21th August Wednesday Update on Young Love

21th August Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Basant getting angry about the court case. He says, our lawyer will win the case. Everything will be fine. Bhairov says, case is against Maa saa as she has testimony against herself. Sumitra cries. Ganga says, we have tried to make Gulli fine. Anandi says, we all know that Dadisaa won’t do anything wrong. She accepted her doing. Today she said that Jagya will win surely. Jagya refuses to win and says I don’t need anything except Dadisaa. He gets sad and goes to his room.

Shiv tells his family that he don’t think that judgement will be on Dadisaa’s side. Daddu says, I am feeling sad. Subhadra says, if everyone start killing then this world will be over. Amol comes. Ira asks him to come for dinner. Subhadra calls him. Shiv says, Amol will eat with me. He gives him plate and asks him to eat. They race to finish first. Daddu asks him to chew the food. Subhadra eyes Amol evilly.

Saachi calls Anandi and says I want to talk to you something. Anandi says, I am in Jaitsar. Saachi says, Vivek ji is angry on me. He ordered a sofa set for home and tells everything. She says, Vivek felt bad. He is not understanding me. Anandi says, Vivek is hurt. Saachi says, I didn’t ask mom. Anandi says, Vivek ji might have thought that he is unable to fulfill your needs. She asks her to think about his feelings and adjust in the house. Saachi says, okay and disconnects the call.

Het Singh is drinking wine with the lawyer. He asks, why did you pour the wine in the third glass. Het Singh says, my son Ajay. He remembers him. And says, he went leaving me. Lawyer says, we have to be ready for the next hearing. Het Singh shows the wine glass to Ajay’s photo and says I swear Kalyani Devi will die. Lawyer tells him that he will leave now.

Shiv calls Anandi. Anandi says, I know Amol’s papa will never make him lose. Anandi says, I am trying to take care of everyone. They are sad. I can feel everyone’s pain as it is mine. Shiv says, everything will be fine. Anandi says, I too wants the same. He asks her to sleep. Anandi says, I can face all the troubles when you are with you. He says, I love you. Anandi says, I love you too.

Het Singh watches the news on TV about election. Reporter say that Het Singh is leading the votes till now. His men applaud for him.

Ira tells Subhadra that Saachi and Vivek are coming. Subhadra says, she don’t have time to come and meet me. Daddu says, she is managing her home for the first time. Subhadra says, I know. She asks, I think you got her married in a hurry. Saachi might have get a good rich boy. You gave her to a poor man. Saachi and Vivek come home. Saachi says, I will come to meet you often. She meets her family. Vivek meets everyone. Subhadra gives them blessings. She says, you are looking beautiful, but you should wear saree. She asks Vivek’s opinion. Vivek says, I too feels the same. Ira asks them to sit. Saachi says, I will help mom.

Panchayat men comes and says Het Singh was leading until now, but then Jagya’s votes have increased. Jagya is sad though. Panch asks him to come to keep an eye on the vote counting. They leave. Bhairov says, you shall go now. Jagya says, I have to take care of Gulli now. I don’t care about my win. It doesn’t matter to me. Anandi says, don’t you have the responsibility towards Jaitsar’s people. Basant says, she is right. Jagya nods his head in a yes.

Saachi speaking with Ira and requests her not to send the gifts to her. Ira says, why it is not needed. Saachi says, I care for your efforts, but now as I am married I have to be happy with my husband. He will buy the things in the future. Vivek ji shouldn’t feel bad. I am happy at my new house. I have to manage my home with Vivek’s money. Ira looks at Saachi and hugs her happily. She says, my daughter has become so understanding. Your happiness matters to me.

Jagya and family hear drum beats and think Het Singh has won. Basant goes to shut him with his family following him. They come outside and see the Panch members dancing with the villagers. Panchayat member declares that Jagya has become the MLA of Jaitsar. Jagya is shocked. Ganga smiles. Panchayat member says, Jagdish has won with highest number of votes and made us proud. They applaud for Jagya. One lady asks Jagya to speak up.

Jagya is still sad and looks at Anandi. He recalls her words. He folds his hand and thanks them for his win. He says, it is my goodluck that I got an opportunity to serve you, but the saddest thing is Gulli and Dadisaa’s life are at stake. We won’t let anyone do injustice to anyone. Jagya comes inside. Sumitra stops him. Jagya asks, is this necessary. Sumitra says, aarti is necessary as it was Dadisaa’s wish. Jagya takes their blessings. His phone rings. Jagya tells his family that I have to go to take oath in Jaipur. Bhairov says, you will become a politician in real means. Gehna says, we will see you taking an oath. Sumitra says, it is prestigious for us. They look at Dadisaa’s sofa.

Het Singh watches the news about his loss on TV and gets angry. Reporter says, Het Singh lost with higher number of votes. He recalls his son’s death and touches his photo. He breaks the TV and other things with anger. His men come inside and look at him.

Everyone come to meet Dadisaa. Dadisaa is happy about Jagya’s win. Bhairov asks, how did you know? Dadisaa says, everyone are talking about it. Anandi hugs her and congrats her. Bhairov says, our faith has won. She asks, where is he? Basant says, we told him to take your blessings, but he said he will take your blessings when you come back home. Bhairov says, he will be going to Jaipur soon. Dadisaa says, I know Jagya will fulfill his responsibility truthfully. I know him. He will make Jaitsar’s name bright.

Court hearing starts again. Lawyer Kotiyal tells the court that all the evidences are against Kalyani Devi and requests the judge to give the final verdict. He says, can Kalyani Devi return Ajay’s life? No. So I request you to give her rigorous imprisonment. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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