Wednesday Update on Young Love 25th November 2020

Wednesday Update on Young Love 25th November 2020

Nandini telling Krish that she saw him going to central jail, and asks him to tell the truth. Krish says that……Nandini says you will lie again. She says you have lied to my parents and scold him for his lies. Krish says I will not keep quiet when anybody talks about my family. He says I went to central jail, but it is not necessary that I am a criminal or bad. He says may be I went there because of my values. He talks about the possibilities and says why I am telling you. You will think me as a liar. Nandini asks him to leave. Krish says I will not go as you have to return my deposit which you don’t have. He asks her not to make her parents embarassed because of her, and says my parents taught me this. Nandini gets a call from Bank, and is informed that her loan is rejected. She is shocked.

Mr. Shekhawat talks to Premal’s dad and says they have done arrangement for shagun. He asks his wife when did Nandini go to their house and set all fine. Mrs. Shekhawat says Nandini has faced trouble and didn’t let us know. Nandini comes. Mr. Shekhawat asks when did you go and accept their demands. Nandini is silent. Mr. Shekhawat asks from where you will get the money and asks if the loan is sanctioned. Nandini is tensed and says I know I will get a positive reply. Mrs. Shekhawat asks why am I feeling as if you lied. Mr. Shekhawat asks her not to worry and says he will sell off printing press. Nandini says no. She says she saw Krish giving bribe to Inspector.

Mrs. Shekhawat says it might be for some good deed and asks her not to worry. She asks Nandini to trust him and see. She says we are going to bring Sudha home, and says it was Krish’s idea to surprise Sudha about her shagun. They leave. Nandini thinks I will find a way to get a solution. She looks at Anandi and her pic and thinks from where to get the money. She asks her to show the way. She sees the bangles gifted by Mrs. Shekhawat for her marriage. She thinks Sudha’s marriage is more important than my marriage. She says I am very lucky as I have two mums. I can’t fail in life until I have my mum’s blessings with me.

Nandini sells her gold bangles to the goldsmith. He says I will give you 55000 and will give you remaining amount after getting its weight checked. Nandini says I will come to take back the bangles soon. Goldsmith praises her for mortgaging her bangles for her sister’s marriage. Mr. Shekhawat and his wife brings Sudha home. Sudha sees welcome home Sudha board on her bed and asks what is all this. Krish says happy welcome home. Sudha asks why is this celebration? Nandini says this is for your marriage. Mrs. Shekhawat says tomorrow is your shagun and says Nandini have taken a big loan for your marriage. She says you are debted to Nandini all life. Sudha says why am I in debt? She says Nandini is indebted to us, as she shared my everything and got your love and my stuff. She says I am your own daughter and she is adopted daughter. She has to return our debt. Mr. Shekhawat is ashamed. Sudha says she is a trouble for our marriage. Mr. Shekhawat says Sudha…..Nandini asks him to let her rest. Krish tries to talk. Nandini asks him to go and says Sudha’s room is ready for you. Mrs. Shekhawat looks on. Nandini says she got some money and kept in her almari.

Sudha thinks nandini is trying to become an angel. Disa’s sacrifices, favors, love….She says even I have qualities, and I will show you. She calls someone and says I am Sudha…Nandini is sitting outside home. Krish comes and keeps his bags. He asks who are you? If you are not Sudha’s sister, then who are you? Nandini asks who are you to decide about my relation with them. Krish says you was calling me a liar, but you are more big liar than me. He says you needs a friend now, but lies that you don’t need anyone. He says we can be friends. Nandini says we will become enemies. Krish says we will become friends plus enemies. Nandini says you are hiding something big, and until you tell me about the secret, we are enemies. She pats on his hand and her watch gets stuck to his bracelet. Naina Bawre plays…………Krish looks at his passport and stuff and is tensed.


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