17th September Monday Update on This is Love

17th September Monday Update on This is Love

Kiran worries and says I hope Ishita is fine. She says Pihu help me in making Idli, come. Raman scolds Swati. She says I make astrological predictions, I don’t do anything, I help people with chants and mantras, why will I ask anyone to kill someone. Mrs. Bhalla says you are lying. Swati says I m not any tantric, why will I lie, I don’t know what politics is going on here, I m not involved in this, its your family matter, you manage it. Raman says wait, no one will go out of here. Amma stops her and slaps her. She says you have killed my daughter. Parmeet says we have to think about Ishita’s dead body. Mr. Bhalla slaps him. Bala says I will call police. Swati says no, I have done all this, I m not a murderer, someone in your house has told me to do all this.

Raman asks on whose saying. Swati says on this man’s saying and signs to Parmeet. Parmeet says she is lying. Swati says he paid me for this. Raman says now this evidence is enough to send you to jail. Parmeet says fine, then your mum will also go to jail with me, its right, she has killed Ishita right, if I fed the fear of losing Adi in her mind, but she has killed Ishita, she will also go to jail with me. Ishita gets up and says you will go to jail. Parmeet and Simmi get shocked. Everyone smiles.

Ishita says I m not any ghost, I m alive, why are you dumbstruck, you are fond of playing games, this time we thought to play with you, we all fooled you. Mrs. Bhalla says Parmeet you are mad, I went to Swati, Adi is my weakness, but none can overpower me. Ishita says its our responsibility to decide who is right and who is fraud, mummy ji understood who is right and who is wrong. Raman says mummy ji came to us last night, she added poison in the milk. FB shows Mrs. Bhalla giving the milk glass to Ishita. Raman says what happened, are you fine. Ishita asks why are you disturbed. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says there is poison in it, I have added it, I went to Swati for Adi to get well. Ishita asks what. Mrs. Bhalla tells everything. Ishita says such people are wrong, you should never listen to them, you should have not gone to her.

She says Raman, that woman is a fraud, how did she know about our family, maybe our family member gave her info, just Parmeet and Simmi can do this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you are right, they have done this. Raman says no, Simmi is foolish, police is finding evidence against Parmeet, he will put blame on Simmi, she blindly loves Parmeet, she can’t see his truth, we have to expose him. Ishita says lets play with them and become part of them, if they want me to die, I will, it will happen as we want. FB ends. Ishita says we told this to family at night and they all agreed to support me. Raman says I informed inspector at night. He asks Bala to take Swati. He says Parmeet, I don’t need proof against you, I knew this is your plan, you are lucky to be here, now your days are over, no one can save you this time.



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