25 October Friday Update on This is Love


25 October Friday Update on This is Love

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Man taunting Ishita. He says respect Bhabhi. Ishita says stay away, you are outsiders, leave from family function. The man asks Karma to call Raman and complain about his wife. He says we are Raman’s guests, we aren’t going anywhere until he comes. She says Romi, calm down, they won’t go until Raman comes. Mani says we didn’t get Raman. She says I will go and see. She asks Simmi and Kiran what happened. Kiran says those men entered the washroom and aren’t leaving, they are misbehaving. Ishita scolds the men. The man asks waiter to get some wine. Ishita says you ruined our party and entered ladies’s washroom, you are so shameless. The man says you shouldn’t interfere in our matter. She says you are not invited here, just go. The man says where are the waiters,

order some food. She says I will call police now. The man says wait a min. He calls commissioner and talks to him on speaker. He says police won’t do anything. He laughs joking on Ishita.
The man says she is Raman’s wife, don’t be angry. Mr. Bhalla says don’t listen to these fools, come Mani, Romi, Ishita. Mani asks kiran and simmi to go in and act normal. Mani says we have to handle this situation well, police is on their side, calm down. Bala says they will get worse if we oppose, they will leave on own, you go, we will take care of this situation. She says please be here. Ishita goes to everyone. Kaushalya says you did good arrangements in such a less time. Ishita thanks her. She asks Rohan to feed the food to Aaliya. She says Aaliya has mehendi applied, do it. Rohan feeds Aaliya. Ishita signs to ask Mani. Ruhi sees Karan’s pic and smiles thinking of him. Karan comes to her. He says I thought you would be hungry, so I got this. He goes. She smiles seeing heart shaped sweetdish. Manager says you won’t get liquor on dry day. He returns the money. The man scolds him. He points gun at manager. Romi and Bala rush to stop the man. Everyone gathers. Raman comes and shouts enough. He asks Romi to move aside.

Romi says they are saying they are your friends. Raman says forgive Romi, he is my younger brother, he didn’t know you are my guests. He scolds Romi and manager. Manager apologizes. Raman says I m sorry, I went to do some alternate arrangements for you. Ishita says you don’t know Raman. He says Romi is immature, you should have handled this situation, Romi apologize to them. Romi refuses. Raman shouts on him. Romi apologizes and goes. Raman takes his guests with him. Everyone looks on. Raman says I have arranged everything, you will never forget this party. Mr. Bhalla says how can you make some friends. Raman says they are my clients, I have to deal with them, all the guests are worried, just manage here, I will just come. Mani says things aren’t fine here, come Ishu. She nods. Raman shows the liquor stock to the men. The man says great, make a drink.

Raman serves him a drink. He says its a wedding at home, save some for me, I will just come. The men drink. Raman goes. Ishita asks what’s happening, you don’t do business with such people. Raman says its my personal matter, you chose to hide things, what’s this. She says how much will you taunt about it. Kaushalya asks will Aaliya keep Karwachauth fast for Rohan. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Bala feeds them sweets. Raman says Mani play dhol, I have to dance. Romi asks what’s Raman doing, something is wrong, he is in trouble. She says I m afraid that they are threatening him, why isn’t he sharing, I will find out. Raman dances on dhol. Ishita and Romi look on. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman made everyone dance and handled situation so well.

Mihika says yes, good thing is, Ruhi got a marriage proposal. Ishita says I will talk to Ruhi tomorrow, let her think. Amma says we have to take Aaliya to temple, I m performing puja for Aaliya and Rohan, wake up your inlaws, remember how they came up late in your marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says its Karwachauth tomorrow, we have to have Sargi in morning, Ishita wake up Aaliya early. Ishita asks Raman to tell her what will he wear in morning for puja. He says I m not coming, I have to make some arrangements. She shuts the door and asks him what arrangements does he want to make. She asks has he threatened you. He says I m the man of the house, I m handling it very well unlike your expectations, aren’t you a good wife, let me sleep, I m tired, go to sleep. She cries.

Ruhi thinking of Karan and smiling. She imagines him with her. They dance. He gives her roses and a balloon. She sees him gone. Song plays…. She smiles and sleeps. Everyone wakes up at 4am. Mrs. Bhalla compliments Aaliya. She hugs her bahus. She asks did your Saas send sargi. Karan comes with Sargi. Karan says I didn’t know I would have to wake up so early. He jokes. He looks for Ruhi. She says you are looking for Ruhi, she will be directly come to the temple. He says Rohan and mum will be coming there. He goes. Ishita asks Aaliya to go and read love letter sent by Rohan. They laugh. Everyone sits to have Sargi. Aaliya asks Ishita to feed her Sargi like every year. Ishita feeds her.

Amma says Shagun they didn’t come yet. Shagun says they would be coming.



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