa blesses them to be always happy Dadisaa then gives feeds them parsad Sanchi is glowing with happiness while Jagaya is extremely sad .Sanchi asks from Dadisaa Dadijee are you happy with me ? Dadisaa says is this some question to ask of course i am very happy with you .Sumitra and Sanchi are very happy hearing it while Jagaya is sad Sanchi asks from Dadisaa tell me what you expect from me as a daughter in law i mean what i have to do i will start doing it from first day after coming here which will make all of you happy Dadisaa appreciates Sanchi she is so wise Sanchi says please Dadisaa tell me Dadisaa gestures to Sumitra to tell Sumitra tells Sanchi lovingly you should take care of this house considering it your own house how you respect and honor and take care of your family do same to this family as well Sanchi happily nods as sure Sumitra continues telling Sanchi Last time when you came here you lived here as this is your own house and family after marriage live like this also .

Jagaya is extremely sad and depressed , broken but both Dadisaa and Sumitra are not bothering to look at him Dadisaa says to Sanchi Sumitra told you everything very well but still if you want to know about more people of this house , their habits , their likes and dislikes so our daughter is living in your own house Anandi ask from her , she will tell you Sanchi’s smile vanishes hearing this Sumitra happily says yes if you want to know anything about this house , the life in here , the traditions anything you want to know ask from Anandi she will tell you all Sanchi is very jealous but forces a smile at it

Dadisaa tells to Sanchi you just see our Anandi and ,become just like her Sanchi is not liking this but forces smile to Dadisaa Dadisaa continues that girl Ganga whenever Anandi comes in house Ganga do learn something from her sometimes she even calls Anandi and knows a lot from her. Sanchi and Sumitra both are irritated at this .Dadisaa says Ganga is in every way like a carbon copy of Anandi Sumitra and Sanchi both are angry and irritated Dadisaa says sometimes i feel seeing Ganga she is not Ganga but Anandi with us Sumitra is very angry Dadisaa continues Just like Ganga mixed up with us so well same even you too do that ok . Sanchi is very jealous but forces smile to Dadisaa Sanchi says ok dadisaa .Sumitra smiles Jagaya doesn ‘t respond in anyway he is very sad listening to every thing quietly .Dadisaa is happy and blesses Sanchi Just then Dadisaa notice Anandi and Ganga standing together listening to everything All look that them Ganga is in pain but controlling herself Sanchi is fuming up with jealously seeing Ganga and Anandi. Ganga is very emotional in pain seeing Jagaya standing with Sanchi .Anandi consoles Ganga

Shekhars and Singhs come there Shiv tells Anandi we should go now Dadisaa says yes its too late now Udaipur is not near you shouldn’t be more late All leave from there only Sanchi and Sumitra are behind Sanchi stops Sumitra maa one minute Sumitra asks her what happened Sanchi says i have something important to talk with you Sumitra says yes Sanchi is hesitant Sumitra says to Sanchi you can share with me whatever is in your heart without any hesitance Sanchi says maa you all are so nice people so generous Truly you all have a big heart You have kept a stranger woman and her child in your home but Ganga’s husband that Ratan Singh is taking out his enmity with you all He tried to take life of Jagdish Sumitra becomes worried hearing it Sanchi continues but still you all love Ganga like a family member you all love her so much that want me to be like her too i really hope maa i will also become good like you all the ones who love to keep other’s happiness above own but maa i am a lot afraid that Ratan Singh won’t destroy our happiness Sumitra is shocked Sanchi continues A man like him will never give up until his wife and child are in this house Sumitra is completely into Sanchi’s words

Sumitra caress Sanchi’s cheek and says you are are so worried about this house from even now you don’t worry i will talk to Masaa and very soon we will find a way out of it Sanchi gives an mean grin Sumitra says to Sanchi lets go Dadu asks permission to leave from Singhs Singhs bid them good bye Sumitra and Sanchi come there Sumitra and Anandi hug Shekhars leave. Ganga is emotionally seeing Anandi going Anandi stops and turns back and look at Ganga .Ganga is very in much pain , trying to control her tears which are coming out of her eyes Anandi gives encouragement to Ganga through expressions and goes from there Ganga is very much emotional and goes to her room No one else notice Ganga only Sumitra does and is angry

