Wednesday Update on Young Love 8 January 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 8 January 2020

Anandi saying you promised chote Papa to call him Papa. Shiv says what I could do to stop him. I am worried how to address Papa and Maa as bade papa and badi maa. He asked me to call him Papa. I can’t say what I am feeling now. Alok and Ira hear them and get shocked. Ira cries and goes to her room. Alok says you can call me bade Papa and Badi Maa to Ira. We won’t feel bad. I will make Ira understand. You have done a big thing, do as Anoop says. Shiv is sad.

Saachi, Suman and Roshan wait outside the operation theatre. Nurse informs them that Vivek is out of danger and says they can see him once he gets consciousness. They thank the God. Saachi asks them to go home and rest. Suman says it is necessary that Vivek shall see Saachi and understands that she saved her life. She asks her to take rest.

Ira cries. Alok says did you see Shiv. You will be Shiv’s mother always. Only Anoop can’t snatch your right from you. Ira says Shiv will be helpless and cries.

Amol sees his cycle covered with a cloth and removes it. He rings its bell and recalls Alok gifting him. He then recalls that he slipped once from the cycle and covers it with cloth again.

Saachi gets Ira’s call asking her when she is coming home. Saachi informs her that Vivek met with an accident and she is in hospital. Ira says they will come now. Saachi asks her to come in the morning. Ira says ok and disconnects the call.

Ganga asks Jagya what are you thinking. She says Nandu is just a kid. We shall not take out meanings for his words. Jagya says so many days have passed and he is not accepting Niranjan. Ganga says he will calm down. Jagya says till when we will wait for him to calm down. We shall do something to make him realize his mistake. We have to find out what is bothering him. Mannu wakes up and gives his car to Jagya. Jagya says we have to find a innocent way.

Ira refuses to eat food. Alok asks her to have food. Anoop says how can she eat when Vivek is in hospital. Anoop says I was tensed about Shiv. Daddu asks what happened. Anoop asks Shiv, didn’t you tell everyone about our agreement. Ira and Alok look tensed. Subhadra asks him to say. Anoop says it is actually an understanding. Shiv has decided to call me Papa and Maa to Meenu. He will call Bade Papa and Badi Maa to Alok and Ira. Everyone get tensed. Subhadra says Anoop might feel bad. Anoop says yes and asks Shiv to confirm the same. Shiv nods while teary eyed. Anoop asks him to say. Shiv says Papa is right. From today I will call him Papa. Anoop smiles. Daddu is shocked and feels disgusted. Alok and Ira get teary eyed. Shiv gets tears too.

Subhadra massages Anoop’s hairs and says she is relieved as he is not leaving house. She says how could I stay in this house without you. Anoop says I have decided not to leave this house unless I see Alok losing in business. Subhadra says she is happy that Shiv agreed to call him Papa and says he will make him realize his worth. Daddu recalls Anoop pushing Alok and fighting with him. Anandi comes there and assures that everything will be fine. She gives him milk. Daddu takes a sip and keeps the glass. Anandi tells him that Amol wants to become an army officer like him and asks Daddu to give him training. she says we will go on a picnic. Daddu smiles and then he gets a heart attack. Daddu falls down on the bed. Anandi gets shocked and shouts for Shiv. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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