18th November Monday Update on This is Love

18th November Monday Update on This is Love

Amma saying I know keeping secrets. Karan gets phone and says mom has sent this by Kaushalya. Rohan gets happy. Karan says mom has sent a message, she asked us to make a video of their torture and send to mom, mom will show it to NGO and get us freed. The phone falls. Aaliya comes to ask what are they doing. Rohan says Karan was saying he feels sad to work in office. She asks him to make pakoras. He says we don’t know. She says you seem educated, follow recipe book and make it, pakoras should be crispy and crunchy. She goes. Karan picks the phone. Rohan says once we record everything, we will send the entire family to jail for domestic violence. Rohan and Karan make pakoras and serve hot. They all like it. Karan sets up the phone near the photo frame.

Appa meets Nisha at cafe and says you are giving me money again. She says my mum had given me jewellery, I didn’t give it to my husband, I have sold the jewellery and got this money to give you, its matter of few days. He says I didn’t hide anything from my wife, I m not liking it, put the money in my bank account. She refuses and says I may need money anytime, its better if you have it, I will take it from you. He nods. She leaves. He sees Bala at the cafe. Bala sees him too. Bala asks what are you doing here. Appa says I was waiting for my friend. Bala says I have come for a meeting, we shall go together. Appa says fine. He feels bad to hide this from Amma. Nisha’s husband thinks what’s Nisha doing with this old man. Simmi yells at Rohan and Karan. Karan argues. Rohan asks Simmi not to get angry, they aren’t professionals.

Recording is on. Raman comes and taunts them. Aaliya, Raman and everyone scold them for adding much salt in the dish. Karan says don’t hit me please. Raman says leave my foot, what are you doing, I will break your mouth, what’s this. Rohan says you always hit us with slipper, we will do anything, don’t beat us. Ruhi asks did you go mad. Raman says they will eat this food. Karan says don’t torture us, we will go out for dinner. They all go. Rohan and Karan check the recording. Karan calls Sudha. Rohan says we did as you had told us, we have recorded everything, the way they torture us. Sudha says now this will work as proof, where are they. Karan says they have gone for dinner and locked us. Sudha says send the clip to me. Rohan says the phone isn’t high end, I can’t send the phone. Sudha says keep recording safe, I will go to police, show clip to police. Karan says we both miss you. She says I truly miss you, you both will be home tomorrow. Rohan says Raman and Ishita will go to jail. Karan says we will go home. Sudha says I will go to the police station. A man gets imp news. Rohan says we will collect more evidence. Karan hides phone.

Rohan says Bhallas are strange, they went for dinner and left us here. Karan says I m feeling weak. Sudha scolds the man for getting nonsense news. Ishita comes and asks what are you finding. Rohan says we were having some biscuits. Raman says you both work so hard, see what we got for you, come on. Rohan and Karan refuse to have. Ishita asks what was your plan, have food, or did you already had something. Raman says I will get sweets. Ruhi and Aaliya feed them. Appa hides money. Amma comes and shows message from Mrs. Bhalla. She says we shall go and see the new drama. Nisha’s husband calls someone and says I found address of that old man, I m keeping an eye on him. Raman says its good you called me and told their plan. Ishita recalls hearing Rohan and Karan’s talk. Raman says you did good to tell us on time, we are still in trouble, we have to find the phone, Sudha can come any time. She says I didn’t see where they kept the phone. Amma and Appa come. Raman looks for phone. Everyone feeds Rohan and Karan. Raman gets the phone.



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