Ganga is sitting in her room sadly lost in thoughts Nandu is talking with Mannu asking him today it was lot of fun on bhaisaa birthday right? i enjoyed a lot and also taken many photos Nandu goes to Ganga shows her camera see Ganga jiji how nice is the photo Ganga looks at it Its Jagaya Sanchi’s Ganga is emotional ,teary eyed, in pain seeing it . Nandu says when Bhaisaa will be married to Sanchi jiji then i won’t call her jiji but Sanchi bhabhi saa Ganga is in very much pain , emotional Just then Jagaya comes in room Ganga sees him Nandu rushes to Jagaya and shows him the photo of his and Sanchi saying see how nice is your photo you are looking too good so handsome Jagaya asks Nandu you have to go to school tomorrow so go to sleep now Nandu says ok Nandu says bye bye to Mannu good night Mannu does bye to Nandu .Nandu goes from there

Jagaya looks at Ganga. Ganga looks down trying to control her emotions Jagaya comes to Ganga .Ganga asks him trying to smile did you need anything ? Jagaya asks from Ganga are you alright? Ganga looks at him shocked Jagaya is confused Ganga says trying to look fine i am perfectly fine why are you asking what happened ? Jagaya is not convinced with Ganga’ s answer and says to her every night you bring milk for me without forgetting tonight you didn’t . Ganga says worriedly O i am sorry doctor sahab it just slipped out my mind i will bring it for you right now Jagaya says no leave it i have eaten cakes , sweets so much now don’t feel like drinking milk i only came to see are you fine ? Ganga is in pain but controls herself and nods as i am fine Jagaya tries to go from there Ganga stops him and asks him doctor sahab when is that nurse training course starting The sooner the admission happens the better it will be

Jagaya says we have just applied now Your application must have reached to them quickly as we have sent them an email but like you there are many people who must have applied Authorities will take time to check and decide who should get admission and who shouldn’t Ganga says tensed it means i will get admission or not it is not confirmed Sumitra comes there and listens to it. Jagaya says Ganga i am sure you will get the admission but still till final selection won’t happen it is difficult to say anything

Ganga is tensed and says so Doctor sahab please get my admission somewhere else Jagaya is surprised .Ganga says the faster the studies will start it will be better i can’t stay like this Jagaya asks from Ganga confused why you are in a such a rush? Ganga is speechless Jagaya asks from her is there anything you want to say , any problem tell me? Ganga looks at Jagaya and is emotional She says to herself in her mind how i can tell him whats in my heart ? Jagaya is confused and asks her why are you silent speak Ganga looks down and is emotional Jagaya says to her you sound like you want to run from here as soon as possible Ganga is very much emotional. Jagaya asks from her from whom you are running away ? Ganga is looking down emotional but don’t say anything

Sumitra speaks up it is good .Jagaya Ganga look at her Sumitra comes to them and says to Jagaya Ganga wants to do her course soon and study its very good Jagaya smiles and says yes thats very good Ganga emotionally smiles Sumitra says to Ganga you didn’t come to kitchen to take milk for Jagaya thats why i brought it myself but now i should develop this habit because you will go soon Ganga is emotional Sumitra says by the way Sanchi will soon handle everything but till she don’t come i will have to do all Ganga is in immense pain but tries to smile Sumitra says to Jagaya i was going to your room to give milk to you but Nandu told me you are here so i brought it here Jagaya says maa i don’t feel like it drinking it now Sumitra says no matter what you want or not but you will have to drink it before sleeping warm milk gives good sleep Sumitra gives milk to Jagaya who finally takes it

Sumitra looks at Ganga and then at Jagaya and caress his head and face lovingly and says God protect you every evil eye Ganga looks at Sumitra Sumitra looks at Ganga but then starts looking at Jagaya again Ganga understands by evil eye Sumi meant her Sumitra says to Jagaya everything is happening so nicely to us Jagaya is not happy but very sad Ganga looks at Jagaya emotionally with tears in her eyes Sumitra says to Jagaya you said yes for marriage and we got such a lovely girl to make our daughter in law Jagaya is sadly looking at Sumitra Ganga is in pain emotional .Sumitra says now your life will settled soon you will be married soon Jagaya is not happy Ganga trying to control her tears Sumitra says to Ganga and Ganga you passed your examination with good marks and you are thinking about your life ahead too further studies now you will have to be self sufficient for your child Mannu so that you can make him good person by educating him The faster you should get admission the better it will be right ? Ganga emotionally looks at Sumitra Jagaya seems to be doubting there is something between Sumitra and Ganga Ganga is in pain , very emotional Episode ends on her.