22nd February Friday Update On Young Love

Singhs are tensed. Basant said how can they say such thing being so educated. Bhairon said they shud have thought not only jagiya n saanchi will be in a new relationship; anandi n jagiya will be binded into a strange relationship too. Sumi said may be anandi had no prob that’s y she didn’t say anything. Bhairon said but they shud talk to her once. Ds said no need of it, she didn’t say anything till now means she has no prob. Here shekhars are worried too. Alok wondered they are doing right or wrong. Dadu assured him n said it depends on jagdish n they shud wait for singhs too.

Shiv n police tried to track rattan singh. They placed few of their police all around the place as common men(in disguise) around the dhabba. Shiv saw them in binocular n asked them whether they are in right position or not. All said yes. The goon who was in police custody said ratan will deffo come n he is not cheating them. Rattan singh came there as disguise as an old men . Shiv wonder y he hasn’t come yet.the goon(who is with police) went inside the dabba. Shiv got rattan singh is around n he alert the police. Rattan singh noticed the police shoe of the police man who was in disguise. He suspected n dropped a glass. In the excuse to pick that up, when he bent down , he saw the gun of the police.

He got police is all around. He banged the table. Some firing happened. Shiv almost caught rattan singh but he managed to escape again. Shiv n police followed ratan n his men but failed again to catch him. Shiv was very disappointed that rattan singh escaped again.
AT haveli, sumi says this rista is not bad. Saanchi is a very nice girl. DS said yes but they shud talk to jagiya 1st. Jagiya came home n saw shekhars are sitting at the ahll n singhs are not there. He wonder y they left shekhars like that. Anandi said there is an imp matter n he shud go upstairs too. A clueless n confused jagiya went upstairs.

Jagiya shocked hearing saanchi’s rista n said he never thought abt saanchi like that. How can they say yes. Ds said they haven’t said yes yet. Jagiya asked what anandi said. Sumi said anandi didn’t talk to them. Jagiya wanted to talk to anandi. Sumi n ds warned him not to do anything which can create problem for anandi. After long time she got happiness. Jagiya n singhs came down. He asked shekhars whether they are sure about the rista. He kept looking at anandi but anandi looked down. Dadu said kids happiness is their happiness. If he n saanchi will be happy then they will too as saanchi likes him.

Jagiya didn’t say anything n went to meet saanchi. Saanchi was playing with mannu n ganga was sad.saanchi was happy seeing jagiya. Jagiya said he wanted to talk to her right now. Saanchi looked at ganga. Ganga left with mannu sadly. Jagiya asked what her family was talking abt. Saanchi said she loves him. Jagiya shocked again.

Jagya asks Sanchi, what is your family saying? Sanchi says, it’s true. I love you a lot. Not from recent time, but maybe from long time.. when I had accident and you scolded me a lot. First time I stayed quiet when someone scolded me that much. We met again and again and that made me realize that I liked your scolding. And attraction towards you was pure love. I started liking everything about you. I missed you a lot, but not anymore. My heart is yours already, but now I made myself completely yours. She shows him her tattoo. She says, don’t leave me.. I won’t be able to live without you. I will go mental. I know what must be going on in your mind.. that you don’t love me, right? But I have read in your eyes that you also love me. It’s just you didn’t realize it yet. Jagya walks away from there and then remembers Sumitra’s and Dadisa’s words about Anandi’s happiness, Sumitra telling him that Anandi came along which means she doesn’t have any problem with this rishta else she would have said something. Ganga watches him as he goes to the hall.

Everyone is anxious to know what Jagya will say. Sanchi also comes to the hall. Jagya keeps looking at Anandi. In the end he says, I am ready to marry Sanchi. Anandi is surprised. Sanchi is happy and has a bit smile on her face. Shiv returns and he is also surprised. Most people are surprised, except Sumitra as she smiles after hearing this from Jagya. Sanchi goes to Jagya and thanks him. Dadisa says, if their happiness is in this, then what else do we want? She gives blessings to Jagya and give shagun money to Sanchi. Sanchi and Jagya touch dadisa’s legs. Dadisa tells Shiv’s family, from today, your daughter became ours. Sanchi and Jagya take blessings from other elders now, and seems like everyone, more or less, accepted their rishta now. Sumitra tells Sanchi, from today, my son became yours, and asks Jagya to take care of Sanchi now. In end they come to Anandi and Shiv. Anandi doesn’t know how to react. She looks at Shiv.

Jagya and Sanchi are about to touch Anandi’s legs now to take blessings, but Shiv stops them and hugs them. Shiv and Anandi congratulate Jagya and Sanchi. Ganga is crying and watching all this. Anandi notices her and she wipes her tears. Everyone else now notices Ganga standing far. Dadisa asks her to come and congratulate them as well. Dadisa tells everyone, she’s also a part of this family so she deserves to be here. Sanchi says, sure… and asks Ganga if she is happy with this rishta. Ganga controls her emotions and says, who am I to make jodis. Jodis are made by God. She wishes their jodi can maintain like this. Daddu, dadisa agree with Ganga and feel God made Sanchi and Jagya’s jodi and wants them to be together. Shiv tells everyone that he lied. He actually went to police station. He tells everyone that it was Ratan Singh who sent goons to attack on Jagya, but he ran away before police catch him. Daddu praises Shiv’s bravery and says, he will get extra piece of cake for this.

Both families have gathered. Jagya and Sanchi blow the candles and cut Sanci’s cake together. They make each other eat the cake. Ganga is somehow controlling her emotions and doesn’t let tears come out of her eyes. She tries to show smile on her face and Anandi seems to have noticed that.