18th September Wednesday Update on True Love


18th September Wednesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Mukta saying please forgive me Maan – to Icha… Mukta falls down on her feet and Icha asks her not to say anything. Mukta says I did wrong with you…
Icha hugs her… Damini looks at them and cries. (Uttaran title song plays in the background)
Icha stands up and picks Mukta up too. Mukta says, I could never understand you… tried to snatch away your happiness, insulted you and you still saved me? I am really bad.
Icha puts a hand on her mouth and says, don’t say things like that. Who said you’re bad? You’re very sweet. A child is never bad in a mother’s eyes and it’s a mother’s duty to save her child. And you’re like a duaghter to me.
Mukta says, I didn’t know you gave me another life… why didn’t you tell me?
Icha says, forget old things.
Mukta says, Papa told me everything but I was not listening to him, I was trusting Nani at that time… Papa tried to make me understand but I wanted to believe the poison of hatred.
Icha says, Mukta forget the things that were caused by hatred. We need love in our lives. I can see tears of truth in your eyes today.
Mukta says, I won’t be able to forgive myself ever. You don’t know what I have done? I sent all those messages to Meethi’s phone. The person trying to create distance between Meethi and you is no one else but me… I won’t forgive myself.
Icha says, I know everything Mukta.
Mukta gets surprised that she knows.
Icha says, your papa told me everything… it’s not your fault. Someone sowed the seeds of lies in your heart… there wasn’t any fault of my daughter… I’ve forgotten everything… and you do the same too. I won’t say anything to anyone, Mukta… and you don’t say anything either. Swear on me.
Damini wipes Mukta’s tears and says, don’t cry like this. You’re just like your mother… babyji and Ichki were very good friends… God wants you and Meethi to be good friends too just like them.
That’s why God put you back in our lives.
Icha says I’ll show you something and brings the miniature idol of Ganesh (that she used to pray to). Icha says, keep him with you always… whenever you’re in a dilemma… listen to both sides of the truth and ask God and he will show you the right path. You’ll hear a voice from inside your heart and follow the right path.

Veer’s angry and says to his family… Yuvi doesn’t see the right path. He has followed the wrong path so much that he tried to molest a poor girl. He has tried to rape the girl. Everyone gets shocked.
Mai says, that girl is lying… trying to get Yuvi into trouble. My Yuvi cannot do anything like that.
Veer says, at least now remove the curtains from your eyes… I saw the girl. Her name’s Mukta.
Mai remembers Yuvi bringing Mukta to meet them.
Amla says she’s his friend, she came to meet us at home.
Veer says she’s from a respected family. If Teacherji wasn’t there I don’t know what would have happened?
Mai gets shocked to hear that name.. Veer says, yes, she’s the only eye-witness of this tragedy.
Mai remembers Icha’s words that your son was asking me who was Icha?? I didn’t tell him, don’t worry! I told him I don’t know Icha.
Mai thinks Teacherji means Icha? Icha is giving witness against Yuvi.
Veer says, I met them and apologized… then I went to meet Yuvi and he is not the least bit ashamed of what he did!
He thinks his grandma would come and save him.
Veer says, Mai NOT THIS TIME. No one will go to bail him out this time. Whoever goes, I will break my relations with them forever.
Veer leaves and Amla goes after him to calm him down.

Mai thinks, what was Icha doing there?? What’s Icha’s relation to Mukta? Maybe she’s the same Mukta? It means Mukta is Jogi Thakur’s natin and Tapasya’s daughter… that means Icha gave witness against her own son? (Mai gets angry thinking all this)

