Wednesday Update on Young Love 2nd December 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 2nd December 2020

Krish meeting Abhayram and says I left that home. Abhayram asks but why? Krish says if I wouldn’t have left that house, then I wouldn’t left it for forever. I would have become their family member and of Nandini. Abhayram says heart chooses relations with much difficulty, just like your mum have chosen me, but you have not accepted our relation. Krish says I don’t want to talk. Abhayram asks him to go back. Krish refuses. Abhay ram says think son…I have thought since years how to play with your emotions and play the trick. He says are you thinking about her? Krish says no. Abhayram asks him to close his eyes and see what he could see. Krish closes his eyes and sees Nandini falling in his arms. He opens his eyes. Abhayram says did you see her? He says true emotions are seen with closed eyes, says you can run away from her, but not with your emotions.

Nandini calls Krish and wonders where is he? He is not picking the call. She comes out of room and sees Krish in towel. She asks when did you come back? Krish says when you was smiling like candy. Nandini says I don’t want to talk to you. She falls and Krish holds her. They have an eye lock. Naina Bawre plays……………..

Nani maa comes and makes an issue. She tells Jamuna that she brought her here to see Nandini’s rasleela. She says Nandini is starting affair with a man seven younger than her, and talks about their respect. She says Sudha will be affected because of Nandini’s affair. Nandini cries. Jamuna asks why are you making issue? Mr. Shekhawat comes and says Maa saa. Krish says it was a misunderstanding and nothing happened as she was thinking. Mr. Shekhawat asks Krish to go to room and tells Nani that house environment is getting bitter. Nani says everyone will tell about her affair. Mr. Shekhawat asks her to pack her bags and says he will leave her. Nani gets angry on Nandini and says you are asking me to go because of this girl. Nani says I will not go before throwing her out.

Dr. Amit thinks of nandini and smiles. His dad asks him not to think and sign on the divorce papers first. Dr. Amit signs on the papers. His dad says atlast I got successful. He says my buddy Dr. Nandini will enter our home as your bride. He calls Pandit ji and asks him to take out mahurat as they will be taking shagun for Dr. Amit’s marriage. Dr. Amit thinks he never thought that he will be excited to start a new life and love someone, but Nandini made it possible and hopes Vandana signs on it soon.

Nandini comes to Krish’s room and says her parents went out so she made dal bati..Krish asks her to sit and says there was only a towel difference between us. He covers towel and starts dancing on the song Jab Se tere naina. Towel falls from his waist. Nandini laughs and throws pillow on him. Krish asks her to be careful and says he could have brain haemorrhage. He asks Nandini for help and asks about medical word. Nandini explains to him. Krish says when I see you, it happens to me. Nani locks the door seeing Nandini and Krish inside, and thinks you should be thankful to me. She says I will not forget my insult.

Nandini asks him to have food and says good night. She is about to go and sees the door locked. Krish calls Nani saa and asks her to open the door. He sings hum tum ek kamre me band ho……Nani switches off light. Krish tries to scare her teasingly. Nandini asks him to keep quiet and asks him to call someone asking to open door. Krish says brilliant idea, but not so brilliant as there is no network. He looks at her and says beautiful. He says today is moon light night and asks her to dance. Nandini asks him to be serious, and says she don’t have any interest in this. She asks him to keep quiet for sometime. Krish says okay, your wish is my command. He plays music…..and looks at her. A song plays…………Rubaru hogaye…………..Nandini also looks at him.

Krish comes to meet his mum. His mum hugs him and says she is seeing him after many days. She asks if love happened to you. Krish says no…..His mum says she is his mum and knows everything. She asks him to come inside home and says she will mak his favorite food. Krish says no….His mom says okay, we can sit outside and talk. She asks who is that beautiful girl? Krish says Nandini…and says finally I got to know what is love? I am sorry I couldn’t understand your relation with Abhayram and have taken much time to accept your marriage with him. I am understanding your love and marriage because of Nandini. His mum says it is not your mistake, love can happen at any time. She says it is getting to get Abhayram like life partner and says she got a new lease of life when he came in her life. She says she is very happy for him, as he is in love with her. She asks him to confess love soon, else she might choose someone else. Krish promises that Nandini will become her bahu only.

Mr. Shekhawat asks Jamuna, if all arrangements are done. She says yes and says she must be coming. Nandini comes wearing a beautiful dress. Jamuna gets happy and takes out her aarti. Dr. Amit’s dad tells that he is happy that Nandini will become his bahu. Jamuna says we couldn’t make arangements so fast. Amit’s dad says he is waiting for this day when Nandini will become his bahu. Krish comes running there and calls choti makan malkin saa….Nandini drops the ring from her hand hearing him. Even ring from Amit’s hands fall down. Nandini picks both the rings. Krish is shocked to see that they are getting engaged. Krish thinks you will soon realized that you are made for me, and you will marry me only…and I will see how you marry Amit.