Wednesday Update on Young Love 30th June 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 30th June 2020

Akhiraj asking Harki to close Urmila in the kothri. Harki closes her in Kothri shocking her. Urmila gets scared seeing the rat inside and screams for help. Kundan comes and asks why did you do this? Urmila says she will not do anything in future and apologizes. Kundan tells that he will see what he can do and goes. Urmila gets scared. Kundan comes to Akhiraj and tells him that Urmila is scared in the Kothri and said she will not do this mistake again. Akhiraj gives him keys, and asks him to understand the meaning first. He says it means you are supporting your wife, when she insulted me. She says you are going to start a new custom at home, and asks him to free his wife and her thinking.

Kundan refuses to take the keys and apologizes by touching his feet. Akhiraj tells Harki that he is proud of Kundan. Urmila calls Kundan for help. Kundan turns a deaf ear and looks at Nimboli. Nimboli asks him to bring her out. Kundan threatens to close her also and says Urmila needs to be punished.

Urmila cries being scared and asks for help. She sees light and opens the window thinking Kundan have come. She is shocked to see Nimboli and says you might have come to tease me. Nimboli says no, and asks her to take water. Urmila refuses to take water and says Kundan will come to take her. Nimboli tells her that Kundan will not come and tells he went to sleep after talking to Akhiraj. Urmila takes the water. Nimboli says she will leave. Urmila asks her not to go and tells she is scared. She asks if she will laugh on her.

Nimboli says no and says she will stay outside the kothri for her. She asks her to talk to her if she gets scared. They sit and talk. Nimboli is seen sitting outside the door. Urmila asks her about first day at school. Nimboli tells if she forgot about the punching toy. Urmila feels guilty and tells that she scared her when she was taking the cloth from the balcony. She apologizes to her. Nimboli takes it lightly and says she will scare her school friends by wearing the mask. Urmila tells that she has thrown that mask.

In the morning, Nimboli wakes up Urmila and tells it is morning. She asks her not to tell anyone about her stay outside the Kothri, and says Akhiraj might be coming. Urmila thanks her and asks to forward her hand. She kisses her hand. Nimboli smiles.

Anandi asking Nidhi, what happened? Anant tells her that he and his wife have got divorced today. He says we are trying to get over it. Pushpa comes there and blames Anant for bringing Nidhi to Shiv Niketan to pack her bags. She asks Nidhi, why she has taken a decision to stay with her dad. She says she will give her best education, best life style etc. Nidhi says she didn’t want anything and asks her to stop fighting with Dad. Pushpa says you have set this image of mine in my daughter’s mind. She asks her to take care and leaves. Nidhi cries. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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