19th June Wednesday Update on This is Love

Simmi making Raman watch Mihika handling Pihu with love. Mihika makes Pihu promise of not disrespecting elders. Pihu promises and kisses Mihika. Raman says Mihika handled her with love. Simmi says Mihika can handle anyone. Romi says Mihika is Romi’s wife, I can’t marry her. Simmi says she is not Romi’s wife anymore, you have seen her handling Pihu with love. Mrs. Bhalla says you are so smart Simmi. She likes the idea. Mihika comes. Simmi asks Mihika to just think before she answers. She asks will you marry Raman. Mihika asks what are you saying.

Simmi says don’t say no, Raman would be the perfect groom for you, you love Pihu, he is the right person for you. Mihika says I loved Romi a lot, we all know what he did in return, I don’t want to leave this

family, I wish to stay with you all, if Raman doesn’t have any problem, then I m okay. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her. Raman says I don’t understand anything, I need some time to think. Mrs. Bhalla says you want to marry for Pihu, she can’t get a better mum than Mihika, I will explain Romi. He says do what you feel right. Simmi thinks Ishita try to stop this wedding and show, Mihika is my puppet, I will rule on this house.
Mani comes to Aaliya and finds her hiding. Aaliya cries. Ishita comes. Aaliya hugs her. Ishita asks her to close eyes and sleep, she won’t go anywhere. Mani asks what’s going on. Ishita says just take care of her, I m sorry, I have no answers. She goes. Mani says don’t know what happened, Ishu isn’t telling me. Ishita gets thinking. Parmeet comes and says you are thinking where could that man disappear, you think we will leave you easily. He shows the video of Aaliya shooting the man. He says this man died, did you get his dead body, its with me. She asks why are you after her.

He says I m not after her, I want to target you, sign the divorce papers if you don’t want her to go jail, decision is in your hands. Ishita takes the mobile and deletes video. She says I won’t sign the papers. He says do you think I m a fool, I have its copy, you are smart, but I know how to deal with smart women like you. She says you take revenge from me, why are you doing this with Aaliya, when will you become a man. He says I can prove my manhood whenever you want. She pushes him. He says your life is in your children, that’s the problem, I know decision is tough, either a wife or mum will win. He asks her to sign the papers. He says a mum is generous, will you sign or not. She cries seeing the papers.

Mrs. Bhalla feed sweets and says Raman is marrying Mihika. Adi asks what, how can this happen. Romi asks Raman how can he do this. He says I just got divorced from Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Romi. Pihu comes and asks why do you want to become my mum, just Ishimaa is my mum. Raman says why is Pihu addressing Ishita as her mum. Simmi says Ishita fed this in Pihu’s mind. Mihika says I will talk to Pihu. She asks Pihu not to speak badly with elder,s good babies don’t break their promises. She promises to become her friend, not a mum. Pihu says you aren’t good, you are bad, I hate you, and even Raman is bad. She runs. Raman says we are doing this for Pihu. Mihika says Ishita has brainwashed her, Pihu will understand, she is just a child, look at everyone, they have much hatred for me, we know we are marrying for Pihu’s betterment. Romi scolds her and goes.

Aaliya stops Ishita from signing. She says Parmeet is taking advantage of your goodness. Parmeet says I will show this video to police, then they will know who did the murder. Aaliya gets shocked. He says you are a murderer, they will lock you in jail, self defence thing won’t help you. Ishita says I will handle this. Aaliya says I will go jail, you won’t sign. Parmeet asks Ishita will she sign or not. Ishita and Aaliya argue. Ishita says this pen isn’t working, I will get a pen from my car. Parmeet says pen was working just now. Aaliya asks why are you making this big sacrifice for me. Ishita shows the pepper spray. She says its between me and Raman, if he doesn’t want to stay married, why shall I, I need this divorce. She asks Parmeet and see. Aaliya sprays pepper in his eyes. He screams. They tie up Parmeet and put him in the dicky. They leave in the car.

They reach somewhere. Aaliya asks did you unlock the car. Ishita says no, we will leave Parmeet in the trunk, he will get senses, we will make him speak out about the evidence, I just want to scare him, not kill him. They leave. Romi comes home and gets angry seeing Mihika. He catches her and scolds her for marrying Raman. Simmi asks are you drunk, will you misbehave with Mihika. Romi shouts on her.

He asks Mihika why is she doing this. He says you ruined our marriage, don’t spoil Raman and Ishita’s lives. Mihika says leave me, I will call police. He says you are mentally abusing everyone. She asks who are you to tell me. He holds her angrily. Simmi shouts. Raman stops Romi and slaps him. He asks do you have any shame. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s happening. Raman asks Romi to stay in limits or leave, if he misbehaves with Romi, he won’t be spared.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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