Young Love June 2019 Teasers Glow Tv

Young Love June 2019 Teasers Glow Tv

Jagya is in extremely difficult situation as Ganga go through labor pains,Read Young Love June 2019 Teasers Glow Tv below.

Young Love June 2019 Teasers Glow Tv

Monday 3  June  2019


Daddu asks Meenu to get ready to go and meet her husband, whom she thought was dead for so many years. How will Meenu react?The Army officer informs Shiv’s family that Anoop has to undergo a DNA test before they can send him home with them. How will they react?

Tuesday 4  June  2019


Grandma Kalyani tries to comfort Ira by telling her that Bhasant is also not her biological son, but he still considers her his mother even after finding out.Daddu is thrilled to hear that Shiv and Maahi are returning home along with Anoop.

Wednesday 5 June  2019


Ganga finally reveals to the family that she is pregnant. How will everyone react? Meenu is disheartened as despite everyone’s efforts, Anoop still does not remember his past.

Thursday 6 June  2019


The Doctor tells the family that there is only a 30% chance that Ganga’s pregnancy will go smoothly. How will everyone react?Grandma Kalyani appoints a nurse to take care of Ganga, and decides that she will sleep on the floor until she sees Ganga and her great grandson safe.

Friday 7  June  2019


Jagdish calls Anandi and discusses his thoughts with regard to how to help Anoop regain his memory. Maahi, Meenu and Anandi take Anoop to Pichhola Lake, where they attempt to help him regain his memory, following Jagdish’s suggestion. Will it work?

Monday 10  June  2019
Daddu and the family are overjoyed to see that Anoop has regained his memory.Anandi notices a handicapped child at the orphanage and decides to adopt him. Will the family support her decision?

Tuesday 11 June  2019


Jagdish gifts Ganga with a tablet to keep her busy and happy as she needs complete bed rest. Ganga and Grandma are amused upon seeing the function of tablet.Everyone is busy with preparations for Anandi and Shiv’s first wedding anniversary celebration.

Wednesday 12 June  2019


Ganga is worried about grandma as she is still sticking to her oath and sleeping on the floor.Maahi asks everyone to join him on the dancefloor as they celebrate Shiv and Anandi’s anniversary. The kids from the orphanage arrive and Amol is gifted to Shiv and Anandi. The ladies in the community make side comments about Shiv and Anandi adopting and assume that they must having trouble conceiving.

Thursday 13 June  2019


Saanchi tries to ruin the anniversary party by telling Anoop that Shiv is his son. How will Anoop react? The family gift Shiv and Anandi with a night’s getaway at a hotel.

Friday 14  June  2019


The legal formalities are done and Shiv and Anandi go to the orphanage to fetch Amol. The Doctor tells Jagdish that the baby is growing fast and due to the same, Ganga’s life is in danger. Will she be ok?

Monday 17th June 2019

Saanchi overhears that Ganga is going to have a baby, and decides to take revenge. What will she do? Anandi and her family arrive in Jaitsar for Ganga’s baby shower, along with Saanchi. Saanchi pretends to be sorry for what she had done, in order to be present at the event and take her revenge.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

Saanchi is green with envy as Ganga is being pampered at her baby shower.Saanchi goes into Ganga’s room and starts taunting her in the hope that she will become stressed out and lose her baby. Will Ganga be ok?

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Saanchi is highly disturbed after hearing that Ganga has given birth to a baby boy and that she and her baby are well.The family decorate the home in order to welcome Ganga and the baby. Grandma Kalyani personally takes care of her great grandson.

Thursday 20th June 2019

Dadisaa covers the baby with wrapper. Gehna pulls her leg. Photographer takes Dadisaa’s photo with the baby. Principal tells Anandi that Amol has secured a good marks and she will be happy to admit him in her school. Amol is happy.

Ganga gets ready for the baby’s naming ceremony with the help of Sumitra and Gehna. Saachi calls Saurav and says she is alone at home. Saurav takes the advantage of the situation and reaches the house. He tries to get close to Saachi.

Friday 21st June 2019

Ganga and Jagya’s baby is named Abhimanyu at the function. Dadisaa tells about Mannu getting their family’s name. Servant comes to Shekhar’s house and sees Saurab getting close to Saachi while Saachi insists him to leave her. Servant is shocked.

Monday 24 June 2019

All the family members give Amol good wishes for his first day at school. Will he be ok?Grandma Kalyani desperately wants to know what is inside the box, will she find out?

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Saanchi impatiently waits for Saurabh. Will he show up? Grandma Kalyani asks Anandi to partake in the prayer as she is the mother of Amol, will she do so?

Wednesday 26 June 2019

The Gardener discloses the incident that he witnessed about Saanchi to Anandi, how will she react? Anandi calls Payal, Saanchi’s friend. Will she tell her about Saurabh?

Thursday 27 June 2019

Saurabh is angry that his friends were teasing him. Saurabh gets a drink for Saanchi and mixes it with drugs, will Saanchi drink it?

Friday 28 June 2019

Saachi wakes up from the sleep and gets screaming. She hugs Anandi and says that he made her MMS. Anandi is shocked. Dadisaa determines to stop the factory work.

Dadisaa says, I won’t let my Anandi’s dream to break. She sits on the land while all the girls lies on the land.

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