9th April Tuesday Update on Young Love


9th April Tuesday Update on Young Love

Sumi complains about Jagya to the family. She blames Ganga for making him do this. Bhairo says they shouldn’t blame anyone before talking to Jagya. Sumi says why would I not blame her? I know she has done this. No matter how old Jagya gets, he will still stay 10 years kid from heart.. and anyone can trap him. Only lucky people get rishta from such good families.. he has broke his marriage twice before. At least he could have thought about Anandi’s future. Dadisa tells her, your anger is understandable, but don’t cry and scream when he comes home. Don’t say him anything. I and Bhairo will take care. If we need to know what’s going on in his mind, then we will have to keep patience. Sumi says, fine.. I won’t say anything. If he had taken care of this before, then we wouldn’t have to see this day today. Sumi runs to her room.

Ganga comes to the hospital and asks a nurse about her night shift as she was never told about this and she completed her shift in morning. Bal is hiding and watching. That nurse says, I didn’t assign you this night shift.. you have to talk with the head. You’re new.. and you will have to do whatever duty you get. The nurse also tells her to learn their language otherwise how she will take care of the patients. Ganga says, I took care of children ward today and had no issue. The nurse says, you got night duty now na.. if you do 2 nurse work alone, then this is what will happen. Go change and do your duty now. Bal smiles as she leaves.

Ira is crying and doesn’t know how she will tell this to Sanchi. Shiv says he will talk to Sanchi. Ira says, today Sanchi should had been in house. It would be better if everything was discussed in front of her. She would have hurt a lot by hearing all this, she would have broken down, but at least she would have faced all this in front of all of us. We would be making her understand right now that it’s not her fault in this. You just loved Jagdish, if he came out to be wrong, then what we can do. Anandi nods her head. Ira says, I can’t do this.. I can’t talk to her. I never cursed anyone until today, but you played with my daughter’s emotions, you destroyed her life.. you will never get happiness in your life (interestingly doesn’t take Jagya’s name, just says you you).

Ganga is taking care of a boy. Bal comes and tells her that there is an emergency and takes her upstairs. His dirty eyes are on her as they go upstairs.

Ganga enters the room and asks where is the patient? Bal sends her in and locks the door. Ganga turns back and says, there is no one. She is shocked to see Bal locking the door. Bal says, but you came na.. my good luck. Ganga drops a box from her hand in a shock. Bal sings ooh la la song. Ganga sees a bed is decorated there like suhagraat night. Bal tells Ganga, Bal does all his work with style. Did you like it? He starts opening buttons of his shirt. Ganga warns him not to go closer to her. He tries to hug her. Ganga tries to run away, but he blocks the door. Ganga is crying. Bal says, it’s very bad to waste energy in running away. When I saw you first time, I decided that this bird if Bala’s. He grabs her and tries to molest. Ganga pushes him and runs away, but he again comes in her way. Ganga screams for the help. Bal starts singing again. Ganga is crying. He tries to grab her again, but she runs away and hides. Bal calls her out. He says, Bal will do such stuff that you will feel like coming to Bal again and again. Lights go off! Bal finds Ganga. He grabs her from back and says, I caught you. Ganga asks him to leave her. Bal takes her to the bed and throws her on it. He tries to go near, but Ganga picks up a tray and hits it on his head. Bal falls down. Ganga runs out and closes the door from outside. She screams, doctor! doctor!

Jagya’s family is trying to call Jagya, but no luck. Sumi says, at least we can go Udhaipur and apologizes to them. Bhairo says, first let him come home. We won’t go there until we know what Jagya did and why he did. What will we talk there when we don’t know what happened. The matter will get worse. Basant and Dadisa agree with Bhairo. Dadisa says, not now, but later we will have to join our hands and apologize to them. Whatever Jagya says, mistake is made by our family. We said yes for marriage. And now he said no for marriage. On top of that it’s Anandi’s sasural.

Ganga is crying. A nurse tries to calm her down. The old employee – who warned Ganga about Bal on the first day – comes there and tells Ganga, I had warned you. That Bal is not a good person. The nurse says, hospital owners and trustees all are here. The old employee tells her to go and do her duty. He then tells Ganga, justice will be done with you. Just tell truth to everyone. You don’t need to scare, just tell them exactly what happened. Ganga says, I am not scared from anything. I will make sure that Bal gets punishment. I am just waiting for them to call me in. A guy comes and tells Ganga that they called her in.

Bal is already with all trustees and owners. Ganga and the old employee come in. Ganga looks at Bal with anger. One trustee or owner asks Ganga what exactly happened. Ganga tells them exactly what Bal did with her. They now ask Bal if he wants to say anything. Bal says, mistake is mine.. that I helped this lady. She was upset that she doesn’t have work. A young child. I talked with sir and gave her job. Now she is trapping me. He starts crying. He says, from now this Bala won’t help anyone. Ganga is shocked. They ask Bal if he didn’t do anything. Bal says, yes.. she is lying. Ganga cannot believe this.


Anandi is upstairs. She sees Alok and Daddu sitting downstairs very sad. She says, what did you do Jagya? You finished everything in just one moment. Everyone is so hurt… and Sanchi’s mind will be affected the most by this. I know you took all blame on yourself to save our family’s respect and to save Sanchi, but I don’t know whether this family – for whom you did all this – will be able to understand you or no. You became wrong in front of everyone. What was the need to do this? You should have at least given me a chance.. I said I will talk to Shiv. Why did you rush? If you had listened to me, maybe all this wouldn’t have happened like this.

The senior ward boy takes Ganga’s side. He says, they called her for night shift despite her finishing the morning shift. Didn’t even ask if she has any problem in doing night duty. I feel it was Bala’s plan to call her for the night duty and do such shameful thing. He should be punished. The trustees ask Bala if he wants to say anything. Bala says mistake is mine that I helped this lady. He starts saying, I went to the store room and saw her stealing the injections. She got shocked seeing me. She then says doctor asked me to get injection. I asked which doctor? She got scared even more. She grabbed my collar and said do whatever you want. She then started coming closer to me and when she saw that I won’t get trapped.. she hit me on my head. Ganga is shocked and starts hitting Bala. The senior ward boy takes her back.

Bala takes a chemist name and they call them there. That guy says Ganga was selling medicines to him saying it’s left over of some patients. Ganga is shocked as she doesn’t even know him. She says him and Bala are together. The trustees tell them to go outside and they will decide what to do.

Outside, Bala tries to provoke Ganga again saying how she can put such blame on her. The senior ward boy calms Ganga down.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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