11th July Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking Raman to have pills. He asks what will happen by medicines, did this happen with you, did you forget anything, I told you I heard your mum’s voice, even I myself don’t have belief, I m ruining my children’s lives, I m beyond repair, I have a fear, your mum would have lost life today, I have no right to stay here. She says I know, you are going through a trauma, its effect of some medicines, I will prove it, give me some time. Simmi looks on and says so you will prove to him, I will do something before that. He says I don’t want to meet anyone. She says I know you won’t do anything, relax. He says listen to me, I will stay here alone. He goes to washroom. She says you won’t go anywhere.

Adi says Ishimaa is not doing anything, why is she not figuring out anything. Aaliya says you drink a lot of water at night and go to washroom, my sleep spoils, so I m going to guest room to sleep. He asks why are you going for such a small thing. She says you are doing the same with your dad, what kind of son are you, you always obey Ishita, don’t you trust you, its no use explaining you. He says sorry I didn’t understand how to react, you are right, I should have supported Ishimaa. He hugs her and thanks.

She says dad’s state is bad, we have to become his strength, we can’t leave him alone. He agrees. She says I will tell Ishita that you are with us. Simmi says can you believe it, Adi is with us, Raman got too aggressive, it was fun, now none can stop from sending him to asylum. He says don’t be overconfident, Ishita won’t lose soon, she won’t move back, she will keep an eye on Raman. She says I know, I will make such a move that she remembers, my last move is still left, Raina is on hold and waiting for my green signal. He says wow Simmi, I really like this, I m exercising now. She says I want to go and have cold coffee. He asks her to come downstairs. She ends call and says we are celebrating your defeat Ishita, what will you do.

Ishita asks did Adi say this. Aaliya says yes, have green tea. Ishita says I have to go to Raman. Aaliya says he is sleeping, why to disturb him, you need to rest. Simmi looks on. Ishita thanks Aaliya for convincing Adi. She says I hope the family agrees else I have to stand against them. Aaliya says we are with you. Simmi asks Raina to call Raman and say what she told her. Raman hugs his children’s pic. He gets Raina’s call. She says why did you tell Ishita, if she gets me arrested, now she has to die. He says Ishita won’t reveal it to anyone, I promise. She says now I can’t trust you, Ishita has to die tonight, I will kill her, I m coming, if you tell this to anyone, I will kill everyone. He says no, don’t kill her. She ends call.

Raman says I can’t let them get hurt. He shouts Ishita and asks are you fine, go from here, don’t be here. She asks what happened, relax. They all worry. He says I can’t say anything, stop being adamant, I beg you, leave from here. He shouts. He sends them out and locks the door. Simmi says leave him alone. Pihu asks him to open the door. Ishita says fine, we are going to Iyer house, just relax. Everyone goes to Iyer house. Raman searches for the gun and gets it. He says till I m alive, I won’t let Ishita and my family get harmed, Raina you have to die. Adi says I agreed to Simmi as I worry for dad, how shall we explain him, I said what I thought right. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says what’s going on in Raman’s mind.

Mr. Bhalla says don’t know why he is doing this. Pihu asks what happened to him. Aaliya calms her down. Kiran asks Neelu to take Pihu to Shitija’s room. Parmeet signs Simmi. Bala says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Raman. Amma asks Kiran to make coffee for all. Appa asks Mr. Bhalla to take rest in his soom. Ishita thinks don’t know what’s Raman doing alone. She goes out. Simmi says I look for such chances, if I harm Raman, who will be responsible, why did you leave him alone, I m going to do something which you can’t imagine, come on guess. Ishita asks her to say. Simmi says he will take his life tonight. Ishita gets shocked. Simmi says Raman is going to commit suicide tonight, what will you do now. Ishita knocks the door. Simmi says he isn’t opening the door. She goes. Ishita asks Raman to please open the door.

Raman gets Raina’s call. She says I will kill everyone. He says stop it, you can’t harm them, I will come and meet you, promise you will leave my family. She says fine, come. He sees Ishita at the door. She asks him not to harm himself. She goes to get spare key. He leaves. Ishita asks anyone if they have keys, how will they save Raman, he will harm himself, how can we open the door. Romi says we will break the door. She asks Romi to do something. They see the door open. They look for Raman. Ishita runs out and sees Raman leaving in a car. She asks him to stop. She thinks where is he going.

Raman saying I have to save my family. Ishita says where is Raman going in hurry. Raman reaches and calls out Raina. She asks are you ready to kill my husband. He says yes, if I have to take a life, I will take yours. She says you can’t do this, don’t kill me, you think I got scared, you can’t kill anyone. He says when it comes to my family’s safety, I can burn the world. He aims gun at her. Ishita comes there and gets shocked. She says you can’t do this Raman, please don’t shoot. He asks her to move, step back. She says you can’t kill her. He says move for my sake. Raman shoots. Ishita gets shot. He gets shocked. Ishita falls down. He runs and holds her. Simmi sees the gun and recalls shooting at Ishita. Raman ties his kerchief to Ishita. Raina runs away.



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