19th July Friday Update on Young Love

Jagya waiting in the jail. Ganga comes crying. He asks her what did he say. Ganga hugs him crying. He asks did he agree or not. She says yes, but he wants a price for it. She says he wants Mannu in return. Jagya is shocked and says Mannu will not go to Ratan Singh, I promise I will not let anything happen to Mannu. Ratan Singh has to save Mannu or I will kill him. She says I agreed to his condition. He is shocked. She hugs him. Ganga and Jagya come home upset. Dadisa and everyone looks at them.

Vasant asks Jagya what happened, did he agree or not. Dadisa asks did Ratan Singh agree. Jagya says yes. Dadisa thanks Devi Maa and says now everything will be fine. Ganga says he asked for a price. Everyone looks on. She says a very big price. Dadisa asks what. Ganga says he wants Mannu for his life, forever. Everyone are shocked. Dadisa says how dare he ask for your child, he is a devil, no one will give him even an animal and he wants Mannu, no way. Sumitra pacifies Ganga and says sit here and let him go to hell, we don’t need his help.

She asks Jagya to find anyone else. She says there will be someone in this world who will save our Mannu, give an ad in the newspaper. Jagya is tensed. Bhairov says I knew it, he will take advantage of this problem. Ganga says I heard such story in my childhood, two women claimed for a baby, the king ordered to cut the baby in two pieces and divide him, but his mum left him and the king gave the baby to other woman. Dadisa says what do you mean. Ganga says that woman had to compromise and even I have to do that, killing his love, I agreed to his condition. Everyone are shocked.

Its night, someone pastes the pamphlets on the roads against Saachi speaking ill about her character. Its morning, Saachi is very happy. Shiv talks to her. Anuj comes with his family. Anuj’s dad brings the pamphlets which writes ill about Saachi. Alok reads it and everyone are shocked. It states to save their children from Saachi. Anuj’s dad reacts and says what is all this. Alok says all this is a lie, Saachi did not do any mistake. Anuj’s dad says you cheated us, that Lord the truth came out, why did you hide the truth.

Anuj’s mum says we break this relation now. Everyone are shocked. Saachi hears this. Anuj’s mum says we can’t make such a characterless girl our bahu. Shir says enough, till you know the truth, you can’t talk like this about her. She says the whole village is talking about her. Anandi looks on.

Saachi asks Anuj whats all this. He says did you not tell them. Anuj’s mum says stay away from my son and don’t talk to him, our decision is his decision. Saachi says I told him everything yesterday and he promised me he will tell you all this. Anuj’s mum scolds her.

Ira scolds Anuj for not telling the truth to his parents. She says its not Saachi’s mistake, she told the truth to Anuj, its his mistake as he has hidden it. They have an heated argument. Shiv says we can sit and talk. Anuj’s mum says you all decide what you have to do, we have ended this relation. She taunts Saachi. Snhe says we want a good girl for our son. Anandi says thanks for breaking this relation, else Saachi would have to suffer with such a man. She says if Saachi was your daughter and it happened with her, then what would you do. Anandi answers her well and says your son is incapable of protecting Saachi. Saaachi runs to her room. Alok is upset and says how will Saachi suffer more. Anuj leaves with his family. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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