17th December Tuesday Update on This is Love

17th December Tuesday Update on This is Love

Yug saying I m going to meet Shagun and know about my Rani. Vishal and Ranbir ask him what is he doing, he shouldn’t go. Yug says I m in love. Vishal says we have already got into trouble because of kidnapping, if anything happens because of your love story, then you shall see. Ranbir says I m jobless and lied to family. Yug says Shagun is a good lady, she speaks well, I m going to ask about my queen.

Vishal says we will come along. Ranbir says yes, we have to control you. Yug says get ready soon. Bala says I have to leave, I have to manage all classes of management and accounts. Rohan says I can help you, I can teach accounts to the students. Bala says my students will be very happy.

Karan says Rohan would be eating idli and vada there, but I can’t have

that. Sudha says Rohan would be asking about you. Rohan says I will call Karan. Bala says Karan has gone for a meeting with Gaurav. Rohan says I know him, he is our business friend, it will be fruitful. Sudha says Gaurav is Rohan’s friend as well, Rohan may call Gaurav to confirm.

Karan says that’s why I told this to Bala, I have to join Gaurav to pretend to be self reliant to maintain my self respect. Sudha asks really. He says you are smart, but my plan is bigger, I won’t tell my plan now. She says sounds great.
Ruhi asks Aaliya not to worry so much, she will be doing good. Ishita comes and asks Aaliya to get ready. She says your designs are good, it will be incorporated. Ranbir asks Yug to talk of south indian hotel first and then ask about Aaliya. Yug says I have understood, Simran, your Raj is coming. Ranbir says our Raj is innocent, take care of him. Raman asks shall I drop you at Shagun’s home, I want to talk to her. Ishita says stop it, what is this. He says you shouldn’t involve Rohan in project. She says he isn’t there, relax. They leave.

Aaliya’s jacket gets spoiled. She runs upstairs to change. Ruhi asks what happened. Aaliya says my jacket got stained, what shall I wear now. Ishita talks to Shagun and says we will be there soon. Aaliya says I will hide stain by hair, I will wear same jacket. She looks for jacket. Rohan says here it is, it got stained, I recalled Amma’s words and rubbed the stain with a lemon slice, stain is really gone. Aaliya says yes, thanks. He says most welcome, all the best. Karan comes and asks what are you doing, what’s wrong.

Rohan asks what’s wrong in that, Aaliya’s jacket got stained, I cleaned it, she would have cleaned it if my jacket got stained, that’s called couple goals, I wish she always gets successful. Ishita and Aaliya look on and smile. Raman waits for Ishita. He says I told Ishita not to involve Rohan, but she will get him, I must call up Ruhi. Ruhi says I m leaving for office. He says I forgot my file there, ask Ishita about it. She says she has gone to Shagun’s house with Aaliya. He says she didn’t reach here. She asks are you at Shagun’s house. He says no, I m at office, I got the file. He ends call. Ishita asks Aaliya shall I drive. Aaliya says no, I m nervous. Ishita says you are just like Mani. Aaliya sees a speeding car and drives aside. Yug and Ranbir fall down their scooty. Aaliya shouts to them and says sorry. She leaves. Yug says don’t know why ladies drive when they can’t. Ruhi’s car doesn’t start. Karan thinks its right chance to impress her. He asks shall I help you.

She says no need. She tries to get the cab. Karan says I will drop you, I know you have to go to office. She takes the cab. Vishal jokes on Yug. Yug says I forgot to load fuel in scooty. He asks Vishal to fuel up and get his scooty. He goes with Ranbir on Vishal’s bike. Ranbir asks him to drive ahead. Raman sees Ishita and Aaliya coming. Aaliya says I have taken all the papers. Ishita says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Guard asks how are you. Raman says fine. Guard says I will park your car. Raman says I have to go. Guard says I will inform madam. Raman says no need, I will tell them later. Raman goes. Yug comes there with Ranbir. Ranbir says I will come along with you. Yug says stay here and see if anyone is coming. Ranbir says okay. Yug says be happy.

Yug saying I will practice it once, I will go and ask her about Aaliya. Shagun and Aaliya leave. Shagun says your designs are amazing, she will surely love them. Yug sees Aaliya and smiles. He says she is gone, I don’t have to miss chance this time. Ishita stops him and asks what do you want from Shagun. Yug says I had scared Shagun yesterday, sorry, I had to ask her something. She asks what. He says I wanted to ask about the girl with her. She asks why. He says I have fallen in love at first sight with her. She slaps him. She says don’t you dare, how can you even say this, you love her? He says I love her. She asks what do you know about her, how many times did you meet her. He says I had seen her twice. She asks did Aaliya see you. He smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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