Young Love Teasers August 2022


Young Love Teasers August 2022

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 71

Jagdish takes Anandi to his school where his teacher praises her. Sugna discloses Mithi’s name when Gehna insists on knowing about Jamuna’s child.

Episode 72

Gehna visits Mithi with Anandi. Mithi tells her the truth about Jamuna and her death. Gehna decides to sleep in the hall that night.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 73

Gehna is stern on her decision of not sleeping in Basant’s room. Kalyani starts dragging her into the room when Sumitra grabs Kalyani’s hand to stop her.

Episode 74

Kalyani Devi advises Bhairon Singh to keep his wife away from Basant Singh’s wife. Later, Kalyani Devi warns Gehna and tells her that she will be thrown out of the house, this makes Gehna is sad and disturbed.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 75

Gehna meets her parents, but they are angry with her for what she has done. Later, they request Dadisa to give them a chance. Although Dadisa agrees, she tells them that the next time if it happens, Gehna will be married off.

Episode 76

Basant attacks Gehna for insulting Dadisa. But Gehna questions him as to why he was not ashamed in marrying a girl of his daughter’s age. Later, Anandi insists on giving Halwa to Gehna and her parents, but Bhairon and Sumitra distract her.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 77

Dadisa is disturbed by Gehna’s words and walks towards Gehna’s room to wake her up but decides otherwise. She consoles a distraught Basant but he insists on sending Gehna back to her home. Later, Jagdish and his friends make plans to watch a movie.

Episode 78

Anandi and Sugna are talking when Sumitra comes and informs Anandi about Phooli. Later, Anandi gives Phooli a tour of the house. Meanwhile, Dadisa gets angry at Bhairon for speaking against her.

Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 79

Basant tries to make Gehna realise her mistake. Later, Jagdish takes some money from Kalyani Devi to celebrate with his friends. Kalyani Devi also allows Anandi to go out with her friends and later, she brings some tea for Gehna and tries to console her.

Episode 80

Dadisa gives permission to Anandi and Sugna to go to the village fair. Meanwhile Jagdish and his friends bunk their extra classes and go to watch a movie. A school clerk comes and informs Dadisa about it.

Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 81

Kalyani Devi is furious at Jagdish for not informing her about his whereabouts. In the meantime, Anandi shops for the whole family and brings gift for Dadisa and other family members. However, Sumitra is worried about Jagadish.

Episode 82

Jagdish confesses his lie infront of Kalyani. Kalyani gets furious and decides to punish him. But Gehna stops her and requests her to give him one more chance. Kalyani disagrees at first but she also forgives Jagdish later.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 83

Gehna is unable to accpet the rituals of the haveli and she shares her concern with Basant. Meanwhile, Phooli and her parents are back in town and are planning to send Phooli to school.

Episode 84

Gehna argues with Dadisa and tells her that rich people should stop buying girls from poor families. She expresses her grief for how poor families sell little girls for money and leaves the place.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 85

Sumitra consoles Gehna by telling her that she will support her in all her decision. Meanwhile, Jagdish tries to persuade Anandi into talking to him by giving her Jalebis.

Episode 86

After Gehna disrespects the guests, Kalyani bans everyone from talking to her. Kalyani is adamant and ensures to keep up with her decision. In the meantime, Anandi is excited to help Smita with cooking and serving the dinner for the family.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 87

Bhairon brings gifts for everyone and distributes them. But Dadisa gets angry when she comes to know that he had bought a gift for Gehna as well. Later, Anandi meets Neha and consoles her by giving her a radio.

Episode 88

Dadisa taunts Gehna, but she politely answers her. Meanwhile, on hearing about Anandi’s desire to study, Jagdish promises to help her in attending school and they both become friends. However, the headmaster doesn’t allow Anandi to attend the school.

Friday 12 August 2022

Episode 89

Bhairon tries to persuade Kalyani Devi into letting Anandi give her examination, but fails to do so. He then goes on and lets Anandi give her examination without Kalyani’s knowledge. Later, Gehna confronts Basant about her troubles.

Episode 90

Jagdish and Sugna help Anandi prepare for her examination. Sugna and her boyfriend then plan on eloping together. Meanwhile, Bhairon and Basant are having disputes which makes Kalyani Devi misunderstand Bhairon.

Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 91

Gehna’s rude behaviour creates trouble in the family. In order to punish her, Kalyani bans everyone from talking to her. Jagadish and Anandi are studying at their hideout. However, with the help of Sanchi and Jagadish, Anandi prepares for her exams.

Episode 92

Kalyani is furious to taste a dish made by Gehna and throws it away. She screams at Sumitra and starts crying. Basant warns everyone not to make Kalyani upset.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 93

Bhairon asks Sumitra to help Gehna as she is being ambushed by everyone. On Sumitra’s insistence Gehna agrees to stay quiet about her problems. Meawhile, Anandi and Jagdish argue about her exams.

Episode 94

Kalyani forgives Bhairon for last night’s incidence. Jagdish and Anandi leave to write the examination. Jagdish’s teacher praises Anandi in front of Kalyani.

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 95

Kalyani discloses her conversation with the teacher. She calls for Anandi’s parents. Gehna asks for forgiveness from Kalyani.

Episode 96

Gehna apologises to Dadisa and she requests her not to complain about Anandi to her parents. Dadisa then insists Anandi to apologise to her. But they get information of Sugna’s in laws visit which distracts them to make arrangements for the guests.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 97

Pratap’s parents have visited and ask Bhairon to send Gehna with them, or else they will start thinking of Pratap’s second marriage.

Episode 98

Sugna is upset with Bhairon’s decision of not letting the ‘gauna’ ceremony commence. Pratap doesn’t want to marry again.

Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 99

Bhairon has gone to convince Pratap’s parents, Kalyani has decided to proceed with the ‘gauna’ ceremony of Sugna on her own.

Episode 100

Bhairon is hurt that Kalyani didn’t consider informing him about Sugna’s ‘gauna’ ceremony. Everyone seems to obey Kalyani’s decision as it can’t be proved wrong.

Monday 22 August 2022

Episode 101

Jagdish brings home Anandi’s report card. Everybody congratulates her on getting good grades. Kalyani is not happy about it.

Episode 102

Kalyani embarrasses Anandi after knowing that Jagdish has got lesser marks than her and then, is agonized on Bhairon for hiding Anandi’s education from her.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Episode 103

Jagdish is trying to persuade Kalyani to let Anandi study further. Kalyani agrees, but gives more money to Anandi so that Jagdish realizes his worth as a husband.

Episode 104

Kalyani has managed to make Jagdish envious of Anandi,which made his behavior change towards her. The preparations for Sugna’s ‘gauna’ are in full swing.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Episode 105

Jagdish insults and embarrasses Anandi in front of everyone. He asks her not to study further. Later, he even humiliates her at the dinner table.

Episode 106

Gehna questions Kalyani if she is responsible for Jagdish’s behavior. Anandi is given a reward for topping the examination which annoys Jagdish once again.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Episode 107

Gehna tells Bhairon that it was Kalyani’s idea to a create rift between the children. Jagdish fights with his friends and hurts himself, but blames Anandi for the consequences.

Episode 108

Dadisa gets angry over Anandi’s behaviour but tolerates her. Later, Bhairon tries to help Anandi in sorting her problems with Jagdish.

Friday 26 August 2022

Episode 109

Kalyani leaves to see her sister with Basant. Anandi and Phooli are getting their dolls married. Bhairon is made to play the drum while Sumitra is made to sing.

Episode 110

Gehna faints while dancing and Bhairon calls for the doctor. Apart from her, everyone else is overjoyed about the news of Gehna’s pregnancy.

Monday 29 August 2022

Episode 111

While everyone else is celebrating the good news of Gehna’s pregnancy, she is not happy about it. She even decides to abort the child.

Episode 112

Sumitra makes Gehna understand the consequences of her decision. Later in the night Basant tries to get in the good books of Gehna.

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Episode 113

Kalyani Devi lashes out at Anandi who hopes for a girl child from Gehna. Gehna informs Basant to pray for the child.

Episode 114

Kalyani Devi tries to obstruct Anandi’s home schooling. Next day, Anandi enters into the second phase of womanhood and the women of the house help her.

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Episode 115

As soon as Sumitra notifies Kalyani Devi about Anandi, she orders Anandi to stay away from the family members and lock herself in the room.

Episode 116

The family members are surprised to see Basant stand by his wife against Kalyani Devi. Jagdish is curious to know why Anandi is being treated like an untouchable.


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