Wednesday Update on Young Love 5th August 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 5th August 2020

At juvenile home all boys are having meals. Kundan is sitting there . He is about eat but boy comes and snatches the plate from him and says you will have it but you have to do something. They bring a stereo and play a song.and ask Kundan to dance on it. Kundan refuses but boys ask him to dance. They force him to dance on the song like a girl . Kundan dances reluctantly. All boys making fun of him. Kundan gets upset and goes from there.

Naresh going somewhere in his jeep and thinking that he will take revenge from Mangala . He is stopped by police cops. He asks them what happened?Cop shows him photos of both Mangala and Nimboli.and ask him if he has seen them? Naresh gets shocked seeing them. Cop sees Naresh shocked and says it looks you have seen seen them. Naresh says no sir i’ have not seen them. i was wondering how innocent she looks Cop says this woman only looks innocent otherwise she is very smart. She has kidnapped this girl and this girl whom she calls nimboli her actual name is nandini.. .Naresh says ok. Naresh asks the cops if i can keep these photos? have you other set of photos? if i get any information i will tell you .Cop says yes you can keep it. Naresh says he visits to whole district so if got any information he will tell them Cops agree . Naresh puts photos beside his seat and thinks now i”ll instigate Geeta against Mangala.and when Mangala will complains about me to her she won’t trust her.

At juvenile home. Kundan comes to sleep. Boys are playing cards They again tease and make fun of Kundan .They ask him to bring warm glass of milk for them as wives do this. One boy ask him to press his head as wives do Kundan.starts doing it reluctantly. Boy makes fun of him and says wow you have magic in your hands. AnoTHER boy ask Kundan press his legs as wives do this also The boys continue their teasing to Kundan. Kundan gets irritated and thinks let me out once i”ll see all.

At Haveli Dadisaa goes to Haveli’s temple and about to lit the lamp.but then she stops. Ganga comes and takes her blessings .Dadisaa blesses her to be happy always and have a great married life . Ganga says to Dadisaa today is 1st day of navratri.and if you don’t lit the lamp then how will your blessings and prayers will come true?Dadisaa says no i won’t . Anandi comes and asks Dadisaa that you have to do all things today so you should lit the lamp.Dadisaa says this is between me and devimaa so don’t force me

Dr. Anant coming to haveli and informs Anandi that Jagya called and told that he got Nandini. He tells they are in some village. Anandi leaves with Anant. Dadisaa prays to God to make Anandi meet her daughter. Nimboli comes and shows the dress to Geeta. She asks how is she looking? Geeta smiles. Disa tells her that Nimboli wants to go to temple, but she is unwell and can’t go. Geeta thinks of Naresh’s words that Mangla have kidnapped Nimboli. Geeta tells Nimboli that we will go today. Nimboli gets happy and hugs Geeta. Geeta says chance don’t come again and again to meet mum. Later in the evening, they go to the temple and pray while bhajan is playing. Geeta and Naresh looks here and there, might be waiting for anandi. Nimboli is happy and looks at the people who are dancing. Naresh and Geeta looks at each other.

Nimboli tells Disa that she will dance and takes her permission. Nimboli enjoys dance while Dis looks at her happily. Anandi reaches the temple and sees Nimboli dancing in the temple. She gets emotional and teary eyes. Disa looks at Anandi and gets shocked. Anandi cries happily while Mangla is in shock. Dadisaa sits in her inhouse temple and stops herself from lighting the diya. Anandi proceeds towards Nimboli, Disa tries to stop her but Geeta holds her hand asking her to let daughter and mother unite. Disa leave her hand and stops Anandi from reaching Nimboli. She says you can’t meet my daughter. Anandi slaps her hard and says she is my daughter. She is my Nandini………..

Disa stops her again and says I know she is your daughter, but you can’t meet her. Anandi asks her to move and starts walking towards Nimboli. Disa asks her to meet Nimboli if she wants to lose her for forever. Anandi is shock and turns back. Disa says you was hopeful to get your daughter till now, but this time you will lose her for forever. She takes her from there forcibly. Geeta and her husband thinks what Mangla is upto. Jagya reaches there. Anandi tells Nandini………..Disa says Nandini…..

Jagya says she is safe and police is with her. Disa takes her with her, and says she got happy when Jagya informed her about Nimboli’s real mum. She says she is trying to save her daughter. She says Nimboli hates her daughter as she knows her her mum has thrown her in garbage bin to let her die. She says Akhiraj and his wife filled venom in her ears, and says Nimboli heard taunts since years. She says Nimboli will not meet her mum even if God tells her. Anandi says my daughter will not hate me. Disa says she hates her mum and not you. She lies to her and says she sat infront of Devimaa. She says I will wash venom and hatredness in her heart, so that she have love in her heart for you.

Anandi says you are lying, and you have eloped with my daughter on Akhiraj’s sayings. Disa says Akhiraj is her husband’s murderer. Anandi asks why you didn’t call me. Disa says I don’t have your number. Jagya says you have my number. Disa thinks of an answer and tells I was thinking what will happen if she sees her real mum. She says I am saying truth, and says Nimboli hates you so much so that you dan’t even imagine. Anandi says we will make her understand that Akhiraj and Harki are liars. She says Nimboli will understand what is truth or not. Disa says I have grown her up and knows her heart. She is a child, and is like blank paper. She says if you forces her then might lose her. Anandi is shocked.


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