Wednesday Update On Young Love Sept 4

Wednesday Update On Young Love

Sept 4 Episode

Location:Jaitsar Collectorate office
Jagdish goes on in a caring manner about how she should rest and take care of herself rather than exhausting herself out.Also he starts telling her about the precautions that she should take in medicine as he remembers the allergies that she used to have.He goes on talking but then stops seeing shiv and says that he is in no position to do anything like that and t5hat he should leave shiv to take care of anandi.He turns around to find meenu standing in the doorway.

Meenu looks disturbed but she gives a smile when he is introduced by shiv as the doctor who saved the village.Also anandi is surprised to see her there who has come to give shiv food.

Jagiya takes her leave and when he goes out he is thoronged by people who are very thankful to him for having saved so many lives.Meenu sees and is disturbed.

Location:Jaitsar haveli
While bhairo,basant and dadisa are having breakfast,shiv comes in and when offered to eat he denies saying that he has to leave with anandi for jaipur as he has to meet the cm for jaitsar related funds.Bhairo and dadisa send him and anandi off while gehna prrepares thm some snacks for the road.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Shiv and anandi are tarvelling when shiv says he is hungry and anandi offers to stop somewhere for lunch and then carry on.He denies saying that they cant afford to stop as they dont want to be dealyed in their meting with the cm.Anandi smiles knowingly and starts feeding him herself as she realises that is what he really wnted.When she refuses to eat due to lack of hunger,shiv too does so and prompts her to eat in turn.

Scene 4:
Location: CM residence
the meeting goes very successfully and after explaining the problms of jaitsar they put forward the file with the documents.The cm looks through it and tells them to be completely relived as he would look into whatever is possible for him to do for jaitsar.

After that,he calls his assistant and tells him to get the two boxes.He comes back with two gift wrapped boxes,which the cm gives to anandi and shiv,for their engagement.They are surprised as to how he got to know about it.They open it to find a statue of Lors krishna with radha.The cm comments that just lik them,anandi nd shiv should start their new life together,not linked professionally but personally.They are pleased and after exchanging niceties they take his leave.Outside anandi calls up bhairo and tells him that the meeting is finishd and that they are on their way back.He tells them to return home soon as he is getting late and to travel safe.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road.
There is an unexpected rain which forces anandi and shiv to break their journey on being told by a patrol officer that the road ahead is blocked.He goes on to find a desolate uninhabited house by the side of the road to find shelter till the rain stops.They both try to tell bhairo about their situation but due to weather conditions they dont get available network.Anandi goes on to find a lantern and they light it up.Shiv raises his hand and anandi gets all shy about his intentions whereas he innocently says that he wantd to just remove a web.

Bhairon and Dadisa worried about the weather, Bhairon reassures that Shiv is there but it would have been good to get in contact with them, Dadisa reassures as welll.

Anandi says she knew such places have not guarantee on electricity and there will be a lantern nearby, there is a eye locking session and Shiv goes to touch to what looks like Anandi’s face but then removes something from her clothes, he asks for food and she informs its in the car, he offers to go but Anandi says she will go, they then both go out in the rain to get the dabba. Shiv offers his hand to Anandi and she takes it, they run to the car and get the food, on her way back it seems Anandi sprains her ankle, he then picks her up and takes her back into the hut.

Inside the hut Shiv helps Anandi with her ankle, Anandi tells him he will be fine but he offers to massage it. He is adamant to help her, he keeps her in conversation and then clicks her ankle back in position, he asks for fees, she is willing to keep him in hospital and he can both help people and give advice. They have eye lock again and both split the food and share it.
Jagat is informed in hospital that Nandu fell unconscious on his way to school, Jagat runs to his aide

Dadisa asking Pandit about the auspicious time for Anandi and Shivs’ wedding, they are informed after diwali is a good time, Choti Ma will let the family will know and Dadisa will let their family know. Pandit informs not to do anything before Diwali,

Jagat comes in with Nandu in his arms and calls for Dadisa, everyone is shocked to see him and Nandu, he tells them he has a fever, tells them that there is no free bed in the hospital. Nandu wants Jagat to help him. Choti Maa does not seem happy with this situation. Both Anandi and Jagat help with Nandu, he informs that illness is contagious and that someone else should not get it therefore everyone should go downstairs. Shiv promises Basanth that he wont give a moment to them to complain

Choti Ma asking she thought that Jagat is not allowed in the house, he agrees but this was a emergency and Nandu didn’t want anyone else but his brother, both he and Choti Ma leave. She thinks that everyone including Anandi must have wanted Jagat to do the treatment

Bhairon comes and wonders what happened, he is shocked to see Jagat and demands to know what he is doing there, Dadisa explains that Nandu is ill and Jagat is here to help and that he wants Jagat to help