18th November Monday Update on This is Love


18th November Monday Update on This is Love

Raman asking Karan to come along, Rohan will stay at home. Rohan asks Karan to go office and do as he told him. He says I will stay at home and find out. Raman asks Karan to give tiffins to everyone at their desks. Karan does so. Sudha says Karan, what’s all this. Karan says he made me a watchman yesterday and a peon today. Raman asks him to keep office clean. He says sorry, he will stay here and do what I say.

Sudha says what nonsense, my sons won’t work as peons. Raman says fine, but you have to do something, lets make a deal, the deal is my daughters will sign on divorce papers, and you will remove the compensation clause, what happened. He asks Karan does your mum love money more, business deal, remember. Sudha gets thinking and goes. Karan calls her.

Raman says I don’t think your mom is concerned about you, she went to think about my offer, get me a coffee, quick. Karan goes. Raman says Sudha, its time for you to suffer. Karan takes everyone’s orders. He drops a glass. Raman scolds him. Karan gets the mop and cleans the floor. Sudha looks on. Karan sees phone and calls Sudha. He asks her to accept Raman’s deal, he can’t tolerate this. Sudha says don’t worry, I will do this soon.

Raman takes the phone and says your sons wants you to accept the deal. He asks Raman not to act smart, CCTV cameras are fixed. He asks Karan to come and warm the food. Amma comes home and asks Ishita isn’t she ready. Ishita says we will just leave. Simmi comes home. Amma asks her to come with them. She says I m going for shopping with Ishu and Kiran, we will go and have chaat. Simmi goes. Amma says what happened to Simmi, I asked her to come with us for shopping, she got annoyed. Ishita says its Ananya’s death anniversary today. Amma says I forgot, I will apologize to Simmi. Ishita says let her be. Simmi comes. Amma apologizes. Simmi says I wasn’t angry, I went to get shopping vouchers for Kiran. Amma thanks her. Simmi gets a message and says Parmeet is shifted to another jail, its best thing to happen today, he deserves this punishment. Rohan hears them and says who is Parmeet, why is Simmi happy, I have to find out.

Raman comes and asks Sudha to go for meeting. Sudha says I m the owner and will decide it. He says if you aren’t going, I will go and tell him that you have sent me, they regard me the company owner. She says fine, I will go. He says they can’t make new plans if both mum and son stay away. Karan says I didn’t get time to talk to mom about Simmi. Kaushalya comes and hugs him. She asks how are you, where is Sudha, I got her fav breakfast, you have it. Shweta says sorry, you can’t talk to him, Raman has given these instructions, Sudha has gone out. She asks Karan to do his work. Kaushalya asks him to have food. Shweta checks the tiffin. Kaushalya signs Karan and goes. Karan says what was she trying to say. He checks the tiffins. He says its just food. He checks and gets a phone inside. He sees CCTV camera and tries to cover the camera portion.

Shweta sees him on footage and asks him did he finish eating. He says yes. She asks him to come for work. He goes to washroom and reads message on phone. Sudha writes, hide this phone from Bhallas, record Bhallas’ torture in this phone, we will use it as evidence, so that you both come back home. Karan says thanks mom, its time that Raman and Ishita learn a lesson Raman and Sudha come back home. Shweta asks Karan to get green tea for her. Raman asks Sudha does she want any tea of coffee, peon is good, he makes good coffee. Sudha calls Kaushalya and asks did you give phone to karan. She says I hope he hides the phone. Raman asks Shweta did Karan do anything. Shweta says no, he did all work well. Karan gets green tea. Sudha asks Shweta to get file for her. Karan says I will give the file. Raman jokes on him. He thinks its imp to send message to mom. He comes to Sudha and says this paper fell down from the file. Sudha says I will see it. Raman comes and asks what are you doing here. Karan says a paper fell down.

Sudha shows a document. Raman asks Karan to come out. Sudha reads Karan’s note. Karan writes I got the mobile, mom, find out about Simmi’s past. Sudha says what are Rohan and Karan up to. Amma and everyone come home from shopping. Amma says I had much money, it was my savings so we have spent it. Ruhi says I had fun eating chaat. Ishita says I will get coffee and tea. Simmi says sit, Rohan is here. Rohan gets tea for everyone. They think what’s happening. Ishita calls Raman. Raman asks what, such a big change, strange. She asks what’s Karan doing. Raman scolds Karan. He says he is walking behind me. Ishita says they may make any plan again. Raman shouts on Karan. He says Ishita stay alert, find out what happened to Rohan, they are mean, they will try to connect to their mum, don’t worry I know how to deal with them. She says I have to keep an eye on Rohan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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