Wednesday Update on Young Love 8th July 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 8th July 2020

Akhiraj informing Harki that Jata Shankar and his wife had died on the spot where their car met with an accident. Harki asks about Kamli and Pushkar. Disa asks about Nimboli. Akhiraj tells they are fine and was out when the accident happened. He asks her to get ready as they have to go to their house.

Pushkar cries and asks his parents to wake up. Kamli cries miserably. Harki consoles her. Akhiraj’s supporter tells him that ministers came to pay their last respect. He says they will give you respect being Jata Shankar’s relative. Kamli cries her inlaws’ words and sees Pushkar’s chacha and chachi coming. Pushkar’s chacha tries to consoles him. Kamli stops them and asks not to touch her inlaws. She accuses them for taking their life. Chacha says he is my brother. Chachi asks her not to blame them. Kamli asks her not to try to be smart and says you have killed my bapusaa and maasaa. She asks them to get out. Akhiraj supports Kamli and says she is saying right. He says Jata Shankar told me about your doings, and asks them not to touch his samdhan and samdhi. Chacha says I will see, who will stop me from paying last rites to my brother. Akhiraj stops him and asks not to take test of his patience. Chacha says I will leave, but will never forget the slap which you have slapped on my face. I will settle the scores.

Kundan is with his friends. They are seeing a girl on a magizine page and tells that Kundan has a wife so he need not see the photo. Urmila comes and knocks on the door, asking them to have some shame. She says Kamli’s inlaws have died and asks him to be silent for sometime. Kundan says Kamli is my nothing. Disa asks Kundan to become a good brother for Kamli and asks to maintain silence. Kundan asks Madhav and his friends, to come for watching movie. They leave. Akhiraj thanks the people who have attended the funeral. He tells Jata shankar was like his brother and he made him agree to contest in the election. He tries to take advantage and gets support of the Minister. The Minister tells that we all will support you in the elections. Akhiraj thanks them.They leave.

Daya Shankar Pandey, lawyer of Jata Shankar comes to his house. Akhiraj greets him. The Lawyer Daya Shankar asks him to call Pushkar and Kamli as he need to tell legal matter to them. Akhiraj says they can’t talk now. He asks what is the matter? The Lawyer tells that Pushkar is the sole owner of the property and Kamli is the care taker of the property. He says he came to take their sign on the papers. He says he will come tomorrow. Akhiraj gets surprised and thinks to take care of his property.

Akhiraj comes to Harki and asks her to convince Pushkar and Kamli for coming to stay in their house for forever. He tells about the lawyer’s words that Kamli is the care taker of Pushkar’s property. Harki comes to Kamli and asks her to pack her bags. Kamli asks her to think before saying anything. She refuses to leave her inlaws home and come to stay at her mum’s house. She says she can’t leave her responsibilties and duty towards her inlaws and Pushkar. Harki and Akhiraj are stunned and don’t know how to convince her.

Harki comes out and tells Akhiraj that she is tired of convincing Kamli. Akhiraj says it is not in our hands to convince her and only person can convince her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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