10th May Friday Update on Young Love

Jagya is talking to Mannu and showing him animals toys. Ganga comes and gives milk to Mannu. Jagya asks about Ganga’s injury. She says it is fine now. Jagya holds Ganga’s hand, Mannu sees and smiles. Ganga keeps fake lizard on Jagya’s leg and shouts. Jagya gets scared. Ganga smiles and leaves.

In the hospital, some lady is crying. Anandi asks her, she says her baby is not in good condition. Her husband says that this hospital declined to treat the child. Anandi asks them to come with her. Ganga calls the nurse and enquires about her baby. She says he is having fever and she is giving medicines on time but fever is still there.

Ganga says she will appoint some other nurse as of now. That nurse says she is helpless as she can’t leave her baby right now. She says her inlaws are not well. Ganga says I understand and says I leave my child with my inlaws and they took good care of her. She asks her to take care and disconnects the call.

Anandi asks the nurse, why your hospital refused to treat this child. Nurse replies that Doctor reasoned with him. Anandi says can’t you leave the child in this state. The nurse asks, who are you to help them. Anandi says she is the citizen of India. Doctor comes and asks, what is happening. Anandi says, yesterday you were talking about children in the function and today you declined to treat them. He says he didn’t admit him because they don’t have discharge papers. They says, we can’t break your rules. Anandi says, she will get the discharge papers and asks the doctor to admit the baby. Doctor asks her name. Anandi says she is Anandi shekhar. Doctor recognises her and says he will handle this case personally and says he promise that nothing will happen in future. That baby’s parents thanks Anandi for her timely help. Anandi says she has done her duty and your baby will be fine. She gives her sanstha/organisation number and asks them to call her if needed.

Anandi recalls Sarla’s words about Ira giving birth to the stillborn baby. She tells the nurse that she wants to see the birth record above 30 years. She asks her to fill the form. Doctor says ok, you can see today. Anandi thanks him.

Sumitra plays with Mannu. Dadisaa jokes that she is doing a good exercise. Gehna leaves to attend the baby. Mannu throws the ball on the vase and it breaks. Dadisaa and Sumitra didn’t scold him. Dadisaa says he didn’t stay at any place for long time that’s why he is so mischievous. Sumitra says he will stay here for forever and asks him not to do mischief. She smiles looking at Mannu.

Anandi enquires about Ira’s delivery in 1982. The officer goes through the records and gives the concerned file to her for reading. Anandi is shocked to read that the baby was still born female child. She comes to conclusion that the baby was born dead. She recalls Sarla’s words and thinks she was telling the truth. Maa gave birth to a dead baby. Shiv is not born to maa and he is adopted. Who is his parents. who knows about Shiv’s adoption. She wonders whether Shiv knows about it or not.



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