Wednesday Update on Young Love July 25

Wednesday Update on Young Love

July 25 Episode

Basant tells ds that bhairon said.. lal singh saw bhago’s reports and said that conditions r worst and cant say anything now on that. Ds said the shock was very bad that it is not bearable. Ds asks him to take her to temple to pray for her.

Gauri appreciates jagat. Jagat is too happy. What humiliations he faced at jaipur, this thing came as a big relief for him and boost his confidence. It like a miracle. Gauri says soon everybody will say dr jagat is an excellent doctor. She wants to go out for a lunch to celebrate this .

DS comes to temple with basant and gehena and prays for good health for bhago. She says she has a faith that if anandi will agree then she will be better too.

JG r about to go out. At that time the neighbor(whom jag helped) came with hrs DIL’s doc. The doc appreciates him and asks how he has done the normal delivery in that complicated case. Jag says its his 1st gynac case. She is surprised and offers him a job in her clinic. JG r happy. Then left for lunch.

JG at restaurant, jag says he wants to accept the job offer. But gauri si not happy and says she wants him to give his full concentration on MS. He cant study properly while doing part time job. Jag says he want the income. Gauri says for that he cant play with his MS. This time this job holds no meaning. But jag is adamant to accept the job. But gauri says in prev jobs alos he had fights, what if this time also any prob arises then!! Jag shouts that she loves to dominate him and loves that he asks her for money. For money he even sold his watch. Its his final decision that he will take the job.

Shiv drops anandi at haveli and about to return. But anandi asks him to stay in haveli for sometime as its raining heavily and his jeep is an open one too! once rain will stop then he can go. Makhan greets them and says he is going to godam and says no one at haveli.Anandi asks him to sit and goes to bring water for him. Shiv takes out a gift for anandi from his coat with lil hesitation!!!
Jag got the Fbs of gauri’s words and seems angry!

Shivu hides his gift to Anandi as Anandi approaches. He wonders how he can give it to her. They hear a noise in the cowshed and see that water is leaking pretty heavily into the cowshed. Anandi wonders what will happen to the animals. SHivu offers to help. He tries to block the leak in the roof and gets drenched completely in the process. He asks Anandi to get him a plastic sheet. As she turns to go, he calls her “Anandi, sambhal ke jaana” (Anandi, be careful). He realises that he isn’t addressing her formally and Anandi notices this too.Anandi gets a plastic sheet. As the two of them fold it into size, their hands touch. Both are embarassed. Shivu then covers up the hole in the roof with the sheet and the leak stops.

Anandi thanks Shivu for being there to help. Shivu tells her that as long as he is there, she will never face trouble. Anandi is left speechless on hearing this. Shivu tries to divert her attention. He starts to sneeze and Anandi offers to make hot tea for him! (I think someone in the forum had speculated this would happen)

Inside the haveli, Anandi gives Shivu a towel. Shivu’s sneezing keeps increasing, Anandi suggests that he change his clothes. Shivu refuses. Anandi says she is in no mood to listen to his excuses, Shivu is left speechless (bechara, abhi se seekh lo beta!). Anandi takes him upstairs to change. Shivu tries to protest, but Anandi shuts him up and asks him to change. Shivu smiles. Anandi hands over some clothes to Shivu, which slips and falls. Both of them reach for it and bump their heads. Another eye-lock. Anandi breaks it and gives him the clothes. Shivu tells Anandi he wants to ask her something. Anandi is a bit scared. Shivu asks if she can give him something to eat along with tea as he is hungry. Anandi is relieved and happy and goes down to make something.

In Mumbai, Gauri comes home and gifts JB a gift. Gauri apologises for being selfish and hurting JB. She didn’t realise that she was being hurtful to JB by having him ask her for money etc. She gives some lecture about everything hers is theirs and she was only stopping him from working for his own good. JB too apologises and the two make up. JB says he won’t take up the job. Gauri is happy.

Anandi makes some snacks for Shivu, who comes there wearing dhoti kurta. Shivu feels awkward, but Anandi is about to tell him he looks good, she stops herself and says he looks ok. Shivu starts chattering about how he could not sit still after all the aroma of food. He is happy Anandi is making pakodas. Anandi says her mother used to make them during rainy season. Shivu tries to take one and realises its too hot. Anandi laughs. Shivu starts helping Anandi to make halwa. Later he eats all the food and praises the halwa. Anandi teases him that he too helped in making it, so its more tasty. She mischeavously tells him he is multi-talented, he is a collector, he can hit goondas, can fix leaky roof, can help in kitchen. She laughs and Shivu is pleased. Shivu tells her that she looks good smiling and should smile always. Just then DS returns with Gehna and Basanth. DS asks about Jaipur trip. DS blesses Shiv. She then notices Shivu’s clothing and says it looks familiar. Anandi explains that Shivu helped fix tabela and got drenched, so she gave him Bhairav’s clothes.

Shivu says something appreciative of Anandi. He gets embarrassed and says he will leave. Anandi talks to him happily. DS and others notice this. After everyone leaves, Anandi notices Shivu’s gift addressed to her.Gehna and Basanth discuss ShivAn. Gehna is happy to see the developments. Basanth says he loves Shivu for fixing things himself, instead of calling someone to get it done. Gehna says Anandi and Shivu are made for each other.

In her room, Anandi opens Shivu’s gift and sees a photo frame with a mirror, with her smiling photos on one side. She also finds Shivu’s note that tells her that he wants to share some of her photographs with her, in which she is smiling as she is happy. He writes words of encouragement to not let her past bring her down and to move ahead and be happy. Anandi is moved. Shivu ends his letter by saying that she should look at her reflection in the mirror and then look at her smiling pictures and try to remain happy always. Anandi does this and smiles.