15th February Friday Update On True Love


15th February Friday Update On True Love

Nani coming to Rathod’s house secretly in search of Tappu and somehow manages to reach her room ;Nani then shows her concern for Tappu and tells her that she has come to take her out of this jail where Rathod might hv forcibly kept her on which Tappu tells Nani that she is staying here out of her own wish and peace and so she will not go anywhere ;Tappu then asks Nani to leave from there and give her some peace on which Nani feels hurt and tells her how she was at fault since she never bothered to tell them that the baby belongs to Rathod but still they care for her but today she is asking her only to go from here ;

Tappu still continues to b adamant and refuses to listen to Nani’s words and Gunwanti is praying in front of God when Chanda comes there to instigate her against Ichha as usual ;Chanda notices that Tappu is standing on the staircases and overhearing their words and so she deliberately speaks agianst Ichha in front of Gunwanti making sure that Tappu too could hear it all ;Chanda tells Gunwanti that all this happened because Ichha was present with Veer on which Gunwanti tells Chanda that Ichha din’t know how to drive a car (Chalo first time Gunwanti is shown speaking at least 2 shabds in defence of Ichha );Hearing this Chanda further tells Gunwanti that she din’t know how to drive a car but she very well knows how to drive a man and make him dance to her tunes ;Chanda further tells Gunwanti that “We all know how she played the same game with Vansh too by almost driving him crazy and then because of Ichha only both brothers fought with each other which later resulted in Veer-Tappu leaving the house and then Vansh’s death..all happened because of Ichha…

God forbid if tomorrow something happens to Veer too because of Ichha ?” ;Hearing this Tappu shouts from the staircase and tells Chanda to stop those ashubh words which she is speaking for her Veer (Tappu still is in “My Veer” mode );Tappu then also tells that till she is there,she will not let anything happen to her Veer; After this Tappu runs back to her room while Gunwanti leaves from there without saying anything ;Chanda gives evil smile and tells to Kanhaji’s idol that this is what happens when widow remarriage is done within 6 months of the first hubby’s death..noone in this house ever thought about my remarriage but all were quite swift to accept Ichha’s remarriage without any protest (So Chanda is starting to show her real colours now ).. In the hospital Satya is praying in front of God for his sister when Ichha comes and tells Satya that nothing will happen to Saanchi since God never does injustice with those who hv never done bad to anyone else and so Saanchi will b fine soon ..;Satya feels a bit relieved with Ichha’s words and Ichha too is shown praying for Saanchi… Veer asks Jogi and Ammo to go home now and that he will take care of Ichha in the hospital on which Ammo asks Ichha to call her up if there is any problem;

In the hospital, police was about to take Veer to the police station when Satya comes and stops the police and introduces himself as the patient’s brother; Satya then tells the police that he knows Veer very well and so he also knows that Veer can never do anything wrong with his hands deliberately and thats why he is not filing any case against Veer ;Hearing this Veer is pleasantly surprised along with Jogi and Umed ;The police officer then tells everyone that if Satya himself doesn’t want to file any case,then they hv no say here and goes away; After the police team leaves, Veer thanks Satya and also feels very guilty for whatever happened on which Satya tells Veer that “I have learnt one thing from my Babuji that never loose trust on your true friends and never forget or forgive your enemies..so I was only following the path that my babuji showed me” (I feel Satya’s dialogue here has double meaning ..he might hv not filed a case against Veer,but he will definitely hold a grudge against him since he made this remark about friends as well as enemies );Veer finally feels a bit relieved after hearing those words.