10th May Friday Update on Young Love

Ira telling Alok and Meenu about the nurse Sarla. Anandi recalls Sarla’s conversation with the lady. Ira says she vanished after the delivery and she met her today after a long time. Alok says he remembered. Ira says she has a misunderstanding that I gave birth to a dead baby. Alok and Meenu are shocked. Alok says she must have forgot because of old age. Daddu says he is not old and has a good memory. Meenu looks tensed.

Nurse is giving cortisone injection to a patient. Ganga thinks that a patient is diabetic and he should be administered Insulin. She stops the nurse and asks her, why you are giving cortisone injection. She is shocked. Ganga tells her that cortisone is given to arthritis patients. Nurse says she did a mistake. Ganga says patient can die because of the reaction. Nurse says she didn’t do it deliberately and requests her not to complain about her. She says she is the sole bread earner, please don’t complain about me. Ganga asks her to promise that she will never do mistake. She says everybody have problems and they need to take care of the patients once they enter the hospital. Ganga asks her to take leave for some days. She thanks Ganga.

Anandi comes to Shiv and gives tea to him. Shiv asks, do you see some difference in room? Anandi says no. Shiv asks her to look around and says he brought flowers to make her life beautiful and you didn’t see the flowers and its smell. Anandi asks, did you bought it for me? Shiv says he is romantically involved with her only. Anandi pulls his leg and asks, why you are getting romantic. Shiv gets closer to her romantically. Anandi says I want to say you something. She says I want to talk about the nurse Sarla. Shiv jokes whether you want to gift her. Anandi tells him that Sarla was talking about him to the other nurse and tells everything.

Shiv listens it and asks Anandi to relax. He says she must have forgot. Anandi says she was telling it with trust. Shiv says she might be mixing two incidents. Anandi is not convinced though. Ira calls Anandi. She says she will come.

Alok wakes up from sleep and sees Ira is sleeping. He recalls and messages Meenu that he wants to talk to her about today’s issue and asks her to meet him now. Alok comes down, Meenu says she never thought their secret would come in open infront of them. Alok says he also didn’t thought but. Meenu says she is afraid and says Sarla remembers everything. What if she talks to Didi again. We have to stop her. Alok says we have to do something. If this truth comes out then we have to pay a big price.

Anandi is preparing sandwich for Saachi. she mixes medicine in the sandwich.Ira says this is a good idea. She says she will take it and thanks Anandi. anandi says this family is hers and she is doing for her own. Ira says you have fulfilled the duty when we weren’t able to do our duty.

Anandi serves breakfast to Daddu. Alok says he will have only tea as he is not feeling like eating. Anandi asks Meenu to eat breakfast. Meenu says she isn’t feeling hungry today. Ira comes down, Daddu asks,did she have breakfast? Ira says yes. Daddu hopes she gets fine soon. He asks, did she comes to know about the medicine. Ira says no. Saachi comes down, take the car keys and says she is going to Ankita’s home. Ira says she will send the driver with her but Saachi says she knows car driving.

Dadisaa is saying stories to Mannu. Ganga comes, Mannu calls her maa. Ganga goes after Mannu, he runs, Ganga falls down and gets hurt on the stomach. Dadisaa and Jagya insists that she should get the check up done in the hospital. Ganga says she is fine and says she will change her clothes.

Saanchi searching for the car keys. Ira asks, where is she going? She says she is going to Ankita’s home and will return when she wishes. Ira asks her to stop and says she will send the driver. Saanchi says she knows how to drive the car. she leaves. Ira wonders what has happened to Saanchi. Alok says we have to be patient if we wants our old Saanchi back. Ira says Doctor said that she will feel dizziness after having medicine and she just now had medicines. Shiv says Ankita’s home is near and medicines will show its effect after 2 hours. Ira says she should understand that we are doing for her betterment. Shiv says she will listen to us but it will take time. Ira says, what a mother can do if her child does mistakes again and again.

Daddu praises the chutney and says it is very tasty. He asks Anandi, from whom she has learnt to make this chutney. Anandi says Dadisaa taught her. Daddu says he didn’t know Kalyani ji makes this chutney. He says he will ask Kalyani ji to make this chutney when he go to Jaitsar. Shiv says will you ask her to make chutney in the old age. Daddu praises Dadisaa and says she is very enthusiastic and energetic person.

Daddu says we are in the same category. Anandi says but she is getting old and will soon step up on the golden stairs. Daddu jokes she will make golden stairs when the nation position is not good. Anandi says it is just a saying and she was talking about her becoming a great grand mother of Jagya and Ganga’s child. She says Dadisaa wants to become great grand mother soon. Daddu says he too wants to step on the golden chair. He asks Shiv and Anandi to fulfill his wish. Shiv says your wish will be fulfilled soon and says they are trying to adopt a child soon. Daddu asks them to fulfill his wish of becoming great grand father. Anandi asks Shiv to drop her at the hospital as she wants to consult a doctor regarding that small girl Anuja’s health. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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