Wednesday Update On Young Love Sept 19

Wednesday Update On Young Love

Sept 19 Episode

Location: Shiv’s house in Jaitsar
Mahi and shiv are upset that sanchi has not bothered to be with them on the occassion of bhaiya dooj.Dadaji says its all because of being apmpered and he would scold her when he sees her.On ira tellinh him,shiv calls up again and sanchi picks up saying that once she hs said that she wont comne ,then she wont and cancels the phone.Shiv and others are boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar and shiv’s house
Ananadi and the kids are talking on the road when anandi,on their invitation to be with them and have fun refuses saying that she has to go the hospital with shiv because they have to distribute sweets and toys to the children there.

Meanwhile she sees some kid fighting and soiling themselves in mud and stops them and makes them shake hands and become friends again.She offers to wash them up nively and takes them to the nearby handpump and washes them off while sanchi watching her passes by on a tonga.She scorns seeing her and comments on how dirty the girl is and she doesnt care at all about hygiene and wondring what kind of a place she has landed herself into. However she gets a phone call again and starts being holllered at by shiv for her carelessness and insensitivity.She listens all the while till she reaches his home and starts talking about all the negatives of jaitsar and his hous ethere boggling shiv how does she know all the details and finally surprising everyone when she lands on thier door.She tries to calm daddaji down who is pretty angry at her.However everybody else is happy and they ask her to freshen up and do the tilak fast.She takes everybody’s blessings and gets ready for the function.

Sanchi does mahi’s tilak and thanks him for the gift.Shiv is tied roli and tilak by sanchi,he tells her that she’s the most special girl in his life.Sanchi says had that been the case,he wouldnt have gone to find his life partner himself without asking his special person.She then goes on to tell him,that she doesnt know what he saw in that illiterate girl from a backward villagey background.Shiv is hurt.Alok gets angry at her and everybody gets tensed.Seeing alok angry at her,sanchi obstinately goes inside without answering him.

Inside she sees their wedding card and is all the more irritated at such a backward name and crings at the mere imagination of the girl who would have such a name.Ira comes in and tries to explain to her that once she meets anandi she too would like her like the rest of the family does.Sanchi says what if she doesnt like her.

Scene 3:
Location:Jaitsar road
Shiv and anandi go out for meeting the kids and distrivbuting sweets.On the way they are having a fun conversation.seeing his tilak she assumes that sanchi has arrived and expresses her wish to meet her.Shiv remembers sanchi’s words and is upset but he goes on to tell anandi that sanchi is hesitant to meet her and prewarns her about sanchi’s bias.She says that she doesnt mind,Shiv holds heer hand and thanks her for coming into his world.she smiles back at him.

Scene 4:
Location: shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv when sees sanchi throwing tantrums in front of dadaji about not goling to meet anandi’s famile and if forced would leave,back to her hostel,tells her to leave.

Location: Shiv’s house in Jaitsar
When shiv scolds sanchi for being so obstinate and telling her to leave for the hostel if she doesnt like but not to throw tantrums,Sanchi is hurt.But thn in keping with shiv’s emotions reluctantly agrees to meet anandi’s family with them.Everybody is happy to see her agree.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar Haveli
While shiv and his family are meeting with anandi’s family,mahi and sanchi come in later and sanchi is introduced to everybody and finally when anandi comes out with tray of sweets and snacks,dadisa introduces her to sanchi.Both look at each other,anandi with a smile and sanchi with a scorn.She sees anandi,sizing her down and recognizing her as the person who was washing mud from the boy off the other day and comments too on the same taking everybody aback.Dadisa however asks her to come sit next to her and ask her opinion about anandi.She watches with disgust but before she can answer,ira cuts in saying anandi doesnt require any approval since she has already exceeded everybody’s expectations.Sanchi is visibly at discomfort while dadisa and ira chatting about how everybody is going to aquaint themselves with each other now that the whole family has met.She also informs them that since the onset of ekadashi,anandi and shiv wont be allowed to meet each other before their marriage.Shiv is tensed and everbody is amused at his tension. Dadisa offers anandi to show sanchi the haveli while she lookign at everybody and shiv is also prompted to go with anandi.She makes a face and leaves.

All the while being judgem,ental,sanchi finally reaches anandi’s room and talks to her about how she manages to wear such uncomfortable,long clothes and still walk around with such heavy jewellery.Anandi is surprisd at her taunts but is at her best behaviour trying to make her understand that she has grown up wearing such things therefore she doesnt feel awkward.Sanchi is hell shocked to know that she has only seen one movie in her entire life and that she goes into a depression if she misses even a single film of ranbir kapoor.She looks at the windchime and comments at its odd presence in an otherwise antique decorated haveli.Anandi tells her that shiv had given her this and sanchi is filled with sarcasm to hear that.Sh excuses herself to go to the washroom.

Shiv walks into her rrom and tells her to be quiet.He tells her that he cant stay away from her ,knowing that she’s around and now the increased torture of not being able to see her due to a ritual.Anandi is amused at shiv’s displeasure and tells him that he has to follow.Shiv then takes on it as a challenge and says that he would definitely find a way to meet her during this period when they arent allowed to.Hearing the bathroom door open,shiv scurries off.sanchi comes in and is told by anandi to come downstairs as food is ready.

After having had food,the faamilies are enjoying paan when gehna comments that sanchi had not eaten anything.Sanchi lashes back saying that she cudnt have afforded to gain weight by eating the ghee rich food.and taunts that she cant hide her weight behind the lehenga that they wear.Ira and meenu try to hash up the situation saying that she has this sense of humor and that she meant well.Just then makhan comes in announcing the visit of some villagers for an imp work.they comes in and talk to her about the market finally opening that jagdish had proposed.Hearing his name crop up everybody is tensed,sanchi looks confused.She gets a call however and gets busy talking on her cell.They demand to know where’s jagiya but dadisa tells them that he iss not here at the moment.They give the sweets that they had brought for jagioya,to anandi,earlier mentioning her as his wife and then going on to correct her as the sarpanch.They leave.When sanchi gets off the phone,she demands to know about jagdish and why hasnt she been introduced to him still.Everybody is nervous including anandi.