Wednesday Update on Young Love August 22

Wednesday Update on Young Love

August 22 Episode

Jagya (J) calling out to Anandi (A) in the temple. A turns back and looks shocked to see him. J walks upto A. A tries to walk away when J asks her to stop. He asks her how she is. He sounds confused and fumbling for words. He says that he has come from Mumbai to Jaitser. He then asks her if she is fine and happy. he says that he knows that she is wondering why he is in front of her today. J tells her that the reason for this is becasue he knows how it feels when one looses everything in life. He says that he prays that no one has to face what all he has till date. He goes ahead and says that he is here today only to ask for forgiveness from her. A looks shocked. He says that for all the cold shoulder treatment that he has given her, for all the times he has misbehaved with her, insulted her, embarrassed her, for the grief and pain he has inflicted on her, he is repenting in the true sense for all of that. he asks her to forgive him for his faults and crimes.

He says that he cannot bear the burden of all his faults and live with it. He asks her for forgive him and relieve him from this burden and he can get a chance to start life a fresh. He says that he is totally lonely today. He tells her that he has given her alot of grief by breaking her heart and their relationship. He blames Gauri (G) for blinding him and leaving him incapable of thinking or reasoning. A looks shocked all along. he says that she has used him like a staircase to reach higher goals. He says that she is selfish and had hidden every thing from him including the fact that Bhairav funded all her education and living expenses. He then reveals that on learning this truth, he left her. A looks shocked. He says that he was very angry and had shouted at her. They show flash backs of the J G face-off during the marriage fiasco.

J tells A that G took advantage of his innocence and trust. She instigated him and fooled him. He says that when he understood all this, he rectified his mistake and left her. A looks sad, angry, disgusted and shocked. He says that he came back with a hope that he can be with his dear ones and A. But when he reached home he learned that A was going to get married. He says that he has no complaints about that and if she has decided to leave her past behind her and move ahead its a very good thing. He then wishes her good luck. He then tells her to please at least think about him and asks her to return his family to him. He says that no one is ready to listen to him or forgive him. Thats the reason he has come here to her. He is positive that if she forgives him, they all will follow suite. He tells her that he has realized his mistakes and wants to come back to his family, which is only possible when she forgives him. A looks sad.

A then says that all mistakes cannot be forgiven. J asks why she cannot forgive him? He emotionally asks her why she cannot forgive even that J who she has loved since childhood? He tells her that she always said that the meaning of true love is giving and sacrifice and not taking. Then why she is unable to forgive him?

A then tells him that he too loved G very much then why couldn’t he forgive her for the lies she has told him? J looks shocked. A then tells him that his silence it self speaks for it self that he too agrees that all mistakes cannot be forgiven. J says that he agrees that he is a very bad person and has made a lot of mistakes. But he says that the biggest culprits also have the right to ask for forgiveness. A interrupts and asks him which right is he talking about? Whenever he feels he comes and when ever he feels he walks away. His rights are all depending on his moods.

J then concludes that A is not going to forgive him and asks her why she cannot forgive him. He looks angry and says that today this A doesn’t look like the old A but a new selfish one. An A who wants everything for herself, all the happiness of the world as well as family’s love. He blames her that now she has got some one in her life, is engaged to him and will marry him. That way her life will be settled. But what about him? He folds his hands in front of her and begs for forgiveness from her and to get his family back. A says that this is what she has been doing for so many years and has also been forgiving him, but everything has a limit. She asks him for what all is he going to ask for and get forgiveness. She fails to understand why he is asking her for forgiveness since in his eyes she had no identity itself and never considered he to be worth anything. Neither has he given her the right to say anything to him. In spite of that he kept making mistakes and kept forgiveness him. She kept ignoring his faults. She asks him is he remembers the time when she came to Mumbai for his birthday, he could not acknowledge her being his wife. She forgive him. She forgive him even when he blamed her for being the reason for G’s miscarriage.

She tells him that she ignored all the times when he used her for his selfish reasons. That is a way of forgiving him itself. And his biggest mistake of getting married to another girl and abandoning her. She says that even then she forgave him only because she was his wife. Due to this she was connected to his family. She tells him that even on the day of the divorce she has given him best wishes for his life and never wished anything bad for him or G. But he was not satisfied even with that and he landed to insult his mother. She said that the village felt that he was there to pay his last respects to Bhago and give A too some emotional support. But the the truth only she and J knows. But even at that time he did not care about A but only about himself and G and came to put the Bhabhut. She asks him how is she supposed to forgive him for all these things?

Just then they show the Singhs arriving at the temple and seeing J on the spot with A. J looks scared and shocked.

Anandi reiterates that she cannot forgive him for what he has done, and how he insulted her mother’s death by showing up to do some voodoo. Singh’s arrive at that moment and are shocked to hear this. Anandi continues that JB is asking forgiveness as though he wants to snatch it, he does not respect anybody, so he will not be forgiven. She turns around and is shocked to see her family. Everyone enter the temple. JB starts his sob story with DS that Anandi is not forgiving him and she should convince her. As her ex-husband, he has a right to ask Anandi’s forgiveness. DS is super irritated to hear this and slaps him. Bhairav tells JB that he will never change, his attitude and selfishness is very evident in his words, he will never be forgiven and neither will Anandi do that ever. JB stares at everyone and walks off angrily.

At the circuit house, Shivu’s arrives and Irawati tells him CM has gone to meet Anandi. The rest of them tease him a little bit. DJ suggests that Shivu should give Anandi red roses. Just then CM enters and says Anandi does not deserve it. She tells everyone she went to meet Anandi after learning of JB’s arrival in Jetsar. She is mighty upset about this and doesn’t trust Anandi’s promise to not let her past affect her future with Shivu. Everyone tries to convince her, but in vain. She suggests that they should call Anandi and tell her point blank that she should not keep any contact with JB. Everyone else feels this is not a big deal, but CM is adamant.

Shivu tells CM that he doesn’t care if Anandi wants to keep in touch with JB, it is solely Anandi’s decision and he will support her no matter what. CM is upset to hear this and feels he may regret his decision later and walks off. Just then Anandi calls Shivu and asks him to meet her immediately. Shivu leaves.

Alok goes to meet CM and tries to convince CM that Anandi is a nice girl and will not hurt Shivu. CM still doesn’t look convinced and says she hopes she is wrong about Anandi.