15th May Wednesday Update on This is Love

Ishita taking care of Raman. He wakes up and sees her. He thinks what is she doing here. He gets worried thinking they are alone in the room. He imagines Ishita dancing for him. Ooh la la….plays… He shouts Bachao and gets away. She asks what happened, just relax, you will feel better. He asks don’t you have shame, I don’t want to get any help. She says don’t get scared. He says you are trying to ruin my respect, I will shout, like you are staring at me, I know everything, you will earn bad deed. He runs. She laughs and says my husband is mad, he doesn’t know his respect….

Pihu asks Amma will dad get fine. Amma says yes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to come with her. They argue. Pihu asks them not to argue. She sees Simmi and hugs Amma. Amma takes her.

Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Raman comes. She asks how are you. He says what happened to me, where is Pihu. She says she is with Iyers. Raman asks Pihu will she come to him, he has to talk. Ishita nods to her. Pihu goes with Raman. Ishita reminds Amma that they are on Raman’s side, they want Raman to take Pihu’s side. Pihu hugs Mr and Mrs. Bhalla.
Ishita sees Pihu not able to have the soup. Ruhi too sees Pihu and recalls Ishita and her moment. She goes to Pihu and teaches her how to have the soup. Ishita looks on and smiles. Dil se dil ka rishta….plays….. Ruhi cries seeing Pihu. Adi sees her and goes after her. Ruhi says everything was so good before, everyone got separated, don’t know why. She turns to see. Someone wearing red gloves look at her. She leaves. Adi stops her and asks what happened, are you okay, were you crying. She asks him to mind his own business. Ishita asks what’s this way to talk to him, he is your elder brother, say sorry, he always worried for you. She says I m sorry.

Everyone dances on lets nacho song. Adi and Aaliya dance. Simmi and Parmeet join them. Mr. Bhalla says we will also revive our old days. He dances with Mrs. Bhalla. Amma says look at her, how is she dancing. Bala and Kiran dance. Amma and Amma also join. Romi comes to Mihika. She gets rude and asks him to go. Ishita asks her to go and dance. Mihika says you know whatever happened, I don’t even want to stand with him. Ishita says Romi did wrong, but just for now, don’t create a drama in the party, its about family respect, everyone knows he is your husband, dance with him, you know I will not wish bad for you, you trust me right. Mihika agrees. Romi thanks Ishita. Romi and Mihika dance. Mani and Shagun also come for the dance.

Shagun sees Ishita and Raman sitting away. Shagun asks Mani to see them. Shagun goes to Ishita and greets her. She says I remember, you and Raman always danced in parties, I know you can make him, dance. Ishita says no. Shagun says go and ask him, make the most of it, awards will start in sometime, are you scared of his anger. Ishita goes to him. Shagun smiles seeing Mani. Ishita greets Raman.

She asks do you want something. She asks him to dance along. Simmi looks on. Raman asks don’t you have shame. Ishita says you got scared. He says I don’t think you can match up to me. She says I will. She asks him to come if he has talent. Pihu asks him to go and dance. He agrees. Shagun signs Mani. Simmi says did you see, she is shameless, she got after Raman. Parmeet says have patience, we can’t create a drama here, let them dance, we will think after award function result comes.

Ishita dancing on hawa hawai song. Raman sends Romi to the DJ. Raman dances on Bachna ae haseeno. Shagun tells something to Ishita and goes to the DJ. Raman and Ishita dance. Pihu smiles seeing them. Romi and Shagun send Raman and Ishita on the dance floor again. Raman and Ishita dance romantically on Ban jaa tu meri rani….. Raman looks at her and recalls their old moments.

The man says votes counting is completed, I will request the minister to come on stage and give the award. A goon looks at Pihu. The awards are announced. Shagun also receives an award for Diva for the Night. The best CEO award is announced. The award goes to Raman Bhalla. Everyone gets happy. Raman goes on stage and receives the award. He shows off to Ishita. She controls her smile and shows attitude. The man asks Raman to share about his challenges and life journey.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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