Wednesday Update on Young Love 9th December 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 9th December 2020

Nandini getting panic seeing Krish fainting. She tries to wake him up and sprinkle water. Karuna comes hearing her and asks what happened? Nandini feels Krish has drunk something ie, bhaang. Karuna goes asking Nandini to take care of Krish. Nandini kisses on Krish’s forehead. In the morning, Krish wakes up and looks at Nandini. He says I can’t believe that pretty saa has become my wife saa and asks her to make him realize. Nandini makes him realize. She asks what did you do in night? Krish says I feel shy, I can’t tell. Nandini asks him to tell. Krish says he lifted her ghunghat and then…Nandini says you had fainted as you drank bhang. Krish says no and wonders when did he have bhaang…….Krish says I will make up for the lost night. Nandini says few things are look good on that day only and seems angry. Nandini asks him to get ready for paghphera rasam. Krish says okay as you order.

Nandini says we can go later also, but this is ritual to go on a first day. Krish gets closer to her and is about to kiss her…Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays………….Karuna comes and coughs. She asks Nandini to get ready for pagphera ritual. They come to Mr. Shekhawat’s house. Jamuna does their aarti and welcome them. Krish says I have to go to work else Dr. Amit will fire me. He tells Nandini that he is happy that she got angry with him for the lost night and says he will make up and love her so much. Nandini shows him arrogance and attitude and says we will see. He says you will realize how much I love you..and says he will come to pick her by 6 pm.

Dr. Amit is wearing his shirt. Vandana comes to his room and smiles looking at him. Dr. Amit asks her to knock on the door next time. She says I am your wife…Dr. Amit says you are not my wife. Vandana asks him to give some time. She says Nandini have made you second love…Dr. Amit looks on. Dr. Amit gets a call about an emergency case. He tells Vandana that he has to go. Vandana thinks she had run behind her career and left Dr. Amit, but have realized his importance and his value. She thinks she will get closer like him and will love him. Dr. Amit comes to the hospital and attends Shankar Singh who was brought to hospital in an injured state. Shankar asks him to save his sister and faints. Dr. Amit wonders who is his sister.

Nandini is still in Mr. Shekhawat house. Nani tells Nandini that her house is Krish’s home now and says once a woman gets married, she leaves the house on aarthi only. Nandini looks on shocked. Mr. Shekhawat says this is your home also. Jamuna teaches her how to become a good bahu. Just then Nandini hears car’s bell and says she will check. Abhayram comes. Nandini is shocked. Jamuna says Krish have to come as per ritual. Abhayram says Krish has to go somewhere and Karuna was also busy, so I came. Nandini says I will wait for Krish to come, as per the ritual he has to come. Abhayram says Krish will not come. He says I have come to take you, else it will be inauspicious for your husband. Jamuna goes to make arrangements for bidaai. Nandini hugs her parents, and then Nani. Nani says you don’t need my blessings as you will get all happiness in that house. Abhayram asks her to come. Abhayram tells Nandini about the ritual and shows her something. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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