Umed comes up to her and says we should go to that girl and her family and apologize. We should apologize to Teacherji too.
Gunwanti gets angry and says the root of all this trouble is Teacherji. She must have created this drama.
Umed says, why would she do that? What would she gain from this?
Gunwanti says, she would gain something! Because Teacherji is Icha.
Umed gets shocked and says, what did you say? Teacherji is Icha?
Gunwanti says yes, she’s Icha.
Umed says, it means the Teacherji Veer met in search of Icha, is Icha herself? Gunwanti says YES.
Umed says and knowing all this, you hid the truth from Veer? From me?
He’s dying to meet Icha… what type of a mother are you?
Gunwanti says, whatever I did, I did for my son’s betterment.
Icha didn’t have a place in this house in the past and she doesn’t have it now! She wants to take Yuvi and take revenge from us, that’s why she created all this drama.
Umed says, Icha is not capable of all this, and you know it!!
Gunwanti says, I know… that we both can never agree on this issue… because you consider her a ‘devi’ and I don’t.
But remember, I won’t let her meet Veer or Yuvi.
She cannot come back to this house. (Amla comes in the background and listens to the last couple of sentences).
Amla asks, who cannot come?
Gunwanti says, we’re talking about some old relative of us. She asks Amla to go back to Veer and take care of him.
Amla says, I’m trying to look after him and trying to tell him that Yuvi is a child…
Umed gets upset and says Amla go away from here (Amla gets shocked). Umed says, if you could understand the seriousness of some issues, then Yuvi won’t be like this today. Amla gets angry.
Says what did I do in this? Umed gets angry and sends her away.
Amla leaves.
Umed says, if Icha brought Yuvi up, Yuvi wouldn’t be like that… Gunwanti gets angry and says I brought Yuvi up and I KNOW he cannot do something like this.
And listen to me, I am giving you my ‘qasam’, if you tell Veer or Yuvi anything about Icha… the day Icha comes through this door, that very day, I will burn myself.
Gunwanti says, Icha has put such a big accusation on our family, now I will tell her what we are!

Jogi says, time brings us back to the same horrific situation again and again… and every time, the same person comes to protect and save us. Icha.
Tapasya was about to commit suicide… who saved her? Icha… that too by giving such a big sacrifice (remembering Tapasya on Veecha marriage).
Our naatin got lost, and where did she end up? With Icha. Icha became her mother and Mukta found a new life. (Divya remembers snatching Mukta way from Icha when they found out she was Tapasya’s daughter).
Jogi says, Icha can give the biggest sacrifice for our family, but she won’t say her pain/suffering to anyone.
Divya cries and says, and here I was fearing that Icha might tell the entire truth to Mukta!
Jogi goes to Divya and says, do you know Divya? The boy that Icha attacked to save our Mukta, the boy she’s witnessing against… do you know who that boy is??
Yuvraj Singh Bundela.
Divya gets shocked. She says WHAT??
Jogi says, Icha’s son!! What bigger sacrifice can someone give for our family?? And we cannot pay her back for this sacrifice EVER.

Meethi wakes Mukta up in the morning. Kanha/Surabhi also in the room. Meethi asks her how she is?
Kanha says, Mukta I wish I could have done something before this happened?
Mukta remembers the time when Kanha tried to protect her from Yuvi. She starts to say “Bhayya…”
Kanha says, don’t say anything. What’s done is done. Forget what’s happened. It’s a new day today, the night’s gone.
He takes Surbhi out of the room.

Meethi says, Mukta Bhayya told me what happened with you… and I understand it’s very difficult for a girl to forget all this.
Mukta says, your mother protected and saved me. Do you know Meethi? if she wasn’t there… I didn’t understand her before.
Really Meethi, your mother is really great.
Meethi says, yes I know! I know Mukta… that my mother is great for everyone – you, Bhayya, Bhabi, Anni, the kids in the jail, for everyone she’s great.
But what she’s to me, I know very well!
She doesn’t lie to anyone in this world, except me.
She kept me away from my father, that too must have been for my own good.
Mukta says, please try to understand me Meethi. I made a mistake in trying to understand your mother, and so did you. Both of us made the same mistake… she’s really good.
Meethi stops her and says, I don’t want to discuss or hear anything about mom. I’m going to college, if you need anything, just call me. Meethi leaves. Mukta’s sad…

Divya/Jogi sitting when Gunwanti opens their house door and yells Icha. Damini comes down the steps and Jogi/Divya see her too.



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