10th April Wednesday Update on This is Love

10th April Wednesday Update on This is Love

He says sorry, I know you are hungry, you had fast, come we will go and have food. Shagun asks so, deal or no deal. Pooja agrees. Shagun says talk to Nikhil, tell him that Riya’s admission got cancelled, tell him he is cheap and characterless, tell him to leave from here else you will take Riya away, I m sure this will work. Pooja agrees.

Ishita thinks of Ruhi’s words and cries. Raman asks her to have food. He asks Aaliya did Ruhi eat food. Aaliya says Simmi will feed her. Ishita goes. Romi worries. Mrs. Bhalla says they are worried, leave them alone, someone has to cool mind and think. Raman comes to Ishita and sees her crying. He says everything will get fine. She says its same Ruhi who made me a mum, she doesn’t want me now, I don’t know what to do, where did I miss out, I didn’t do anything well. He says she is still our daughter, she got distracted, but when you are with her, how can she go, we will get her back. He hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Its morning, Ishita gets headache. Mihika asks her to have food. Nikhil comes home. Romi and Adi get angry seeing him. Raman and Ishita see him. Romi scolds Nikhil. Nikhil says call Ruhi, I have to talk. Raman says no use to tell him, Ruhi hides and meets him, better call her Mihika. Mihika calls Ruhi.


Ruhi asks what is he doing here. He says I have to leave city, Pooja called, Riya’s life is spoiling because of me, she threatened me to leave else she will take Riya, I can’t afford to lose Riya. Ruhi says I m sure its Pooja’s plan, you think about us, how can you go, I will talk to Pooja. He says I m not leaving from your life, try to understand, I will come back, I have to go now. He leaves. Everyone looks on.

Ruhi comes to meet Riya. Nanny stops her and asks her to leave. Pooja asks why did you come here, I don’t want you and Nikhil to meet her. Ruhi says Nikhil is a good dad, why are you doing this. Pooja says ask him to become a good man, his video got viral, Riya is facing insult. Ruhi says it was fake video. Pooja says Riya is much hurt, you can’t meet Riya, just go now.

Ishita recalls Ruhi’s words. Raman asks her not to worry, Nikhil is leaving city. Ishita says I m worried if she also leaves city. He says I m here, Ruhi won’t go. Parmeet asks Nikhil to think for Ruhi. Nikhil says Riya is imp than my love, you can understand this, I have to go. He packs bags. Parmeet says I can’t let him go and spoil my plan, why did Pooja do this, there is something, I have to keep an eye on her.


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