17th September Monday Update on Young Love


17th September Monday Update on Young Love

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The episode starts with Daddu thanking Anil Manchanda. Anil says, Narendra was my childhood friend. I did this for him. Reporters asks Shiv on his win. Shiv says, it is truth’s win. They ask him, how you convinced Narendra’s friend to come. Shiv thanks everyone who believing in his innocence and asks the media not to target innocent people. Media then goes to Rasika and says you used us wrongly. Don’t you feel ashamed. You should get rigorous punishment.

Rasika looks at Anandi and Shiv. She looks at Brijesh and then looks at her inlaws. Narendra’s mom slaps her hard. She says, my Narendra loved you and you made fun of his love. You betrayed us. She cries and curses her. Rasika looks down. Anil consoles Narendra’s parents. Narendra’s parents apologize to Shiv. He says, we were unware of Rasika’s doings and says we are very feeling ashamed. They asks them to forgive them. Daddu says, we don’t have anything complaint with him. While Rasika is taken away by the police, she eyes Shiv.

Dadisaa is sitting quietly. Gehna asks, what are you thinking. Dadisaa worries for Gulli’s marriage and says I should get her married soon. I will get her married with our haveli. Ganga says, something is bothering you. Dadisaa says yes and says I am worried about Shiv. She says, I want to know about court’s judgement. She says, I won’t be at peace until Anandi calls me. Ganga calls Anandi and gives the call to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks Anandi, how is Shiv? Anandi tells her that Shiv is relieved of all charges and was freed by the court.

Dadisaa gets happy and blesses them. Anandi says, I was about to call you and tells that Buaji is coming to Jaitsar for her leg treatment in Aurvedic hospital. DAdisaa asks her to send her. She tells that she is searching a groom for Gulli. Anandi says, I will definitely come. Dadisaa tells Gehna that Shiv’s bua is coming and asks Ganga to asks Makhan Singh to clean the guest room.

Amol makes icecream sunday. Buaji is amazed and says you should have brought it from market. Amol says, I made it with my hands. Papa will be very happy. Subhadra wonders who will eat it. She says, I will keep it in the freezer and purposely throws it on the floor. She pretends to get hurt. Amol gets saddened and thinks what to do.

Subhadra thinks, Amol speaks like Anandi. Shiv comes with family and says he got call from DSP and has to join the office from tomorrow. Subhadra says, I was praying since morning. Ira does his aarti. Anandi asks, where is Amol. Subhadra says, he is sad and says he prepared icecream type thing, but……Amol comes there and calls Shiv. He asks him to close his eyes and sit here. Shiv sits and closes his eyes.Servant brings icecream made by Amol. Amol asks Shiv to open his eyes. Shiv smiles looking at the icecream. Amol gifts him. Shiv gets happy to see my papa is the best with his photos around. He kisses Amol. Subhadra thinks, how he prepared it so soon.

Amol says, he tried to make, but it is not good. Shiv praises the icecream. Everyone tastes it. Amol gives icecream to Subhadra and makes a smiley. Subhadra asks. are you making fun of me. Anandi says, he wants to say that smile looks best on you. Daddu tells that Subhadra is going to Jaitsar for treatment. Anandi says, she informed Dadsaa. Subhadra refuses. Daddu asks her to go and not to argue. Everyone relishes the icecream and praises Amol’s icecream. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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